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Dirty Text Messages That Will Drive Him Wild!

Updated on January 30, 2015

Did you know most women have no idea how to send a dirty text message? Do you wonder what sort of dirty text messages to send your man?

Most women are understandably quite reserved when it comes to dirty talk. They don't realize that men are visual thinkers and stimulated by graphic detail and how effective dirty talking can be when moaned or whispered in just the right way.

When you're apart, a raunchy e-mail or dirty text message can get the motor revving when done right.

If you're ready to spice up your marriage or relationship with some fire and passion, follow these simple tips for some raunchy fun with your partner.

Tips for Dirty Text Messages that Turn Him On!

  • Simple Tip #1 - Remember that your dirty messages are a secret between the two of you. Be uninhibited, and mention specific things about you and your love-making that only he will understand. This will foster a deeper, healthier, and more loving intimacy.
  • Simple Tip #2 - Your dirty talk should play into his "visual thinking." A dirty text message should create a sexual image that will trigger his lust for you. Write as if he were there in front of you and remember to be descriptive. The more detail the better!
  • Simple Tip #3 - Make your man the focus of your text. ( This works just as well for women!) Make him feel like you are admiring him and longing for his body. Let him know how turned on you are thinking about him and you will feel sexy and confident as well.
  • Simple Tip #4 - Try being descriptive and visual, and be honest with yourself. Ponder over the things that turn you on about your partner, and think about the way they move, their body, their smell, the shape of their specific body parts, and the way they touch you and how they feel to you. Be as descriptive as you can while keeping it short and simple.

By sending these kinds of messages to your lover, you'll get an amazing and unexpected response! They're such a simple and effective way to spice up your relationship!


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