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Divorce maybe the best solution to a families sanity.

Updated on January 14, 2011
Couple arguing in front of their child.
Couple arguing in front of their child. | Source

The Beginning and the End of a Marriage.

From the very beginning of a marriage many things occur and a lot of what we promise gets lost during the time of making our vows and the time we find ourselves packing to leave the marriage.

We compromise so much in any relationship, whether it be family, spouse, friendship and even at work. We do this for our own preservation and our own reasons to gain something or obtain something from it all. Whatever the case maybe. The fact of the matter is that marriage is now like a bank account we invest so liitle of our selves, and we hope and want to make a fortune on the interest.

There is so much "ill will" individuals that in all sence of the word they are "opportunist". Its a shame that marriage is not taken more serious. It's so weird the word "serious", when I looked it up in, the following came up as part of the word serious ("Marriage is a serious matter"). My suggestion to every one that wants to get married should to go to and look up the word "serious" and seriously take in what is states.

Marriage is so wonderful. The best thing that could ever happen to any of us is marriage. Because we have some one that truly loves us unconditionally and truly cares of who we are and how we are. There's no judgment. But unfortunately everything has a beginning and an end, "if you don't devote great care to take-care of this vow of life", then you both lost.

It's never easy to take or make such a detrimental decision to divorce. We always stay for the wrong reasons and pushing our selves and suffer, along the road of an unhappy marriage. We do this so as not to hurt ourselves or hurt others, in a lot cases our children. Divorce may not always be the best desicion or the most logical one, but is the most sensible one for the sanity and peace of the whole family.

Marriage is Fragile.

Marriage is very Fragile.
Marriage is very Fragile. | Source

Marriage Sacrate or out for Blood!

I am have been pondering about this divorce article quite a bit! And my questions about marriage. Do people really take marriage serious, is it a personal test to them or a life's challenge for them or do they really know the moral and values of it all?

Marriage to me is so "sacrate" and its a shame that people take it so lightly and as if it's a complete game. We only hurt our selves and family.

I have dealt with a lot of divorce cases and it amazes me, the reason behind the clients' drive to hurt the other person in a divorce, there out for blood no mercy. The clients famous quote "I want everything", sometimes this seems worst that a war. I always told my clients don't fight at the of the case, whether you spent $500.00 dollars or $50,000.00, the outcome was always the same as paying the lessor amount and you accomplish is time wasted. So settle all your difference,comeĀ to mutual agreementĀ and avoid waisted time and money.

I am here to help! in anyway that I am able to emotional or otherwise.


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