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Updated on October 17, 2009
Dis-soul -lutions!
  ©-MFB III 
The chapel contained 
only a long bit of ripped lace, 
and a scattering of flowers 
from a trampled bouquet,
Someone had stood up,
when the preacher asked
if any one objected to the marriage
of these two souls,
and with a tear streaked face she declared,
"Your husband-to-be is
the father of my child to come."
The bride took one look at her love,
and saw guilt fleetingly cross his
despairing face, 
and so she ran down the aisle, 
as the groom tried to stop her,
derailing the long train of her gown,
the lace ripping with a loud sound,
her flowers flung before her,
and crushed beneath her white satined feet,
Long after the guests had departed,
a janitor swept away
the dreams of two torn asunder
and life moved on less a 
couple of souls
joined to one of it's 
most magical of moments.


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