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Divorce Attorney Fees - 5 Highly Effective Strategies to Reduce Them

Updated on September 12, 2012

Unless you have personally experienced the divorce process you would be shocked at how quickly divorce attorney fees can destroy you financially! Most people have no idea how rapidly their attorney fees can add up until the damage has already been done. And by then they are usually already committed to a course of action requiring even more money.

The purpose of this article is to help the parents and families involved in divorce cases, to reduce or control the costs associated with the family court system.

The number one rule to remember during a divorce is this. The family court system is set up to generate litigation. Although there are some highly ethical attorneys and judges that don’t abuse their positions, the system thrives on creating an atmosphere of contention between the husband and wife. Don't ever forget that, or you will end up giving away everything you and your spouse have worked so hard for. The attorneys and courts are the only ones making money, and you will be the ones paying them!

One of the quickest ways to escalate your attorney fees is when a family becomes involved in a child custody battle. Some animosity and conflict are normal in any family going through the process of divorce. The regrettable fact is that most parents say or do things to their spouse in front of their children during this stress filled time that they later regret. This is sad and even somewhat damaging to the children, but very normal if it’s kept to a minimum.

Having said that, Parental Alienation is a terrible form of child abuse that can deeply hurt your children. PA is when one parent intentionally alienates or turns the children against the other "targeted" parent. This type of abuse has become more and more prevalent in the last several years, and has resulted in escalating damage to children, as well as much higher attorney fees to families involved in these cases.

Divorce is never easy but high conflict divorces that include these type of child custody cases are the worst. While every effort should be made to protect your children and your assets, doing so can be very expensive.

Here are 5 highly effective strategies to significantly reduce your attorney fees:

1. Choose the right attorney.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of this step. Choosing the wrong attorney can cost you thousands of dollars and ultimately even your children. To a large degree, this one choice can determine the fate of your divorce proceedings before you ever step a foot into court.

2. Your attorney is not a counselor

Always remember that you are paying for every moment they spend on your case. Use their time and your money wisely. Not being direct and focused is one of the most common and costly mistakes that you can make. If you do this correctly, it will save you an incredible amount of money in the end. Never forget, attorneys are paid very well to be good listeners. And you will be the one paying them.

3. Be organized & disciplined

Discipline yourself to write down the key points of a problem or concern, and what you would like your attorney to be able to achieve before you contact them. Most people make the mistake of thinking that they could not possibly forget the key issues because they are so important, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s all too easy to forget an important point because of the sheer amount of stress that you are under. And you find yourself picking up the phone one more time to address another issue with your attorney.

4. Remote meetings

Never allow a remote meeting for your attorney unless there is no other choice. Otherwise you end up paying for their preparation time, time at the meeting, and their travel time there and back. While you may not think the situation would ever come up, it does quite often. One attorney agrees to meet at the other attorneys office to “work out an agreement” on a particular issue. You may or may not be invited to attend that meeting.

5. Do menial tasks

Obtain certified copies of court records when necessary for hearings. Order any recorded versions or transcripts from the court yourself. Make copies of documentation when needed. Take filings to court yourself.

The strategies shared here are from my personal (and expensive) education in this arena, as well as establishing a global ministry for other families experiencing the same circumstances in their own life.

If you found this article helpful and you need additional resources to navigate through the dangerous divorce process, I would be happy to help with more detailed divorce advice.

You will find detailed information including how to find, interview and select the best attorney for your case (I guarantee you have never heard of these techniques). And numerous other strategies to protect your children and assets from being taken. Please do not make the mistake of being uneducated and unprepared. That’s exactly how to lose everything and end up another casualty of the system...


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