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Breaking Up with a Scorpio and Halloween's Lesson about the Werewolf

Updated on March 17, 2022
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Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.


Scorpios. They are legendary creatures. They wander around the planet in a lonely, lonely manner looking for someone to connect with. They struggle to balance who they are and they fear hurting someone they love because they are prone to it.

But part of being in relationships is getting hurt.

It doesn't always workout the way you think it will. Problems and growing pains come up in relationships, we all get sick, and we all die. This is the mystery we all live and breath. Scorpios want the ultimate relationship; someone who can please their mind, emotions, and body. They fear commitment because they fear pain. They fear letting go of one aspect of themselves to go deeper into something else. Dating a Scorpio isn't for the faint of heart. They get inside your head, they have a sexual libido that is much desired in people (they are at 120% when most of us think we are at 100%, but actually at 60%).

When You Date a Scorpio

If you want to date a Scorpio, expect the consequence of pain. When things start heating up and they care about you -- they run.

Going up a level on the emotional chart is a lot for them to handle, and they often are not ready. It takes awhile for many Scorpios to mature, to be well adjusted, and to settle -- settling isn't really them. They are a deep pool of seriousness, like the Mariana Trench. Scorpios are some of the most jealous, arrogant, and domineering monsters you will ever cross, they are purebred werewolves -- and this is due to all the unresolved emotional energy they have. There is so much to them that needs to be addressed, but it doesn't always come easy for them. In order to release all that energy, they have to face themselves and on their own terms. You can't make a Scorpio love you anymore than you can make anyone love you.

They have to come to the conclusion on their own terms, they have to make the journey to release themselves from feeling like a werewolf. It is the only way they an accept themselves as a human. If you try to do it for them, they won't learn, but will have emotional codependency, so let them unveil the mask to themselves.

Say Thank You Instead

Don't date a Scorpio before they do their own emotional homework. It might be tempting to jump into the waters before hand, but they'll just cut you out and run, further pushing themselves into isolation. They can't get out of their cocoon until they can completely go into a hermit mode.

They'll mess you up if they are not ready: let them dig deep into the past and overcome it.
If they want to come back to you they will. But in the meantime, if you break up with a Scorpio, just say thank you.

Thank you for being a person who goes to more depth than most people ever will. Thank you for having such a strong passionate drive that makes things more real in a world often latent. Thank you for opening up to me and letting me see your secrets, because now I know more about this existence I stumbled into. You have given me answers to life lessons, so thank you.

Thank you for letting me tango with a werewolf.

And now every time you see a full moon, remember how it drives the Scorpios crazy, remember how they're taking in all of that emotional energy, and know when they unmask it themselves, they'll be a king.

Scorpios are meant to be royalty, and maybe it takes a couple of lifetimes to get there -- but this world desperately needs their emotional leadership.

We need these Scorpio punks to wake up to the emotional plane and get comfortable in their Phoenix state -- the most powerful healing force we know that goes straight into the heart of resurrection. Underneath the skin of a brainwashed monster is something beautiful waiting to play its part in reality.

This Halloween when you are surrounded by ghouls and goblins, don't forget the wolf of the night, waiting for nighttime, waiting to strike for some flesh, and remember in the end the werewolf will have victory. Halloween time is meant for the Scorpio. This is his season. In some cultures, Halloween is the beginning of a new year. We dress ourselves up in costumes, became aware of the spiritual and emotional energy around us, and at the end of the night and the next day we take down the mask. Scorpios thrive on the energy of Halloween, something that many people around the world fear, that won't even let their children go trick or treating. It's the middle of fall, the leaves are changing, the living are letting go of their pasts. It's not just a time to be creepy, to be spooky, or to even enchant. It's a time to reflect on your own spiritual, emotional, and sexual energy. This is the kind of examination a Scorpio needs; it is the ruler of Halloween.

We have to ask ourselves where does the mask begin and where do I begin? If you can find a way to let the costume go, to focus on your own energy, you might actually find yourself. We hardly understand magic as a culture, but whether it's science, religion, or magic -- we are dealing with energy. Halloween seeks to look at it, and sometimes abuse it -- but look to what the Scorpio is saying -- be open with yourself. Let go of your emotional hurts. Be free to express yourself in whatever wild way you need. Accept a glad heart. Be merry and join with others who are merry; don't be so afraid. Don't get lost in werewolf emotions, but let it go.

You are human. The Scorpio you love is human, and they have to find themselves. Until they do, they'll only be wearing a mask around you, and that's not a real partner -- that's a ghoul.

During spring the flowers grow, we see pastels and new fruit -- but when autumn hits the delights of spring are no more. Whatever wasn't sound, crumbles and the brisk cold night air comes to cover it all, until snow makes it all white and pure -- but then the flowers spring up once again to be joined by weeds. Halloween never fully kills spring -- it tells spring to go to sleep for a little while. Fall already begins in September, and maybe we have doubts that the cold night air will come -- but by Halloween we know, and we accept, and we believe in a time of resurrection.

Scorpios often have to break up in order to see what they lost. They need to tell spring to be quiet for awhile. They release even when they don't want to do so, because they know spring will naturally come back if it is meant to be, but they don't always get to be in the thick of a such a lovely place. They instead deal with unmasking emotions, hiding in their caves, and delighting in the hearty tastes of pumpkin and apple cider. They are a fixed sign, the message behind fall and why we associate it with costumes... and why spring works the soil to find revelation. Scorpios are saying sleep, stay warm, enjoy yourself for awhile. Be comfortable during one of the most magical times of the year -- not because of any group, but because even though the trees lose their leaves, the trees are still alive. The trees are revealing their true nature without all the pomp and circumstance.

We all are revealing our true nature. Happy Halloween.

© 2016 Andrea Lawrence


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