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Distance Relationships 5 ways to stay in touch

Updated on August 23, 2010
You can stay intouch!
You can stay intouch!

Distant Relationships


Today many people are very weary when someone they care about moves away and they may have to continue a long distance relationship. However, modern technology has made it not so hard to stay in touch and have a flourishing long distance relationship.


First we have the good ole’ fashion telephone. I always believe talking is the best and most bonding way to a successful relationship. When we talk on the phone without any physical contact it leads to endearing fresh conversation from the heart. You get to know and understand a persons inner thoughts and feelings. You talk about every and anything. You learn to feel for this person and you haven’t even held their hand, that’s a true friendship making for a great relationship without adding sexual content to confuse things. Everything is purely form the heart.


Second, email is great for sending updated pictures from events you may have attended to make your intended feel a part, and they get to see you in different environments. So, now when you talk on the phone, they can put different faces with different things you may say. Of course you want to keep these pictures clean to keep the integrity pure in new relationship. Don’t give too much away; there will be nothing to look forward to by your intended.


Since there is distance between you and you cannot see each other every day or week or maybe not even every month a third way to stay in touch is to plan occasional trips to see each other in person. This is important to see if a persons’ dynamics works as well as the phone dynamics does. This way you do get to spend some intimate time together to personally see and learn likes and dislikes, meet the family and hang out with friends. Now you have made the relationship even stronger and you have officially joined your intended’s social circle. You can see how they interact with their family and friends and to get a better glimpse on how you will be treated one on one. Don’t be fooled, the way one treats their friends and family is the exact way you will be treated.


A forth way is texting. Texting should not be used to convey important thoughts or to clarify a misunderstanding. That should be talked out. However, texting can be used to convey a quick love note. You know your intended has been having a bad day or you know they work really hard and works a stressful job, a quick thinking of you note or hope your day is going fine note can not only put a smile on their face but it shows you are always thinking of them and care about how they are doing. That will brighten any dark day.


The fifth and probably the best new way to keep in touch is by the webcam application called Skype. Skype is excellent because you get to see your intended on a regular while you talk to them. Nothing beats the real thing but at least at the end of a long rough day you can sit, talk and see them. Watch their smiles and frowns. See them tired, maybe run down a little, but, you love every minute because you can see the real person. You grow closer and closer and continue to bond with one another.


Even though your relationship may be at a distance you can still feel close to a person by using these five steps to stay in touch and continue to be a part of each other everyday lives.


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    • rainpurplewine profile image

      Elizabeth 4 years ago from ATLANTA,Ga

      Skype is a great way as well as oovoo,same concept as skpe. you can also send recorded messages in case there not available.

    • JohnUy profile image

      JohnUy 7 years ago

      I really like your hub and it reminds me that I should send out some of the emails I been wanting to send for a long time. I guess it is just a matter of getting into the habit of doing it on a regular basis.