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My Third hub: Discovering Yourself

Updated on August 19, 2015

Discovering Yourself

For a materialistic person, the idea of discovering things such as about yourself must be a very funny idea. Before i will go any farther, I have to warn my readers first that there will be provocative statements that I am going to present. I say so, because I cannot avoid mentioning my provocative ideas.

How well do you know yourself? I think you only know yourself physically and you are absolutely ignorant when it comes to your "inner self". The phrase inner self is not a common idea and it may even be a strange idea because we are used to things which we can see and touch only because we are in a materialistic society. So that, the "inner self" I mentioned pertains to all "non-physical" parts of yourself.

In knowing your "inner self" requires you to be absolutely honest and sincere to "yourself" because in a materialistic society honesty and sincerity is never significant and important and money dissolved all those virtues. So that, right or wrong money is everything and nothing else. It is no longer new to all of us that people kills and destroys all the beautiful creations of our "Creator" just because of money it blinded us and made us "inhuman". Therefore, it makes honesty and sincerity insignificant so that lies are better as long as you will have that money you want. "If a taxi driver returns the money (say a million) left behind by his passenger". In this materialistic society the driver will look like a fool than be a admired. There are "only a few" who will admire his honesty but majority of the people will never see him as a good example.

Materialistic society is a place for deception, that badness we are already used to. That is, we are not allowed to just easily believe what a stranger says; the same to people we already knew but still we are not allowed to trust him fully, it means there is always that doubt. How much more to a poor and miserable and hungry person, "surely he might be a thief or what that we should not listen to him whatsoever. The relationship between us and others have been already destroyed instead it will be based on who has the money, so that the more money you have the more respect you will get and by the time you lose those money subsequently respect is lose. The most affected in this type of situations are our families a woman based her love and affection to her man by how much he earns or his capacity to support a family. It means the real essence of love is lost, it is no longer important instead it will be in terms of money. The "mentality" that inorder to survive the only option left is money.

Without honesty and sincerity both our relationship to each other and how we look at "our selves" is a big destruction. Because a person who is honest and sincere both to "himself" and to his fellow human being is the "true human being" while the one who is not is the "false human being" because this kind of a person wants "to own everything just for himself alone" he is an extrremely materialistic person who thinks that with more and more wealth that will make him happy and satisfied in life. The situations will be, the rich owns almost everything while the majority of the people who are poor own almost nothing but who is also after the same thing as what the rich wants. For example, consider wealth as ten stones and there are ten people, one of them is very rich and he owns eight stones while the nine people will have to fight among themselves for the remaining two stones not only that but the only one very rich is still fighting for the last two stones because he wants to own everything. Now, consider those ten stones as the wealth of the planet earth which are too much or more than enough to feed even ten times ten there number or ten times ten equals one hundred. The idea is, our planet earth could feed all of us of which there is no need to control our population. Our planet earth has more than enough to make us comfortable and have a luxurious life.

Then what is really the "nature" of man? When you will say that "man is not honest and sincere" then his nature should be "badness". That I will say everything that is taking place right now or ever since are "all acts of badness" but there there are also "events of goodness". So that, you cannot really pipoint which is which, as the "true nature of man" but generally, "it is badness that we have right now." That will conclude then that man is not honest and sincere to his fellow men and to his "very own self". Does that mean that our God or Creator doomed us to destruction then, is it the "meaning of life for all of us?" We are now destroying "our own selves and the planet earth as a whole". Now, here is my philosophy, and this is the only way to know and discover. Man committed a mistake! And the only way for him to "realize" it is by being "truly honest and sincere to his own self" first. And why was this, was allowed to happen to us, my answer is- "no one could be perfect without committing a mistake first." Or "true learning can only be attained if you are honest and sincere to admit your "faults, mistakes and wrongdoings first."

Our civilization ever since was a mistake this should be one thing for sure we must be able to admit. This is mainly a materialistic society and it is so easy to observe that we are surely on our way to "destruction" as what really went wrong is no longer important and significant because it will not solve the problem anyway. Nobody could help us and avert the destruction that will soon fall on mankind, such as these hunger and anger all over, the destruction of our "own planet earth" and others. Not even our religion or God because it is "we" who are the wrongdoers.

My philosophy is to start looking at "ourselves" now and never blame anybody, instead it is better to "blame yourself" and a good start will require us to be "honest and sincere" to our selves first and foremost. Because we may not be so sure if we can be honest and sincere to others and the best thing to do is to start it to our selves. In a materialistic society sad to say that we lost our being honest and sincere to ourslves that means, we also lost our "value as a human being" which was "created by a God, an Omnipotent Being for a particular purpose". The significances of having "honesty and sincerity to our selves" are as important as life itself that is, without them your life will be meaningless and wothless. As a whole you reduce your self into a similar level with "material" value which is a lot lower than the wild animals in the jungle. That "material value" which is lifeless and inanimate without honesty and sincerity to your self is like committing suicide. Of which the following will result, 1. Difficulties in sleeping well or soundly' 2. the inability to control your emotions, such as being irritable and stubborn that you are unable to listen about good things from others and will make you deaf and mute because something is wrong "within your self" but you do not know what to do and what exactly you want, you are helpless and miserable then, though you got all the wealth and it will even be worst if you are poor that you become violent due to the inability to control yourself; 3. you will have a lot of feelings of insecurities as you go along with the different situations you encounter in life and you may find sex as one of the outlets to temporarily relieve yourself aside from smoking and drinking up to taking addictive drugs, either of those outlets I mentioned in having various feelings of insecurities is a sign that you are not honest and sincere to your self; 4. when you don't want to be honest and sincere to your self a conflit may occur to you that you may consider your self as female when you are a male and vice versa. Homosexuality in my philosophy is absolutely wrong because you are deceiving your self that is when you are not truthful to your self. Manipulating the truth will produce a tremendous problem in your person because it will result to "losing your person" and to live a life out of your whims and desires. a "fake personality" as I call it because it is not the "true you". In that case, you will have various insecurities in life and is impossible to be happy and satisfied in life. it is not only 4, because there are so many. It is like searching for a "lost cause" that you don't have the exact direction and it is making you sick to the point of killing you little by little.

Consider honesty and sincerity as the door "for you to be able to realize the truth". And to enter that door will be your own personal decision only.

...A person who knows that he is wrong is intelligent...but continues to be so then he must be a dangerous man.

...A peson who knows that he is wrong and don't know how to correct his wrongness has made his first step for the truth...

...A person who knows that he is wrong and instead keeps on blaming others he must be an idiot....

...A person who knows that he is wrong but will always attempt to hide it and make it appear that he is not wrong be careful to this kind of a person, he is a deceiver....

...A person who knows that he is wrong....honestly and sincerely admits it, has finally opened the door and he will start to discover a lot of things about himself.

"Just be honest and sincere to your self because if you won't you will lost your self and become a false human being."


Friendship starts with your very self

Simply knowing yet never stop Discovering about Yourself...

Don't Create Something other than Yourself though sometimes it is almost impossible to know your Real Self... but Life will be Nothing if you stop Discovering.

The Materialistic World we are in right now, it is almost, always, and most of the time Impossible to be Honest and Sincere but never do that to Yourself.

Chapter 2

Discovering means you do an effort or do something in favor of yourself. That is nobody can teach you exactly what to do because it is all about yourself. And it has nothing to do with money or wealth, you maybe sick or not but one thing for sure we are all going to die and the time does not matter at all because the meaning of LIFE has nothing to do with that. When you discover the beauty of the heavens and watching the horizon in a beach and say I am now ready to die because I was able to touch the heavens and will just become a part of it where I actually belonged.

Discovering Yourself??? What is it all about! Of course I know my name so on and so forth that is how a materialistic person will answer that. Will take it as a knowledge and YOU are only there and the thinking what else more do I have to know. I say, you are only looking at the mirror, the surface I dare you to go deeper. See start from Yourself and then look around that is yourself and those around you, look up there the skies who are you among them if die what will happen so on and so forth. Majority says they are poor. What the hell about that POVERTY I say it is just in your mind forget about it then what STOP BEING MISERABLE, GET RID OF THAT SELF PETTY. Instead start to have self respect, self worth and then self confidence anyway if I am going to die then it is better to have that DIGNITY and I am sure that pain will be gone.

Do you have time to see something about yourself? Or just ignore it anyway that feelings is not new at all because it is just deep inside you vibrating and usually ignored. As you can see everything is not right but you just cannot do anything and just ride with it. But taking a look at yourself will certainly make a difference that is you have to learn out of yourself...discovering yourself is the most precious opportunity you will ever have be it good or bad the first thing is to accept them outright and be able to stand straight with since perfection is not the matter at all but WHAT so discovering specific things about yourself and be able to learn from it. I know what I am talking about is strange but the secret is try to feel yourself and be the real you as a human being and not as male or female or otherwise.

Imagine yourself or body like a car. You need a direction, speed, and once in a while slow down or even to a full stop. Now if you are unable to discover yourself then you will be like a car running or speeding without a clear direction and more likely will hit somebody or anybody and end up destroyed. Discovering yourself is not EASY it is not also something an idea you are going to toy around. A person who knows himself is absolutely sure of himself when he says no so be it same thing as yes. Therefore he knows to decide. The most important and vital of all you will discover and know what you don't know because it is one of the secret to know the true knowledge

Don't look at yourself in a physical perspective instead have it perceived deep inside you and not in a manner with our materialistic society. If you understand or not what I am talking about then it is your lost not mine. Because Life or existence is not and will never be for the sake of ownership and possession. To make it clearly so not about your looks whether pretty or ugly not about sexuality or gender problems because when it is all about the TRUTH those are no longer important but in our materialistic society now it is that is why we are in trouble. That means what has been the Truth or correct or right becomes wrong and we are now having this life and existence in a wrong way. In as much as Mankind has been existing how many times will he repeat the same acts all over again and again will that will be up to him as of now there are a FEW WHO ARE THINKING IT RIGHT AND ENJOYING LIFE.

This is one of the crazy ideas you must not ignore DISCOVERING YOURSELF is not good for people who don't know the WORD RESPECT because you start it to yourself that is without respect one of the results will be ABUSE and abusing yourself in this materialistic society is something like....I don't mind or I don't care whatsoever. A kind of existence where if you are hurting yourself nobody will bother such thing more or less looks normal anyway. Discovering yourself if one will take a look and care enough IS A LOT COMPLICATED THAN WHAT YOU THINK because it will be NONSENSE IF YOU WILL SAY I AM GAY that is a very materialistic point of view because you have to go deeper than your physical self and what is it all about then it will be your problems not mine. I am just being honest and frank may you be provoked or amused then think about it!

During my teenage days I did not bother about "discovering yourself" since it is nonsense but I did a lot things just like the same thing with people of my age then but the difference might be I take a look at the questions bothering me and I presume others do have the same feelings I tried to inspect and tried answering them while others choose to ignore or reject them so that when we are older I got the answers while they don't and I was right since it is a very sensitive matter I just kept it to myself and continued studying. So what I can say about discovering yourself it is not mainly about the physical self but the inside the deepest part of you of which the Omnipotent Being placed in THERE and it has no sex, not male or female a very simple idea to start with first AS WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR? WHO ARE YOU REALLY AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO! MY ANSWER IF ALL MANKIND WILL COME TO THAT THEN YOU CAN SEE THE DOORS OF HEAVEN IN A DISTANT. The Omnipotent Being is not playing games with us he has a purpose and to tell you I am talking about the Omnipotent Being because I have nothing or anything about and I do't care about RELIGION WHATSOEVER. Just feel it and you can HAVE THE FACTS OR THE REAL THING.

Do you really like yourself? Are you comparing yourself with others? How do you see yourself when you are as old as your grandpa? If you do not RESPECT yourself of course you will have a negative perceptions of it. And the deeper your trouble will be you are also susceptible to kill yourself or commonly known as committing suicide. Suicidal tendencies will also result when respect and expectations out of yourself is too much such that it will result to the inability to accept failures or any predicaments of Life which you don't like. My point is just TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF PHYSICALLY AND THEN SAY IT IS NOT THE ONE WHICH IS REALLY IMPORTANT OR SIGNIFICANT but what is deep in YOU....INSIDE the real you! This is the matter of our materialistic society where you will liken yourself LIKE A CAR AND you don't like the model anymore. I will tell you stop being materialistic because it is a very superficial kind of perception. And why these things are taking place because THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS US TO BE LIKE HIM DISCOVER YOURSELF AND IT IS ONE OF THE WAYS TO GET WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING never mind those schools we used to go those are different.

One day I was so happy because I discovered a pinch of myself though I cannot share it with anybody because I am very much aware that they will not listen and most of all cannot understand as materialistic society will always be one sided therefore looking at the other side as weird. You know my price that I treasured much I ALWAYS SLEPT LIKE A NEWBORN HUMAN BEING the ability to throw away all the angst, anguish, hatred, stress or pressure, others and now able to convert them into looking at the COLORS OF EVERY PEOPLE I WILL MEET AND THE BLACK COLOR ..OF COURSE SHALL BE AVOIDED.....CANNOT BE TRUSTED.NOT THE COLOR OF THE SKIN I REPEAT NOT THE SKIN BUT THE INSIDE I REPEAT THE INSIDE OF THE PERSON WIHICH MEAN TRUTH OF HIS IDENTITY.

I wonder how Man has gone in exploring and trying to discover everything he can lay his hands on from the outer space to down under the earth and all else around him and for what as far as I can understand it it for his control and to dominate and exercise all what he wants seemingly ownership and possession is EVERYTHING WHAT LIFE IS MADE OF. As well what a PITY that he has not yet take a look at HIMSELF which is SICK AND BLIND BECAUSE EVER SINCE THE EXISTENCE OF MANKIND HE HAS NOT YET LEARNED TO CONTROL HIS MIND, BEHAVIORS, WANTS, DESIRE, WHAT ELSE.....something is really wrong here! And I will say it again ARROGANCE WILL MAKE YOU BLIND so that if you cannot be HUMBLE enough destruction will be yours.

Stop looking at you body on a mirror because you will not get anything from it instead go to the beach and watch the horizon you may call it as meditation but I prefer to consider it as REALIZATION then try to DISCOVER THE REAL YOU INSIDE YOU CANNOT TOUCH OR SEE IT BUT TO FEEL IT METICULOUSLY THERE SOMETHING THERE you may call this as my crazy ideas then it is up to you I have nothing to lose anyway. What you will discover has nothing to do with SEX I WARN YOU it is about the purpose of existence AND RELIGION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BECAUSE the Omnipotent Being wants us TO THINK AND TO ACQUIRE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE therefore only the WISE WILL TRIUMPH IN THIS KIND OF ENDEAVOR. If you want happiness and satisfaction then DISCOVER THEM WEALTH AND MONEY WILL NEVER HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT!

Life should be doing something and never doing nothing but whatever it would be it must be generally good and then if something is wrong or a mistake was committed one must be at all times able to accept that mistake that is because if you won't then it will be ARROGANCE and with that kind of attitudes you will never LEARN, you will be blinded which is the result of not being HUMBLE. I say the Omnipotent Being has no religion whatsoever because as far as I am concerned it has helped solved the TROUBLES MANKIND IS UNDERGOING RIGHT NOW but it is not RELIGION which will eventually solve our problems because RELIGION IS NOT ABLE TO TRANSFORM OR MAKE AN EFFECTIVE CHANGE to a person and I say it is WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING the Omnipotent Being wants us to keep on learning and change for the better and that must INCLUDE DISCOVERING YOURSELF that is you are not existing for nothing I SAY AN INTELLIGENT PERSON IS ALL GOODNESS BECAUSE HE UNDERSTAND THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS FORGIVENESS IS NOT FOR THE DUMB OR LAZY PEOPLE SUCH THING AS STUPID PEOPLE CANNOT UNDERSTAND AND CANNOT FORGIVE BECAUSE OF ARROGANCE!

The more you discover about yourself then self-respect increases and at the same time you will NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OTHER PEOPLE AND ALL OTHERS THAT HAS LIFE AND CREATED BY THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. Because you have the skills and abilities to see the beauty deep inside them which other people cannot appreciate all the beauty the Omnipotent Being created. Self respect is only one thing from too so many you have to discover that is having that you will take good care of yourself, such as health and well being. But the most important of all is YOUR SEARCH FOR WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING these things are and cannot be taught in schools we used to be in. so it goes this way the more you discover about yourself it is that generally just a part of your search for wisdom and understanding since it is what the Omnipotent Being wants us to do with it you can never be betrayed....beware of TRAITORS therefore learn TO TRUST YOURSELF FIRST and take wisdom of what is TRUST IS ALL ABOUT. One of the secrets will be A MAN OF KNOWLEDGE CAN SAY THE INSIDE OF ANYBODY AND IN HIS SILENCE HE REALLY KNOWS WHO IS THE GOOD AND THE BAD ONE WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD.

I don't care if you won't agree with me that the very first thing man should have done was to look at HIS SELF FIRST and DISCOVER everything about it before CONQUERING OTHERS AND EXPLORING THE OUTER SPACE. If that was done then it will be a different WORLD WE HAVE RIGHT NOW. You know WHY because of ATTITUDES AND OF IT IS ARROGANCE therefore if you only have time to look at your self and discover the REAL YOU AS A PERSON AND NOT ABOUT YOUR SEX. There will be CHANGES EXPECTED and one is your ATTITUDES it is not EASY TO CONTROL YOUR SELF WITHOUT DISCOVERING and only you can do it personally not God or RELIGION BECAUSE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU WANT TO BE A PERSON I REPEAT A PERSON. Now I don't care if you don't understand.....You the Person and the UNIVERSE WHICH WAS CREATED BECAUSE OF LOVE. And as of this very moment majority of mankind are ignorant of that and very, very few has that realization alread

Naturally Man cannot see himself or his body simply because he cannot focus his eyes on himself instead the very thing to happen will be to look around and SET ONE'S MIND ON IT. Therefore what has been going on mankind spend his time on those around him you know what is my opinion on that? ARROGANCE!!! to the point of exploring the outer space and everything else. BUT NOT ON HIMSELF; HIS PERSON; OR THE SELF. You cannot FOOL the Omnipotent Being because according to Man we are right now IN A MODERN AGE TECHNOLOGICALLY but I am sorry to say MAN'S MENTAL CAPACITY IS LOWER THAN A NEWBORN CHILD IN OTHER WORDS ABNORMAL!!! Just look around we kill and hate each other POVERTY IS A MASSIVE ISSUE BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POVERTY INSTEAD IT IS POVERTY OF THE MIND, I REPEAT MIND, THE THINKING CHANGE ONE'S ATTITUDES AND LOOK DOWN WITH FEET FLAT ON THE GROUND animals from the smallest to the biggest can easily do that but Man can never do that however there are a few, very few who are enjoying LIFE RIGHT NOW, AT LEAST LIFE IS STILL WONDERFUL WITH SELF RESPECT. THOUGH MANKIND IS CONTINUOUSLY DESTROYING ALL THE BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS.

Yes you can touch your skin...your whole body but the inside of it not the internal organs yet you can not see but you can FEEL them. I will say, you have that LIFE not because your HEART IS PUMPING BLOOD since that is not enough to make you alive because if that is so then WE CAN SEE ROBOTS CREATED BY MAN SO EASY TO MANUFACTURE AND WE WILL HAVE MORE TROUBLES THAN WE HAVE RIGHT NOW. The Omnipotent Being knows that very well who is better than him anyway! He created everything on PURPOSE AND HE IS NOT PLAYING OR HAVING A GAME OUT OF THIS EXISTENCE. Therefore he is the CREATOR, HE CREATES HE DESTROYS OR KILL AND CREATE AGAIN SO AND SO FORTH, HE IS IN ABSOLUTE CONTROL. EVEN WHEN YOU SHOOT A PERSON A THOUSAND TIMES YET THE CREATOR SAYS IT IS NOT YET HIS TIME TO "EXPIRE" THE ARROGANCE OF THE SHOOTER IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Life is DISCOVERING. LEARNING, OR GENERALLY WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. RELIGION CANNOT CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES INSTEAD TAKE IT AS YOUR PERSONAL QUEST THEN START DISCOVERING YOURSELF.Now if you don't care then be worthless or have a life without any purpose or meaning and the time your bad times comes and a shooter shoots you the Omnipotent Being will APPROVE YOUR EXPIRATION YOU ARE WORTHLESS ANYWAY.

The Omnipotent Being created the Universe because of Love he also created Man to Represent Him and all the rest from animals to plants will Pleased Mankind and will have a Harmonious Existence which is Man to Love, maintain, take good care of them all, all the creations of the Omnipotent Being. Now, do I have so say more what are happening?The greatest thing a Person can Discover out of Himself is PEACE and HARMONY but the Omnipotent Being can never give it to us we MUST HAVE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING to reach and achieve those goals and that is not to be RELIGIOUS OR JOIN A RELIGIOUS GROUPS WHATSOEVER. THAT IS YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS FROM US WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY MAN MUST HAVE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING AND THAT IS AN INDIVIDUAL'S RESPONSIBILITY WE DON'T HAVE SCHOOLS TEACHING THEM BUT STILL NO MATTER WHAT BE INTELLIGENT AND SMART AND THAT WILL BE YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

A teenager will never be interested on this topic which is something they cannot be interested in, a kind of disliking it that shows Life is a certain mental level you have attained this is more than soul searching which is more of a religious activity. Discovering Your Self I say, you have to STUDY LIFE OF WHICH YOU WILL BASED IT ON YOUR SELF. Since maturity considers age that is when you are old enough having lessons in Life already. Discovering Your Self will have to do IF WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE, SUCH AS WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY AND HOW TO DEAL IN KEEPING YOURSELF UNDER CONTROL. Teenagers have not yet been so much exposed to circumstances of life such FAILURES AND SUCCESS. Or regarding health problems so on and so forth. Remember NOBODY CAN HELP YOU YOU WILL BE ALL BY YOUR SELF ONLY EVEN GOD CANNOT DO ANYTHING. I say THE BEST IN LIFE IS TO DISCOVER THE BEST THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF AND THE ABILITY TO HANDLE THE BAD THINGS OF YOUR SELF.

You will not be able to CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES if you will not have a thorough study of YOUR SELF. Such as an arrogant person will have a tendency to dislike this king of discussions because as far as he is concerned HE IS THE BEST AND DISREGARD OTHERS that is the INABILITY TO PERCEIVE OR EVEN AT A LOW SCALE to SEE TWO or more things in Life. If you will take LIFE AS A STUDY PIECE THEN ALMOST WILL BE HAVING A FAILING GRADE and I am proud to see there are already a few silent people who already attained a certain level and you can easily determine it by THEIR HUMILITY. Therefore the very first thing you have to DISCOVER ABOUT YOUR SELF IS YOUR ARROGANCE and you have to STOP IT have your foot always on the ground so that if you belong to the POVERTY LEVEL OF THIS MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY THEN IT MUST BE A GOOD STEP TO SEE THE BEAUTY OF LIFE. I was once an arrogant person in my younger days and having able to disregard it I become stronger and can say LIFE AND EXISTENCE IS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Also it is extremely difficult to be TRULY HONEST IF YOU HAVE NO CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR SELF that means being HONEST AT ALL TIMES IN THIS LIFE SPECIALLY TO YOUR SELF.

The very first thing you should know is to discover your self because it will be impossible for you TO KNOW outside or other than your self. As you can observe it seems that you can talk to your self you can make a REFLECTION and study such as your likes and dislikes so on and so forth because the word STUDY I mean everything about your self. THINK ABOUT SELF RESPECT, SELF WORTH AND OR GENERALLY THE PURPOSE OF YOUR EXISTENCE AND WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO SO ON AND SO FORTH this knowledge is extremely important and vital to you as a PERSON and ACCEPTING THAT YOU ARE CREATED BY AN OMNIPOTENT BEING WHO LOVES YOU AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS FOR YOU TO APPRECIATE. That is if you look beyond ownership and possession THAT REALIZATION REALLY MATTERS FIRST because once you reject and ignored it then surely you will be like anybody else who is ARROGANT.

Aside from everything else we are doing RELIGION is something else because it looks like a NECESSITY of which any people should be a part one way or another. That is poor or rich or whatever does not matter at all a conclusion that RELIGION IS A PART OF MAN'S LIFE. So that if you will say you don't believe in God must be something unusual and IF I WILL SAY I DON'T HAVE A RELIGION IS ANOTHER. Now somebody created us IS A FACT WHETHER YOU LIKED IT OR NOT OUR CREATOR IS THE CAUSE OF ORDERLINESS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AND IF THERE IS DISORDERLINESS THEN MAN IS IMPOSSIBLE TO EXIST. On the other hand a man who says he don't have a religion will either be having a religion before or not at all either ways is also another fact that an OMNIPOTENT BEING REALLY EXIST. What I am really trying to point out IN KNOWING THE TRUTH MUST BE A PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE AND i SAY, RELIGION CANNOT HELP YOU AT ALL!!!!!!!! You DISCOVER YOURSELF ALL BY YOURSELF AND NOT EVEN GOD CAN HELP YOU WITH IT THAT IS TO HAVE PEACE AND HARMONY WITHIN YOUR SELF WILL RESULT TO THE SAME THING AROUND YOU. AGAIN THE VERY FIRST STEP IN DOING IT IS HUMILITY AND STOP BEING ARROGANT.

In this materialistic society it will make you busy if not physically then your mind will always be preoccupied with material things, such cell phones, clothing, etc pf which it will be generally money and buying it be either a need or a want. That situations then YOU WILL HAVE NO MORE TIME FOR YOUR SELF or no more time to DISCOVER ABOUT YOUR SELF to the point that this is a weird or stupid idea. In a materialistic society the most prevailing attitudes is GREED AND ARROGANCE it will close your mind and the tendency to see only your needs and wants and never mind for the others and mother nature this has been A NORMAL ACTIVITY IN A MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY in such a way A CASE THAT HAVING TIME TO DISCOVER FOR YOUR SELF WILL BE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE THE WORD ALMOST!!! BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE AT LEAST SOME "IGNORED FEELINGS" WHICH NEEDS TO BE DONE BUT YOU JUST CANNOT THEREFORE TO HAVE TIME WITH YOUR SELF MUST BE THE REVERSING OF ATTITUDES SUCH AS FROM ARROGANCE TO HUMILITY being humble in this materialistic word is a big NO NO!!!! BECAUSE YOU WILL CERTAINLY LOSE YOUR SELF RESPECT THEREFORE BE HUMBLE BUT WITH EYES WIDELY OPEN AGAINST THE FOOLISHNESS OF ARROGANT PEOPLE.

To discover yourself will be extremely complicated because it will not be on your physical looks or something you can see and touch. It will be DEEP WITHIN YOU which is I call the REAL YOU since it will be up to you to consider what I am discussing here. It is a wrong management if you keep yourself busy with your materialistic activities YOU MUST HAVE TIME FOR YOUR SELF. And what will you do with that time? Then do NOTHING, simply look around you, watch all the beauty of God's creations maybe it will not REALLY MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD BUT THERE MUST BE A FEELING YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT WHICH IS BEYOND YOUR GRASP. THAT IS IF YOU CAN DISCOVER YOUR SELF THEN IT WILL FOLLOW YOU WILL DISCOVER GOD ON A PERSONAL BASIS AND NOT BEING RELIGIOUS OF SORT. The Changing of Attitudes and doing it ALL BY YOUR SELF IS LASTING simply because of the UNDERSTANDING YOU GAINED OUT OF IT. I see you, you cannot understand the OMNIPOTENT BEING without WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING you must have the BRAINS TO BE WITH HIM!

Ever since the existence of mankind he has always been on a DISCOVERING ACTIVITIES that this time he includes the outer space. The way I look at man looks like a child who keeps on wondering but an adult who is plagues with QUESTIONS HE WANTS ANSWERED because HE CANNOT SEE THE CREATOR OF ALL THESE. Just like discovering NOT FOR ITS BEAUTY BUT FOR SOMETHING HE CAN MAKE USE OF AND WHAT ELSE BUT !!!MONEY!!!! I say, with that man looks like a SICKLY IDIOT WHO KEEPS TRYING WHICH WILL MAKE HIM SATISFIED NOT FOR THE SAKE OF THE BEAUTY OF THIS CREATIONS BUT OUT OF HIMSELF. You see, the CONTRADICTING perceptions. In short man is acting like a God out of himself yet he says through a religion I believe in God he even says he has FAITH in God then something is REALLY WRONG HERE. I will say again ARROGANCE will certainly make a person BLIND, DEAF AND MOST OF ALL IGNORANT. What more he wants, since all you have to do is appreciate the creations and enjoy its beauty but YOU DO NOT OWN IT SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS NOT YOURS!!!! YOU ARE ONLY A PART OF THOSE CREATIONS ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING AN ARROGANT PERSON HAS NO SHAME AT ALL. I suggest you look at YOUR SELF AND DO THE DISCOVERING ACTIVITIES ON IT. i JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU THE PARADISE OF ADAM AND EVE WHERE THE FIRST HUMAN EXISTENCE HAPPENED HAS NO BUILDINGS, CONCRETE ROADS, ETC.

The arrogant CANNOT DISCOVER HIMSELF that is because of the tendencies to see more on the faults of others and everything else that means according to him there must be a better way or whatsoever than it used to be. And I will say what I want directly the Creator created the FOREST FOR THE BIRDS AND ANIMALS TO THRIVE OR LIVE ON THEM but instead the ARROGANT SEVERED ALL THE TREES and replaced them with concrete in short HE IS A LOT BETTER THAN THE CREATOR WHO CREATED HIM Adam and Eve lives in a paradise and that is for certain not in a PALACE a kind of Man created his own hell and HAS NO DIRECT KNOWLEDGE OF HIS OWN CREATOR THEREFORE THE ATTITUDES OF ARROGANCE SEVERED HIS CONNECTION TO HIS OWN CREATOR SUCH THINGS HAPPENED HE CANNOT EVEN UNDERSTAND HIMSELF. Now if you are arrogant then do not bother to read my I have to say more...

From a young man to an old man of wisdom or just some knowledge it is the sayings of an old forgotten culture. Are you man enough to reflect and learn from your past or during your younger days....all it takes is an honest to goodness DISCOVERING OF YOUR SELF but being REALLY HONEST IN A MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY IS TRULY IMPOSSIBLE simply because all of us has been here ever since from our ancestors up to the next generation that is the effects of the materialistic society on all of us HONESTY IS STUPIDITY IT IS NOT WHEN ONE RETURNS A LOST PROPERTY BECAUSE EVEN A CHILD CAN DO THAT. BEING TRULY HONEST TO YOUR SELF having that activities for a lifetime will at least TEACH you THAT LIFE IS NOT THIS SIMPLE....that Life is nothing else but money but to discover what are beyond Life......A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY...WHERE PEOPLE SHARE, GIVE, OFFER, ETC WITHOUT GETTING ANYTHING IN RETURN. I know you cannot understand what I am talking about but THINKING about it until your old age or bring it to your sickbed.....and wonder.

If you won't try DISCOVERING then you will learn nothing. To discover about your self is not a simple matter because it should be non physical sad to say in this materialistic society we tend to be superficial which mean WE ARE ONLY AS DEEP AS THE SKIN AND GOOD ONLY TO THOSE WE CAN SEE, TOUCH, SMELL......But life is not as simple as that. If you want to DISCOVER start by being humble some people are already humble but it is not good to be so because being humble and naïve or innocent is STUPIDITY!!! You must have the understanding the significance of being humble that is if ever you will really do the next step is TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES as simply as if you are not humble then you must be ARROGANT and that is the INABILITY TO SEE YOUR FAULTS OR MISTAKES AND NOW YOU SEE AND UNDERSTAND WHY THOSE EVENTS ARE HAPPENING THEN YOU MUST HAVE LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT LIFE. You have to do that all by your self since NO TEACHER ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS ACTIVITY and do not talk about this to others because they will surely say YOU ARE CRAZY. i WILL SAY THE REWARDS......IS THE REALIZATION HOW WONDERFUL LIFE IS.....EITHER YOU ARE RICH OR POOR. I hope you will consider my discussions. What you cannot see but ONLY WHICH YOU CAN FEEL and more than that TRUE LEARNING ARE ALL IN THERE it is your responsibility to DISCOVER THOSE.

"I am the Omnipotent Being the creator of everything, the whole universe those seen and unseen by man....

I have all the rights to kill and destroy any man and destroy those I created and have all the rights to re-create everything and the universe."

What is it all about? If somebody will kill me without the permission or approval of the Omnipotent Being therefore YOU ARE ONLY A HUMAN THE ONE HE CREATED no matter what you do YOU CANNOT KILL ME! YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO KILL ME and at the same time BEFORE I WILL SHOOT YOU I HUMBLY LOOK AT THE SKIES AND ASK FOR HIS PERMISSION IF EVER IT WILL BE YOUR TIME TO DIE......That is life in this crazy world on the other hand if you are a person who has found the PURPOSE OF YOUR EXISTENCE and if anybody wants you dead or to kill you then the Omnipotent Being has all the ways to prevent it you either meet and accident and die or get sick and die. The man who found the meaning of his existence IS ALL TIMES READY TO PERISH AND DIE SINCE DEATH IS ONLY SKIN DEEP...JUST THE PHYSICAL BODY and the ENERGY OF LIFE THAT WAS GIVEN TO YOU WILL JUST RETURN TO THE CREATOR. Are you expecting a HELL OR HEAVEN? No such thing whatsoever because it is right here in this materialistic existence. The more materialistic you are the more you suffer.....becoming blind with arrogance and ignorance. These are my discoveries if you are interested or not then it is your lose not mine. Simply DISCOVER THE TRUTH and do not be afraid of death......I just look at the stars so that one day I will find myself there and be one of those SHINING MIGHTILY UP TO INFINITY SINCE MATHEMATICALLY TIME t IS CANCELLED.

A Man is in a kind of looking forward or his eyes in a far distance and looking for something which will please or satisfy; comfort or kind of giving support to his day to day activities so on and so forth. He keeps on searching and looking endlessly though I don't really think so if Man EXACTLY KNOWS what he really WANTS. It is like he is in a vast ocean roaming around endlessly like a dog who keeps on looking for his tail. Adam and Eve were created complete with everything but NOT ON WANTS BUT ONLY THE NEEDS!!! Our Creator knows that one day something will happen.....and we were thrown into the open ocean and must learn how to swim and survive because WE MUST LEARN ABOUT LIFE OUR SELVES. So, at this very moment we are still Learning though some who are stupid and never been good in school or universities but REALLY GOOD ON THE UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE AND NOW ENJOYING THE WISDOM OBTAINED. It will be your OWN DISCOVERY ALONE since life is not only What you sow is what you reap notion it is a LOT LOT LOT LOT MORE everyone must have the WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING AND YOU DO IT ALONE...ALL BY YOUR SELF ONLY. For such price ONLY YOU CAN ENJOY BECAUSE!!!! ONLY YOU HAVE LEARNED AND UNDERSTOOD IT.....THAT IS THE ROLE.

"Trust our Creator then Love Your Self and learn from others". In a materialistic world you cannot even TOTALLY trust your father or mother how much more your sisters and brothers. Take note we will be talking about Total trust to them since it will mean zero secrets will you tell them ALL then it is absolutely impossible in a materialistic society on the other hand CAN YOU KEEP SECRETS TO YOUR OWN SELF??? Can you Trust Your Self totally and absolutely? And most of all do you Really Love Your Self? I say you have to ADDRESS THOSE FIRST. And I refused to answer those questions because it is all up to you....if you ask me!!! "I AM A MASTER OF MY SELF." We all went through a school but I TAUGHT MY SELF ABOUT LIFE THE HARD WAY AND I AM STILL STUDYING ALL ABOUT NOW AND WILL DO IT UNTIL THE END. Life is a very delicate matter which our creator GIFTED US WITH IT if you are going to WASTE it then it is your responsibility and decision.......generally after SO MANY YEARS of man's existence I can say man has learned enough but not much. I say, we all are here FOR THE SAKE OF LIFE AND NOT SOMETHING ELSE....BUT ONLY FOR LIFE TO DISCOVER AND NOTHING ELSE THE PROBLEM IS MANKIND IS GOING NOWHERE.....LIKE AN IDIOT OR STUPID WANDERER AND SAY "WHY WE KEEP ON KILLING EACH OTHER?"

What wealth you discovered? Poverty means if you have discovered the true meaning of life and exactly knows what the Omnipotent Being wants you to do therefore that poverty shall be a nonsense. Because being rich or poor will be out of the question anymore. The Omnipotent Being already gifted us WITH THIS LIFE but the next thing will be YOU DO YOUR PART do not seek for riches or wealth instead seek wisdom and understanding and DISCOVER WHAT IS THIS LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.....BUT DO IT SILENTLY AND HUMBLY. You will be a crazy guy in this materialistic society specially when you are still A BEGINNER. If I will say, I discovered that a person who has WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT LIFE will NEVER GO HUNGRY OR SICK OR BE ALONE. Because the Omnipotent Being will NEVER LEAVE HIM! You know why!!! Because he is SERIOUS ABOUT HIS CREATIONS...US AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IT HAS A PURPOSE AND YOU ARE A PART OF IT ONLY IF YOU WILL !!!!TAKE IT!!! AND IF YOU WON'T THEN GO TO HELL BECAUSE YOU WILL BE ALL BY YOUR SELF ALONE in a sense it is your DECISION NOBODY CARES IF YOU WON'T. To Live With Meanings you have to do something and DISCOVER IT NOBODY WILL EVER DO THAT FOR YOU SOMETIMES "HE" WILL WHISPER FOR ME I HEARD IT AND I COMPLIED SO WHY NOT TAKE IT A TRY. Desperation because of poverty is the most STUPID THING A PERSON WILL DO IT IS THAT YOU HAVE NOT DISCOVERED THE TRUE WEALTH YET BUT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ONLY TO FIND IT.

If you want to discover YOUR SELF then don't look at the mirror nor asking somebody to take a look at your self and you will use his judgment as to what sort of person are you. In this materialistic society THE WORD DISCOVER IS NOT WHAT I MEAN because the real person you are made of MUST BE DIFFERENT SUCH AS YOU ARE NOT REALLY YOU IN THIS MATERIALISTIC WORLD OR EXISTENCE so as if you are a killer or a mad man then YOU JUST CREATED IT because of the situations and your decision to be so BUT STILL YOU ARE NOT REALLY LIKE THAT IN FACT THE EXACT OPPOSITE. It is like YOU JUST ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN TO YOUR SELF BUT DEEP WITHIN YOU YOU DO NOT LIKED IT AT ALL. And why it happened because of this materialistic society which is I say not for humans nor animals but A CREATIONS OUT OF STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE OF MANKIND who is like LOST IN A VAST JUNGLE OR OCEANS AND HE DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO GO and I say NO NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND INSTEAD FIND YOUR SELF, LOOK AT IT WITHOUT A MIRROR DO NOT THINK INSTEAD FEEL IT AND LISTEN AND ALLOW YOUR SELF TO BE ASTONISHED BY THE BEAUTY OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS...

During my younger days...honestly I don't really know what is going on with myself but the ideas of DISCOVERING MY SELF KEEPS ON RINGING NOT IN MY EARS BUT IN MY MIND. And I never found and understand it not until in my middle age somewhere between the ages of 48 and my 50's and HONESTLY I am enjoying it I become strong as a person and SELF RESPECT IS ABSOLUTE, I am not a slave of money.....because I am sure the Omnipotent Being will be with me.....and that is enough. It is like I can see what others cannot but the problems are how to share them! Yes it is really extremely difficult to search which you cannot see and touch but we were all CREATED WITH MUCH MORE THAN WE REALLY KNOW what matters will be your decision because it is not IMPOSSIBLE TO DISCOVER YOUR SELF BUT IT HAS TO BE A SOLO ACTIVITY AND WE ARE IN A MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY SO AS YOU CANNOT SHOUT IT OUT AND ANNOUNCE YOUR DISCOVERIES HOWEVER SELF RESPECT WILL SHINE EVEN YOUR PETS CAN DETECT IT AS WELL AS THE BIRDS....

What I considered as my GREATEST DISCOVERY IN LIFE is "THE PURPOSE OF MY EXISTENCE". That we either IGNORE AND REJECT OR ACCEPT THAT. On the other hand as far as I am concerned the GREATEST FAILURE OF MANKIND IS TO IGNORE AND REJECT THE PURPOSE OF THEIR EXISTENCE and CREATING THEIR OWN INSIGHTS AND PRETENDING THEY KNOW BETTER because it must be "I know nothing and cannot exist without the Omnipotent Being. That Arrogance Killed his person and CREATED HIS OWN DESTRUCTION since the Creator allowed that to happen this IS IN A SENSE A KIND OF EXISTENCE IN HELL because I say, mankind is currently SUFFERING and I know I am CALLED THE CRAZY GUY FOR SAYING SO....and in return I PITY THE REST....You deserve it! Anyway Life is nothing but to KEEP ON DISCOVERING OUR MISTAKES AND MUST BE ABLE TO GATHER UNDERSTANDING FROM THEM.

Above everything else IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW AND DISCOVER your self. But I have to say this again GO TO THE MOST EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and that is not which you can see on a mirror KNOW AND DISCOVER YOUR SELF DEEP INSIDE...DEEP WITHIN YOU. Unfortunately in this materialistic existence that must be UNACCEPTABLE because THERE IS NO MONEY IN THAT KIND OF AN ACTIVITY and it will take a certain kind of REALIZATION WHICH YOU SHALL CONSIDER AND THE NEXT STEP AT LEAST HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING and I have to tell you you will never be alone in doing this because THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL BE ALWAYS AND AT ALL TIMES EVERY TIME YOU ATTEMPT TO LEARN. What I am trying to point out LIFE is not physical and this MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY IS JUST MAN MADE AND A BIG MISTAKE of which shall be collected and we have to start from Our Selves individually...this is a personal activity and YOU MUST HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR CREATOR SO AS RELIGION OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. You have to change your PERCEPTION that materialistic existence is not the only one.....TRY TO BE ALONE AND LISTEN TO YOUR SELF...IT WILL BE YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IF YOU DO. There is nothing to lose anyway EXCEPT THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DISCOVER AND LEARN SOMETHING GOOD.

There will be two things in Life, it is when You Discover what you Owned and to discover What You have. Discovering Your Self When you will consider your physical body as your Ownership in which you will be in a certain situations that Somebody Created you for a purpose that it seems you can do anything you want but not creating instead do things at your whims and caprices it is like disregarding WHAT YOU SHOULD RESPECT and it will be I can do anything what I want and in this materialistic society that wrong perceptions are becoming the right one and DISCOVERING "WHAT YOU HAVE" BECOMES THE CRAZY PERCEPTION simply because it is extremely difficult it is then to be the exact opposite since you have to neglect the body or you physically and LOOK AT THE INNER YOU AND THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT AND WHAT THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS YOU TO DO!!!

A father who was left behind by his wife and daughter because he is no longer able to provide their needs and wants not only that even his own needs personally is now a problem. This is a very common situations everywhere in the world. This family used to live happily before not until financial problems occurred once a family of love and harmony but due to the lost of money can be easily wrecked and broken apart a CLEAR CONCLUSION THAT LOVE IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY. But I say for this father A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM THIS SITUATIONS you will be able to gauge your INNER STRENGTH and that is the ability to see LIFE EVEN IN THIS PAINFUL PROBLEM YOU HAVE TO FACE. Even discovering Love accidentally still matters in one's life. Before the center of his Love is his wife and daughter so that losing them does not mean he losses his Life and the will to live ceases. That must be a very shallow thinking. Our creator did not Create the Universe for a particular people or purpose only IT IS FOR WHOLE UNIVERSE SO AS WE MUST DO THE SAME AND I SAY IF YOU WON'T DAMNATION WILL BE YOURS SO AS WHAT ARE TAKING PLACE IN OUR WORLD. Being a father is only the specific part our lives BUT TO EXIST AND BE A PART OF THE UNIVERSE MUST BE EVERYTHING THAT IS WHAT HE SHOULD DISCOVER TO LIVE AND EXIST FOR LOVE AND NOT FOR HIS WIFE.

Ignorance of the Self will also mean ignorance about Life. We were all Created by our Creator therefore we cannot do anything we want because it will be his purpose that must be obeyed but what is happening right now we acknowledged God but we ignored and reject WHAT HE WANTS one of the reasons why is because OF OUR INABILITY TO CHANGE OUR ATTITUDES JUST LIKE ACCEPTING THE TRUTH YET WE CANNOT IMPLEMENT IT SUCH AS KNOWING IT IS BAD BUT WE KEEP ON DOING IT. It takes DISCOVERING THE SELF BUT NOT PHYSICALLY BUT THE INNER SELF there is such thing as INNER SELF whether you liked it or not and you must take a look at it it must be your responsibility therefore it is not only knowing or being aware but IT TAKES UNDERSTANDING TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE A KIND OF PERSONAL ACTION AND NOT RELIGION SO I COULD SAY DIRECTLY THAT A RELIGIOUS PERSON IS ALSO STUPID NO DIFFERENCES AT ALL COMPARED TO ANYBODY ELSE

When you say to discover something about your self is a crazy idea or it is not a kind of topic worth something how about if I will say Are You a Master of Your Self? Are you able tocontrol your anger....or generally how well you knew your self or such thing as you are doing what you should not do and regrets later on, so on so forth. Now Who You really are?who else will find it out hiring a professional will make it even more crazy. I will say It Is Your Responsibility!

All of us started as a child and of course we are childish that means we will be just bwing influenced by others.....that is just doing ALL those what we see around us.Therefore we Discover nothing as simple as I have to say more? As far as I am concerned nobody is Questioning What mankind of Existence do we Indulge on and all of these were and have been WRONG, we kill each other, you are so fat while others have no food to eat and it is just all right "that is Life". I say the Reality of a materialistic society and I SAY I will Entice people to Change The World! And let us Start From Our Selves! I warned you this will never be easy but not impossible. What is it? You Discover what you Want or What you just Need when actually those are Worthless and Nothing. You know why I said that, Look at Your Self and stop Looking at others and have Your Own mind and Discover your own Worth in this existence.....did you Discover what y know and what you don't know? When you actually know nothing because you are worthless and are you capable of accepting it! You cannot Discover anything when you are unable to CHANGE your humble and don't be afraid if others will say you are worthless that is if your reactions are somewhat not affected with those comments then you already at least achieved a certain level of wisdom and understanding Life must be WORTH it though Your Self is Worthless......Think will you!

Of all the things we have been doing in our existence or we might as well say our day to day Life have you wondered that you might missed our Lifetime I say Nothing must be missed whatsoever I think it will be best to great that we will be able to see, Perceive or Study Everything so that when Old Age and sick Days come I can see and look with a straight neck and forward looking eyes looking at anybody that I did my best and if not my great moments Without Missing Anything. Because our Lifetime must be considered as our greatest opportunity and this is about Our Self, Your Self! I hope I am wrong since Studyang Your Self must be a Crazy activity in this materialistic society because the way I look at it is it is OPTIONAL or Taken For I have to say more?.......How Well You Knew Your Self? Are you in total Control of it? Have you considered Thinking for a moment who created you and why? And if ever How Well is your Relationship with Him? Please disregard religion!!!!! Because this must be a One On One or face to face talk with Our Creator......maybe You are not Worth it to Talk to him you know WHY Start by Learning to be HUMBLE.....

What do I mean by To Discover Your Self? For a materialistic person as far as I am concerned must be a crazy activity....what for? That is you won't earn money out of it so, a waste of time conclusively but I say that will be one of the greatest mistake you will commit. And almost of the people in the whole world are not doing or considering that but there are a few who does. What made it crazy?? When I say if you won't do it it is just like committing suicide a simple problem like over eating and sleeping problems must not be a big deal not only that in managing your stress. Do you really Love Your Self? How come you are unable to control or at least manage effectively your self because you are being controlled by your desire and greed? Do you want to be happy and satisfied in Life? Start by being responsible and change your Attitudes.

What to Discover! Your SEX? Your talent, your fate or destiny in life? Or how good you are, be you rich or wealthy. Are poverty stricken so, desperate and miserable and anything else those are for materialistic existence according to MAN's Perceptions only because in that decision he Disregarded the One who Created him though we do have a Religion but the PURPOSE of our existence was disregarded by the religion, if you have a relationship with the Omnipotent Being you will have certain ideas why he Created the Universe and Man and if you ask me what is it all about??? It is your Responsibility to find out! You start by Forgetting Your self which are the Wants and Desire instead go Directly to the Omnipotent Being and lead a Life According to what he wants...He has a Purpose for all His Creations so, Change your attitudes by being Humble first.

To Discover Your Self is Non Physical it should be Deep Within you you must have the wisdom and understanding to Discover it and the only way is to CHANGE your attitudes, it is Your responsibility because being ignorant of the Self is dangerous and there is no more need for me to elaborate just look around I have to say more? You have one Lifetime to do it and it is your Decision to Use it or Waste it! Only STUPID people cannot determine what attitudes they do have.....Only the Humble is able to see and perceive Him Self...all of it is just a matter of DECISION!

You want to discover how pretty or handsome you are or is it possible for you to grow taller in other words that is pertaining only to physical. You want to be at the top of the class or better mentally than others. You are brave and strong emotionally than others. I do not mean anything of those because when it has something to do with Life you should NEVER be competing with others whatsoever for in a materialistic society we keep on Comparing with each other and absolutely that is NOT the purpose of our Existence. Instead Spend Your Lifetime how to Live for others but you cannot do it if you are still Ignorant of Your Self you have to Discover out of Your Self of which what you can offer, give, share, and others to your fellow human being.

In a materialistic society all that matters is your Wants, Whims, and Caprices such that when it pertains to the Self which is the exact opposite of the materialistic Lifestyle because you are not to Discover about your wants and others.....but the Purpose of your Existence it is not the Physical Needs but WITHIN us which is the one neglected and rejected in a materialistic, it must be the one in Control and not the physical now if you won't recognized it it will be all up to you....Life is not that simple but REALIZATION! If you care enough achieve that Level.

The easiest to discover in Your Self is Physical and I say that is a superficial knowledge because you can see and touch it and I can say it may not be your TRUE Self. We were Created by a Creator for a Purpose but we have been free to decide for our Selves it will be either to exist with a purpose of your own "makings" it means you are all alone with it and the results.....we created HELL shall I say more? We do have a whole Lifetime to study it but I will say our Creator made sure we will have more than One Lifetime to Understand it He did not Created us for nothing and whether we liked it or not we must be able to Discover the Purpose of Our Existence may you be wealthy, rich, or poor. But in this materialistic society majority are victims of Poverty I say so because you can not or should not use it as an ALIBI and Live in Anger, being miserable or desperate....I say CHANGE is in your hands, it is just a matter of decision. Poor but decent, with integrity and diginity absolutely the Omniponttent Being will never Leave you alone! In that situations religion is only an option or even optional just be sure to KNOW or Understand the Purpose of our Existence that is you must Discover Life and nothing else!

The situations when other people can see something in you which you cannot see and vice versa or there are things bad or good which other people can see in you while YOU is not able to see.So that, if you are arrogant or self centered or self righteous you will be in a situations which is difficult to accept what you want to be out of your self but you are NOT because sometimes we want to be somebody else but you are or cannot be therefore the problem is WHO IS THE REAL YOU! So, he phrase "just be your self" is not for real I say it is complicated and way to attain that will be the CHANGE of attitudes therefore be HUMBLE, I say in this situations have the ability to be humble what I mean being humble but not naïve or innocent that is being so you will be able to SEE or perceive a Lot of things and obtain Understanding not learning I say so because there are no books specifically available about Life Situations, you shall have the ability to teach your self that is no school Like That in this materialistic society. I say HELL is right here on earth and Man or we created it not the Omnipotent Being. And one of the doors to enter heaven is to have the understanding of Humility.

I say you will have the best of Life when you are able to CHANGE your attitudes and it in this point which majority of mankind were unable,I say so because there are a few who was able to attain such levels of perceptions since the word HUMILITY must be something have to Discover it and apply and use it in your day to day Life and existence in general since it should be the first attitude you have to acknowledge, adapt, realize, and learn and study if you want to Change your attitudes so that, if you cannot do it....then welcome to hell out of your making. Just read along I will describe what kind of Life is Hell all about.

I say, you will be able to enjoy Life by having a flexible personality since the opposite of it is being rigid or unchanging or firm because as far as I am concerned that would project a BAD personality something many people will disliked you. I suggest be flexible, open to everything which you will be able to Explore all the possibilities of Life and wonder as well which may also consider those not possible such thing as I am discussing all about on this blog. If you are a young individiual your personality right now may not be the REAL You but never do anything just to Impress others since it will be the worst thing you will do instead Discover the Real You and do not care what others may say because the materialistic society we have now is FALSE and I say being the real You though having discovered it WHEN you are already at old age or less at less the Appreciation of Life WITHOUT money must be the greatest achievement in your Lifetime. Think! That is if you want to understand these discussions.

Mankind has been searching and discovering about everything using science and technology which will make his Life easier and better but all of it is JUST for Himself ALONE that is to Dominate, Control, and even manipulate somebody else's Life and he has a religion supposedly a God believer is Man a MANIPULATOR or pretending which he is not! Because all of us was created by a Creator for a purpose and He intend us to do the same but it seems Man has been Lost and MIS USED the freedoms granted to him. The paradise of Adam and Eve, I say, that be the best example though man was blind to be able to perceive the truth and it becomes a myth. Once a person is not Humble he will not able to see or perceive his faults or misdeeds that will generally results to he is being greedy and selfish yet the Inability to REALIZE its badness. In this case it will be an individual 's prerogative to DISCOVER that he is such has beed have one whole lifetime to do it, if not it may take a million Lifetime(???).

Our technology consists of thousands of scientific discoveries of which what we are supposedly enjoying all these luxuries but Discovering Your Self I say, is yet unknown to mankind or to be accurate majority but only a few or rarely cares about it. When you are in front of the mirror "it is not really Your Self But INSIDE that suggests we are not just a simple Creation because the Purpose must be too big that until now we are LOST and it will be up to you IF you will face that Responsibility and if you won't then these are the Consequences.....Welcome to I have to say more? So, what is going on in this Life, then blame Your Self on the other hand if you disagree with my discussions and you will say We Are Not In Hell right now, I say, you really liked what is Happening to Us right now...I suggest go Deeper.

Poverty?? So, what!!! I say, it is only such kind of a Situations of Life. Poverty must never be used that you will become a rebel or use such situations in which you will be able to address your Anger that is by Blaming others for all your supposedly sufferings and all others such that what YOU WANT cannot take place I say, that is a Wrong perception because it must be What our Creator Wants so that if you you do what you Want instead then you are against and a rebel to all His Creations Discover this wisdom and understanding because if you cannot do it then you will end up Fooled and become somebody's Puppet. Never allow people to use your Anger due to Povertys since they are NOT Your Creator or the Omniponttent Being, He will never be Somebody else or a human being whatsoever because it is your personal responsibility to Discover Him.....He is just there deep Within You. Our Creator did not Create Poverty but somebody Else so, avoid him or Them or You Your Self is to be blamed.

The only way to know Your Self is to Accept that all of us has weaknesses or weak points in our person the same thing as we will never be perfect but sometimes becoming Humble and incorporating that in our attitudes. Being naïve and innocent and a kind of a person who lacks exposure to the Realities of Life that is why there has been situations when a humble and honest person becomes the victim due to the smart and clever ways of those dishonest people. Therefore, Humility shall be something when you your self has been arrogant once or a smart/clever guy and DISCOVERED that being so you cannot obtain Wisdom and Understanding in Life, such learning you will never get in our schools!

Have you discovered what you liked or disliked? How well you knew your self? When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a somebody or better than others.....something like that but now I just discovered A person Who Has Learned in Life, will choose to be Lowly or Humble and not Being better than others or in such a way comparing or competting with others. I felt good when I am able to share something or give just little simple as that. We have to Live for Others!

We all want a better life and that is what all matters such a reality in this man made materialistic society but I suggest do not allow your self to be tied with it and try to WONDER you can do that by having an open mind....SEARCH and EXPLORE. Not all treasures could be seen and touched there are beyond those. We were Created by the Omnipotent Being Who you cannot see or touch disregard religion on this just Think! You may look at your self on the mirror but what is inside deep within you, use your Feelings His Creations is not SIMPLE so that when you are able to Understand even just One of them could be your Lifetime Treasure.

Who are you really, is there a need to discover it? Sometimes being your self can be somewhat a problem I remembered my teen aged days with cannot be what you want therefore must be accepted as absolute. Do you have your own mind? Since it will be either you got one or allow your self to be influenced hence the situatioms shall be it is your Responsibility to Discover About Your must have time to Study, Learning must be a Lifetime activity and avoiding being Somebody's Pawn or toy such case that is your MIND and there is BRAINS in it! Who are You Really! It is your Responsibility!!

We were not Created for Nothing Our Creator has so many Special Reasons of which we should not Ignore But it is A Two Way Process You Were Created For a Purpose and you must be responsible for it otherwise the neglect and you ignored will result to a kind of life full of miserable and desperate situations. Therefore it is your responsibility to Discover Your Self but not anything your whole lifetime at least you may Discover What you Can Give and Share and never ever use Poverty as an excuse I hope you may Attain a Certain Level of Realization that the Greatest Act of Sharing and Giving is in a way Of YOU Being Honest, Respectful and TRUTHFUL towards OTHERS.

In this materialistic world we all knew what is the meaning of Truth but it is limited only to what we can see and touch and nothing else beyond that, I say there are so many more than those of which we are supposed to Discover in Our Selves. Therefore I can say Truth, honesty, and sincerity becomes suferficial in this man made materialistic society. Actually the problems will be even Us Needs a lot to Discover in Our Selves, the real thing is MISSING for it will take a lot of CHANGE in our Attitudes and the only way is Your Willingness, therefore it is all up to you.

When I was able to perceive and understand that I will never be ALONE in this Life, that is the moment I could do ALL the Omnipotent Being WANTS Me To Do in my Liferime. I say, I fear no one because if somebody will kill me and shoot me a thousand times...he is not my Creator....he is a nobody in this Life No Matter What the Life and Death Decision will at all times be in the hands of Our Creator. And in my prayers I always acknowledge to Him that I am a sinner and a about you.

There are so many things to Doscover in YOU, Your Self and even your or our 1 whole Life time is not enough and I have to say this again we are Having Re Births and it will be so up to a thousand to a million Times and it will never be ever has to do IF you were a woman or man, a queen or king or anything EARTHLY in your previous Life or Lives it is a certain process by for a PURPOSE by Our Creator. Also we are not primarily made of Flesh and Bones because it is a lot more! Our MEMORY or Brains is so complex and will be even more complicated if studied with arrogance because it should be with Humility and it is one way to achieve peace and true knowledge. Earthly knowledge are all nonsense to Our Creator.....I think it is your turn to take a look with my concepts...therefore to Discover Your Self is your Responsibility.

Did you discover your BRAINS? Being poor and uneducated or not well schooled I say those are absolutely nothing because those are all about the materialistic society so that IF you are obsessed by it then you lose that God Given Brains. Animals, plants, etc. they got no Brains but INSTINCT instead it is like "being pre programmed" already while man's Brains mean we are given the free well or freedom to do what we want including changing or altering our sex this one I say is purely Physical ONLY while Brains is that gray matter inside our skull and it has a direct connection with the REAL You Deep inside You and if and only if You Want to, you could use it to Cummunicate with our Creator Who placed it on Purpose.Humbly and silently have a Relationship with the Omnipotent Being, hopefully if You could Discover it I must say this 1whole Lifetime is fulfilled for you.

From the moment I discovered that I am not perfect and a sinner which mean I offended and hurt other people's feelings either intentionally or accidentally and tried to change my attitudes every moment of my Life with that process I am making a better person out of myself. Because the knowledge of accepting your mistakes and learning so many things about it generally you will be a different person. I say, we all exist for a Purpose and to Live and Die for others are generally all about it.

I say, you will spend 1whole Life Time discovering Your Self...unfortunately 1whole life time will never be good enough whatsoever, you know why it is because it will be extremely difficult and that is when I say you have to Admit and Accept that you are Crazy and Stupid, you may include me with that perception and I will gladly say....yes I am. But I already Know why I am C. and S. it has no age limit discovering those.

The whole universe was created for a purpose unfortunately Man was never interested all about it. Because if mankind did then we will not end up materialistic. Do you know the english language is not designed nor intended to talk this way. And I say, I am sure you may be awed nor found these concepts STRANGE. Therefore being in this materialistic society man should reject Discovering all about Him Self. Yes, there will be no other ways because you cannot go against what we Have Been used to having read my concepts perhaps and I hope this may serve as an eye opener that in your 1whole Life Time You May Take A Look at Your Self and try to Explore and Discover it. Such as, from being arrogant to becoming Humble because you could never Change your Attitudes if you won't do it!

Taking these words DISCOVERING Your SElf!!! Let's start physically, if you are handsome or not;short or tall; white or not and vice versa. I say, DISREGARD everything pertaining to your physical attributes even if you are sickly and or with a physical handicap. I say, go deeper one of those is your MIND but NEVER consider what is Logical only because there is Beyond it! These are man's responsibilities that is if you LOST your Mind you are no longer worthy to be called a Human Being a Dog is even a lot better than you! That is, NEVER allow that Somebody will DICTATE!!! Or make you somebody else which is not the REAL YOU! Therefore Discover the Real You. After that have your Own Perceptions about Life! I say never Think of Your Self only, Live and Die for Others, and there are a thousand ways to do that but keep on searching for Wisdom and Understanding so that as you go along with this Life you keep on Changing to be a Better not stay with it keep on changing to be much or a lot better than before!! Who are You to question God nor to say there is no God or generally questioning what are going on around us because you don't like what taking place in this Life. I say, WHO ARE YOU when You don't even Know Your Self!!! Start with Your Self First.

Let's investigate HONESTY, how come you could be Honest When you don't totally or completely or specifically and accurately KNOW Your Self. From a newborn to childhood situations and as you grow older along the way there must be two things Good and Bad situations which may affect your person so that generally nobody must be ?perfect? Either good or not in school to even unschooled. My concepts says, You should Create or Re Create your person. That is if you think you are not a better man then make a much better person out of Your Self than before, so on and so forth !How! I call it wisdom and understanding...there are so many lessons in Life it may be very personal that you prefer to keep it for Your Self only. But if your wisdom and understanding is vast enough to be a good book then it would be your obligation to share them and hope somehow it will produce better person, NOT a Wealthy one but the kind of perceptions of which he will Say That Life is Great and worth Living for and God is Great......because I have to say this, we may blame God or anything else those bad and misfortunes, etc. You Have No Rights Whatsoever Because You Know NOTHING than God.....who are you. You cannot Question Him and let Him be are not EVEN SURE of Your Self perhaps I must add you know nothing about it. Therefore Honesty must be a very Personal Knowledge...never generalized it if not it will not be applicable. Discovering Your Self.....first of all Love , Respect, and take Good Care of it...never Play and Manipulate with it....

HONESTY is required if you REALLY want to Know Your Self but you may start discovering by being specific, it is like you are inspecting or questioning your self....that is how Wonderful the Creations of the Omnipotent Being. Though doing it quietly or silently may be extremely difficult but that kind of a situations should be a great Effort on your part as far as I am concerned however It seems a crazy idea because in this materialistic society the tendencies goes to doing it towards others instead. The situations are, you Know so much about others than Your Self! I may say, it is one of the mistakes of Mankind, that is you may even question the existence of God and the Tendencies of being Better than Our Creator.....Arrogance! Since you are even incapable knowing Your very Self. My point of discovering Your Self is very broad BUT it takes Wisdom and Understanding of which Man is a moron or idiot on that as long as the ideas will be about Life and Existence. Mankind have been obsessed with technology or scientific discoveries yet I say, everything has been ALL Provided for by our Creator,I say, again the Human "Brains" is very, very powerful!! Yet man Knows Nothing about. That is as long as we live and exist.....have time to Know or Discover Your Self. We should be getting old and wiser at the same time and not getting old and become sickly and idiotic or worthless (I'm sorry, but honesty is of paramount significance here). I wish when my old age comes I will be able to read people's mind, knowing friends from foe and vice versa.

If you want to Know God start toYour Self first....that is you have no rights whatsoever Questioning God's management of our Life (the way things are wars, etc.) IF you think or consider that God Has His hands on those and allowed them to happen to us/mankind. I say, it is instead man's decision to do What he Wants and did not do what God Wants....though God expected it! So that, until now mankind has not Realized that he made the wrong decision and never learned from all those mistakes of which I call as what is supposedly "wisdom and understanding" for me it has to be Our Responsibility to study it unfortunately just all by Your Self but discipline is required...never spend your one whole lifetime for money's sake. Yes, man is a social being, we really need each other but IF you will be a part or grouped with people Who Will Deceive or make a fool out of your self......without You KNOW!NG it BUT I supposed just afraid to get AWAY from them...I'd rather die with HONOR and kill the the innocent and to be the BEST that I clould be....surely the Omnipotent Being will never Leave me alone....die with God and Honor! Just two things in this Life/Existence,be the Fool and the Deceiver, or the one who is making a fool of people who allowed themselves to be fooled is it either because of Low Brained...but just plain cowardice to die for the Truth. In wars...we have No Choice but to defend Our Selves...the rights for self preservation but we have to do it of which we should be ABSOLUTELY SURE that we are in the Righteous Side. We all Hate Wars! But it must be the Killers who shall be more Afraid because majority loves peace.....DISCOVER the Truth First! You must be Absolutely Sure what you are fighting for...please use your Brains....I think it is not difficult to Discover it. I am not talking about our educational system, they are all for money's sake.

The Conclusion that Wars has been a part of man's existence, therefore it is HUMAN NATURE!!! Whoever concluded that is like a Surrender....he simply gives up and there is no more hope but to conclude that mankind is a criminal/ is like Accepting all the REALITIES of Life and there's no way we can do about it therefore I am crazy discussing the putting the ocean in a glass. I say, it is the biggest insult to Humanity, I may conclude as well they are the Deceivers and Manipulators of mankind who STOPPED examining Them Selves Deep Within......putting an end to the Purpose of Existence of the Omnipotent Being, they may say, enjoying watching us on a movie screen. There are wars deep within us!! But nobody wants it...for sure no one could love it. Therefore Fight to Control Your Self and DISCOVER your True Nature....write your own book!!! You may read but just learn from those so as finally You will have Your Own Mind! Your own Perceptions! Never allow Your self to be Used or worst, be Deceived! I say, only stupid and fools have NO BRAINS....use it will you. Never get scared if you think, perceived, view The Realities which will be different or even contrary than to become different from all the rest but you may do it silently and be smart and Humble so as you will have an OPEN MIND.....just Listen and Observe. Determining the right and bright guys from the stupid or even possible killers may take you one whole lifetime but it is the Greatest you could share to your children/siblings and others but you do it only to those who are willing to LISTEN! Life is not about luxuries and technology only or generally money matters there are a million you could Discover about Your Self that one whole lifetime may not be enough....I may say, Life is a Learning see how far "supposedly!!" we have gone through this existence but the Easiest Knowledge of Human Nature remains unanswered. Simply because it is due to the Ignorance of One's Self, which is the most Boring and stupid topic/discussions in this materialistic society since I say, you are in fact Neglecting the Purpose of Existence Our Creator wants us to is like how long will mankind be dumb and stupid and become Humble which is to stop being arrogant!

Nobody wants war, it is the same as nobody wants Stupid and Crazy people but they don't know or even care that they are stupid and is like a spoiled child who gets what he wants. Today's Realities, the world is getting smaller for them. So, for now Self Preservation is the Theme....that is the only way. But I say, not the solution.

We are not in a perfect world which mean it will be "Impossible"that one could be able to Understand what are going on around us unfortunately the" few"and powerful who has the Influence and Control wants the world to be "according" to what they DESIRE as much as is like creating a World they envisioned and supposedly everybody must obey so that if they won't they must be in trouble....the Law and Order which must prevail and people shall obey. But the LAW man created will never be perfect. We are living within those of which I call as the materialistic society and those people who are mainly against will be our enemies if not the potential ones. Basically mankind has evolved for a thousand of years and trying to create a better world. How come we are still killing each other!!! Though minimized but just the same people die in war situations, through the enforcement of law or judicially and extra judicially and others. I say, nothing has CHANGE that much because the beast and monster in man still remains. Now, we are a part of the Universe which is Perfect, the planet earth and all the environment are...shall I say more? But how come man cannot be perfect! Mankind has not learned from His Story because it DID NOT made a Bettter Person out of Him of all the technological discoveries those are nothing just an extension of his whims and caprices. So that, if the Omnipotent Being Created Us already perfect then we will not Learn Anything! Unfortunately at this point man has not Discovered how Perfect Our Selves are all about, the human body at this time remains a mystery, it is I have to say it!!! We are not a Beast! If you want to remain that way then that must be an admission....admitting which is not really you! Why you keep on closing your eyes, don't you know,"arrogance" that attitudes "the human brain" will never REVEAL its true potentialities. There are so many things man could Discover on Him Self and the only hindrances are when one cannot CHANGE. To change from a beast of which you are not must be extremely difficult....stop thinking of others that is, if you cannot control and dominate them then you are supposedly to go With Them. Reflect and study your self instead.

Life is in itself a Search, personal conquest, that is you are all alone to do that and that that personal Responsibility God nor religion cannot help you whatsoever. "You go Inside of the Self and not Outside" right now mankind is exploring the outside which is what is these all about right now "the materialistic society". WRONG Perceptions!! And the only way for mankind is REALIZATION but his Arrogance is preventing him to CHANGE. MAN's Blindness of all the Creations of the Omnipotent Being which is PERFECT yet mankind is unable to understand or perceive, it is like going against the flow of the river. I am very much aware that I am a crazy guy talking/discussing these ideas/theme, though I am considering some reservations to the rarely few who thinks otherwise which mean Good/Great Ideas are Treasures which one must Discover (I say, not cash!!) but if and only if you got the wisdom and understanding and if you don't care....then go to hell! That is how we are being managed, we have to learn from our mistakes....from wrongness to rightness essentially it is what wisdom and understanding are all about.....Realizing then Change comes in! You will have one whole lifetime for that, at least before you close your eyes for the last time you will be able to Discover....if you cannot then that must be very unfortunate, I say you will be given another one whole lifetime, so on and so forth. What seems to be a crazy idea to one may not really look like so.....a crazy person will never know he is crazy not unless he will Realize and discover that not all treasures......Think!

Who is in the right position to JUDGE you, such as what kind of person are you? They could be you father or mother;brothers or sisters; officemates or neighbors or friends who have a thorough ideas about your person....whatever or whatsoever are those....I say, it should be YOU! Must know yourself otherwise you are in trouble. One might be good or great to a particular skills or tasks but being good or great instead I will say, You must be a Master of Your self. It means knowing the self must be everyone's responsibility and as of this very moment The Problem simply because no one could guarantee that can Control his anger, angst, hatred, desires, and other questions you could not or will never be able to answer about the Self. Unfortunately mankind never studied those things! So that it has to be a very personal matter, just between you and our Creator, who of course Knows You But you don't care anyway. It is like the Beliefs, worship, etc.but the Truth is you don't really know what are those all about. Worshipping a God but you don't really know what to do after that! We got the massive technology and the exact opposite is the massive ignorance of the Self. Our existence mainly focused on luxuries and finding ways to make Life "supposedly"easier or conveinient including to kill others....I say, you could kill for self defense with no need of weapons....the Human Brain is still a vast unkonwn to mankind. We are trying to discover Lots of Things up to outer space yet very ignorant of Our Selves, I suggest we solve that problem first and that shall start by CHANGING our Attitudes. Don't you know that all the Creations of the Omnipotent Being are PERFECT mankind should never ask for more....we already have everything for our Needs Only but Never for our WANTS! Therefore man shall acknowledge his mistakes and misdeed and after that Lots of Discoveries about the Self will will not gain money, or followers for your religion about these.

What is the difference between a young man and a grown up? I say, it is JUDGMENT. So as, there is a grown up who lacks "That" and a young man who got That so on and so can have Judgment only if you care, which mean a certain and specific decision to avoid it, however not all Judgment can be right, we are in Hell and will never be in a perfect world or situations, this time I will say, sense of Purpose must come in (to be continued)


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    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      this is for the admin of the website almost or more a week already YOU ARE FROZEN is this on maintainance or any tech problems

    • profile image

      marcus bennett 

      7 years ago

      Excellent keep it up.


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