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Do I consider myself religious or spiritual.

Updated on September 27, 2014

Religion and Spirituality

I tend to do certain things religiously but I don't consider myself religious even though I worship the God of heaven. We should be careful of getting denominationalisms "touch not taste not" confused with true religion. Jesus Christ said true religion is that you love one another.

I grew up in a time when every one respected other peoples religion or right to be spiritual. Today people fight against religion especially Christianity but the don't mind spirituality in any form.

I remember waking up Sunday mornings to Christian radio, gospel music and preaching. it was all over the neighborhood. People would leave their doors and windows open even at night. On a hot Sunday morning and high noon no one was in the streets, all the bars were closed. If you were in the know you could find a speak easy to go to get a "little nip." I could not find any one to play with except the bad kid on the block who I avoided like the plague less I be tagged a bad kid myself. My grandfather, my father and aunt were preachers and we went to church whether we wanted to or not. You had to have "ligion" as the old folk used to say.

My grandfather was the next thing to God. My mother would say "we don't need the pope, we got our own Bishop." Bishop had "more touch not taste nots" than the Holy Bible so I thought. We could not wear shorts. We could not drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi, let alone Root Bear for that was considered strong drink which the Bible forbids to do said the Bishop. Women could not wear pants or paint their face so to speak. They were not to put on things pertaining to a man.

We were not permitted to play any kind of cards or go to the movies. We could not even kiss until we were married.

But through all this I did not have a hatred for God or religion. Religion is man made and mans attempt to reach God the way he sees it. I sought a personal relationship with God and found it and it has nothing to do with organized religion. You don't through out the baby with the bath water.


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