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Different types of Men and Women at Parties

Updated on November 19, 2015
Partying is fun
Partying is fun | Source

We come across different types of men and women at parties. Well, at a party you encounter colorful personalities. Majority of people in the world talk more than they need to and are not good listeners. Will this change in the days ahead? Will talkers also be good listeners? While time will tell if the proportion of listeners equals or surpasses talkers, for now let us analyze the different types of men and women at parties. Also discussed in the lines below is talking habits and listening habits of men and women. Who are better talkers and listeners at parties, find out in the lines below.

Let The Party Begin
Let The Party Begin | Source

Everybody likes have a say in a conversation at a party, however, when it comes to listening, not many people pay attention. For instance at a party you have both extroverts and introverts. Many extroverts like to talk and make conversation with a group of people, however when somebody else is talking or making conversation during a party, extroverts do not seem to pay attention to what is being talked. Introverts like to discuss and talk about things that interest them. Introvertish individuals do not like to discuss or talk in groups at a party. Furthermore, introverts are better listeners than extroverts. Taking into consideration different types of parties, we come across a larger number of women doing the talking. Well, men talk a lot too, however if you consider numbers at parties, the larger number of talkers is often women.

Party dancing
Party dancing | Source

Different types of Men at Parties

At parties men talk as the party progresses…

The Talking Parrots

Few drinks and a large number of men turn talking parrots and talk about everything under the sun. These guys are driven by the feel-good phase that alcoholic drinks bring about. These guys won’t remember many faces from the party the next day, and certainly not the conversations they had. These guys pretend to listen with rapt attention and nod their heads at different times during a conversation. Alcoholic drinks transform majority of men into talking parrots.

Party drinks
Party drinks | Source


Another platoon of men at social events is ones who love to exhibit intellect. These guys like to make their point in every conversation. These guys are always on the lookout to make a point. These guys make a point on why a funny moment isn’t funny which is rather strange. These guys listen to conversations to find a loophole and make their point; these guys are not really listening. Posers, that’s all they really are.

Jeans at Parties
Jeans at Parties | Source

The liars

Another group of men at social events are liars. The sole purpose of these men is to spark controversy and in doing so have their cheap thrills. These guys go to any extent to have their share of fun. These guys pass on incorrect information to cause turmoil. These guys are poor listeners and are fake talkers.

Sport Lovers

You come across these mean at every party. These guys discuss the games that are coming up or games that have taken place in the past week. It could be football, NBA, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Baseball or any other game. Women accompanying men that discuss sports at parties seem to get rather bored, can’t blame women, when men start talking sports, it’s like they wear blinders. Men belonging to this category love to speak passionately about the sport they love. All they know is sports.

Staring at parties
Staring at parties | Source

The Gazers

These guys talk with their eyes. They gaze at all the ladies present at the party and it’s only when they talk their gaze shifts. Guys belonging to this category talk less. Women get petrified when guys look at them and don’t blink. The gazer breed of guys are excellent listeners, they listen to an individual talk without shifting their gaze.

I, Me, Myself
I, Me, Myself | Source

Different types of Women At Parties

I, Me, Myself

The majority of women we come across at parties belong to this category. These women look for every opportunity that includes them in a conversation. When they open their mouths the only significant word heard often is “I” These women begin every sentence with “I”. When they are interrupted by a wise soul they feel hurt and move to greener pastures to start sentences with “I” Do these women listen? Are you kidding! No! Their listening skills are as bad as their talking skills.

Recipe Queens

All these women talk about is new recipes. These women share recipes with others but not entirely, they leave out few main ingredients in the dish. Least surprising why a woman cannot better another woman’s signature dish. At parties women belonging to this category like to discuss what should be made for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and also the best snacks to have during the day and at night. They start the conversation with the food and snacks served at the party and from there on they jump from recipe to recipe as other women with similar tastes nod their heads. These women can only take part in conversations about food. The moment a topic other than food is discussed, these women quietly sneak away to find other recipe queens, sad but true.

Party Life
Party Life | Source

What’s happening is someone else’s life

You find women at every party that belong to this category. These women seem to have a glow on their face when they learn someone they know closely is going through a bad phase. If the person being discussed is going through a rocky relationship with partner, these women give all the reasons why their girl pal being discussed is in the present situation she is. These women do not like talking about what’s happening in their lives, all they want to know is what’s happening in the lives of people they know. These women are good listeners only because hearing bad things about others makes them feel good about themselves.

Cheers to life
Cheers to life | Source

Rumor happy women

A significant number of women between age 25 and 40 belong to this category. These women love to laugh at joke about other’s lives. Their sarcasm is as dark as their hearts. These women like to spread fabricated stories, fake news, and rumors. These women are dimwits in every sense and often seek refuge in lies. Needless, to say their sorry world gets even messier with every rumor.

Parties are about having fun
Parties are about having fun | Source

Women who pay compliments

Few women at parties only pay compliments. These women have a fake smile on their face. After they are done paying a compliment, the smile vanishes instantaneously. These women compliment people at a party and also love to talk. They do not have time to listen to others talk; the only time they listen is when someone pays them a compliment.

What type of men and women have you encountered at parties?


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