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Divorced Women

Updated on October 12, 2014

It would appear that in society, divorced women are a more "protected" class than single women. There are more government funded studies that examine the plight of divorced women and their children than there are of single women and their children, for example. More is made of the fact that there are income and wealth disparities between divorced men and their former wives than is made of income disparities between men and their former female lovers, for example. In other words, no one seems to care about a single woman's financial struggles but much is made of the financial struggles of divorced women.

On the other hand

On the other hand, divorced women end up with most of the child-rearing responsibilities , have a greater chance of living in poverty and only about 75% actually receive the child support their ex is ordered to pay. In other words, no divorced mom has ever lived on child support.

So, divorced men remarry more often than divorced women

So, divorced men remarry more often than divorced women. Just who are those men marrying? Obviously,most of them are marrying women who have never been married. Or maybe we should just cut to the chase and say younger women, because that is a likely corrolation. Society still offers an older man far more latitude in seeking a significantly younger mate than women. Combine that with the higher probability that the woman brings children to a second marriage, and I think you might have a case for suggesting that a lower remarriage rate for women exists not from entirely from choice, but because their opportunities have been limited.

The majority of women asking for divorce have to waive any spousal maintenance while taking responsibility for supporting and raising their children. Under these conditions, divorced women have practically no chance of coping by themselves. And those asking for divorce must accept this "punishment", as if it was the just price to pay to simply enjoy their freedom.
Being a newly divorced woman isn't easy, but it's a journey that we must all go through when our marriage ends. It helps to talk to others who have "been there and done that" to get their perspective.

Because as many other posters have said, it's not men that have changed. Plenty of men are still willing to pony up their part of the deal. It's women that have decided that they want to throw away their virginity as soon as possible, slut up their best years, still get their pick of the top men afterwards, and be fat and bitchy in a marriage and still get full benefits both as a wife and an ex-wife.

Women undergoing divorce

Women undergoing divorce typically goes through emotionally traumatic experience. This is because divorce will affect them in many ways, not just emotionally. Her finances will also be affected. Most of the time, when they divorced, the mother gets the custody of their child. Supporting them would be a challenge. There are limited grant opportunities for divorced women; typically, the grants for divorced women are offered by private organizations that will empower them through education so that they can become competitive as they find a new life. Federal grants are generally focused for women as well as single parents that divorced women can also apply.

A single mom has to be tough

A single mom has to be tough, independent, patient, real, practical, fun, selfless, nurturing, and picky about the right man for her and the kids. She is confident and appreciative of her strengths and abilities. To be the man of her dreams, you can't create drama and you must want kids. Admire her strengths and compliment her on them. Show her you can bring strength, stability and love to her life.
Most single moms remarry within five years of the divorce, according to the 2006 U.S. Census Bureau report "Remarriage in the United States." Before you can marry her, though, you have to win her trust and love in a dating relationship. Common challenges during the dating period including pacing the relationship, balancing her needs with those of her kids and scheduling time for dates.

A single mom

A single mom won't want to spend a lot of time dating a guy who doesn't want kids, so let her know up front how you feel about kids and the possibility of become a stepparent, suggests Kate Anthony in her YourTango article, "Kate's Tips To Be An Awesomely Datable Single Mom." If you have kids, you might let her know you understand how challenging dating is for a single parent. Swapping a few stories about your kids could also inject humor into your conversation and break the ice on your first date.

Dating again after divorce

Dating again after divorce is a daunting prospect to some women but if you want to look for a new partner, then it is necessary to date. The first step is to make sure you are ready to date and you aren’t being pressured into it by family and friends. Once you feel you have accepted the divorce and are ready to move on, then you are ready to date. Dating after divorce can be a wonderful new beginning but everyone approaches it differently

Divorced people, particularly if they have children, can have a lot going on. They have emotional hurts, difficult exes, and/or financial problems. They have baggage – more baggage than someone who’s never been married. A woman dating a divorced man must be cautious with how much she gives, because these situations can be demanding and it will be very tempting for her to give too much. Men are not as prone to making this key mistake, so when dating divorced women, caution is not their primary focus.

I know LOTS of divorced women

I know LOTS of divorced women with kids who were snapped up off the dating market by nice attractive interesting men. I don't think being a divorced mom is in itself a deterrent to lots of men. Especially if you can maintain an amicable relationship with the ex, mutually keep the kids more or less under control, and keep yourself as cheerful and open to dating as you can, you'll be dating again before you know it.


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