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Do Men Cheat?

Updated on November 15, 2013

Do All Men Cheat?

This is a question that so many women today ask themselves before they get into a relationship. In the old days women were not as cynical and doubtful about rushing into a relationship..... heck by the time they finished school they were already walking down the aisle!

Today women have more independence and have not rushed into dating and marrying the first guy that they go out with but they have dated many, many bad guys which has made women sceptical about the opposite sex.

All your friends have dated a cheater, someone in your family has cheated and in every show you watch, there is an unfaithful partner....... but is it really that way and do all men cheat, are they all capable of being unfaithful and is there a faithful man out there?

Even some of the most iconic figures have cheated, so how is it that there could be faithful men out there? Do they exist or are they all cheaters inside?

Are All Men Cheaters?
Are All Men Cheaters?

Reasons Why Men Cheat

It is tempting for any guy who is weak or drunk to make decisions about what's right or wrong and the temptation for some is too much to handle.

Some men have had a slip up with a one time thing that didn't mean anything to them and they have chosen to keep it to themselves, whilst feeling a little bad, where others have just enjoyed cheating with no remorse. Why do they do it?

Men start dating seriously when they have met a girl that they like and sex is not the most important factor in a relationship but for men, it is a big part of a relationship. An emotionally fulfilling relationship is fantastic but if the physical aspect is inadequate, then it is a frustration for men and most would rather find satisfaction elsewhere, then have the "conversation" with their partners.

If she has cheated on him then he will do the same to her! Men will find a reason to get back at you and if you have cheated then you can be sure he will do the same to you. It doesn't take the pain away but it is a way of taking revenge.

The girl he met is not the girl that he is with today and she is a far cry from the skinny beauty he once met! Maybe she let herself go (probably because he never paid any attention) but nevertheless, she let herself go and men don't realise the change until suddenly, they do.

In long term relationships women get comfortable with their partners and some get emotionally withdrawn for a number of reasons but whatever the case, some pick up loads of weight, start smoking, drinking or change in some way and with life being so busy, your man will only notice later on.

Instead of having a conversation about the changes, shock and lack of understanding or how you have let yourself go, they go out and find it somewhere else.

There are women out there that are desperate or unconcerned about the fact that a guy is in a serious relationship and they will do whatever it takes to get the attention of a guy that they like, this includes your man. Most men, have had a gorgeous woman come on to them strongly and for some, they think about their partners and walk away, single guys will definitely go for it and there are those guys out there that might not have the willpower to say no, even though they know that they should.

The guys that do give in to the tempation are guys that have not had much experience with women and feel that they cannot pass up the opportunity. Guys who have dated and been out often, can see the girls a mile away and understand that they are desperate and it is a turn off for them.

Everyone of us need to feel wanted, attractive and loved. We need to be heard and we do need someone to understand us without judgement. This is why guys and girls have friends that they can speak to and in a relatinship it is just as important to be the friend that can listen and make you feel good, as well as having a healthy physical relationship. Secure people find it flattering when they are complimented or flirted with and it is the partner that will most likely benefit from this but insecure guys need to take it further in order to feel that they have been recognised, leaving them open to cheat.

Cheaters are weak, insecure and could get excited by a smile from the opposite sex.

Many men that have cheated blamed it on the fact that they were drunk, weak or felt that their partner did not give them any attention, while others said that they were not getting much physically at home and could not have the conversation with their partners, leaving them open to cheat in the hopes that things might change.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Different Types of Cheating Partners

The guys that were raised without learning about respect, morals, responsibility and consequence are the men that will be terrible partners, as they will never respect you and you probably find that they argue and play verbally abuse games with you. If you are in a relationship with this kind of guy then you can be sure he cannot be trusted, he has no remorse and if he does cheat, you will be the last to know because he will not even realise that what he did was wrong in the first place. These guys do not know any better because that is the way that they were raised and instead of blaming the parents.....walk away now, to avoid getting hurt.

He will not change because if he has gotten away with cheating before then it is easy for him to do it over and over again. Should you catch him out, this guy will only lie to you or make up an excuse and end up blaming you for his abominable errors.

Have you Been Tempted to Cheat?

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The Weak and Insecure Cheater

Men out there, like women, lack the courage to ask girls out or take the first step and you will find that during their entire school career they were the quiet ones that never got attention. These guys feel insecure about themselves, lack confidence and end up in a relationship with either the wrong girl, who ends up cheating on them and using them, leaving the guys to eventually meet you, the one that treats them well.

These men are weak and will always have a side to them that never feels good enough which will leave them to always crave attention and seek recognition from the opposite sex at any given time.

They are weak and should they be lucky enough to catch the eye of an admirer, they will not just smile back or flirt harmlessly, they will take it further and try their very best to bed her, just to feel good.

If you have been dating a guy like this, making him feel important, attractive and loved is sometimes not good enough, because it is the outside world that he needs the attention from.

He is the guy that is always worried about his weight, spends more time then you in the bathroom and smiles at every passer by he can see. Unfortunately no matter how many times you try to make him feel good, he will be the one that lets you down because he is weak and insecure.

He might be sorry and tell you what he has done but usually they are too afraid to tell you and live with their shame until the next time they need to feel good.

Unfortunate Cheater

A long term relationship can take its toll on a couple and when the women end up picking up weight, getting stressed out by kids, bills and home life, they end up having no time to look good and take care of themselves. In many cases it is because they have been taken for granted or haven't been complimented or taken out of their environment for some time, leaving them open to the changes in personality, looks and basic conversational topics.

Men also change in looks, weight and personality but for women, it is about the emotional status of a relationship and not so much the physical attraction. We all need excitement in our lives and if you are too busy with other things, there will be someone out there that will take the time to want to have fun.....with your partner.

Men don't like confronting women about their changing appearances, personality etc and instead will accidently end up cheating in a moment of weakness because of the pressures at home or the fact that he cannot communicate to you what he wants.

The mistake will have been made and he will either let you know or forget about it and live with himself knowing everyday that he is a grade A "asshole."

Most men cannot communicate their feelings about what they want, so don't count on him letting you know that he has cheated either.

Mid Life Crisis Cheater

Yep, it happens to everyone in different ways but men who get to a certain age, feel as though tier lives have gone nowhere, they have lost their youth and they are no longer attractive.

What does this mean? It means that they go through changes in personality, reminiscing about the old days and the good times, you might even see him buy a bike or his first car all over again, just to recapture his youth. He will also find that nothing you do is good enough and will want to feel alive and wanted by a younger opposite version of you.

Guys having a mid life crisis will want to change their appearance, get something that will make them feel like they are back in the days where the best times were had, they will isolate themselves from you and almost forget that they have had children and a wife for so long!

The first girl that gets his attention will be one of the many that he will try to get lucky with and it will not stop there. Some men actually leave their wives and kids for the younger girl in order for them to feel youthful again.

Others having a mid life crisis choose to experience different and new things with their wives and if you cannot keep up or play their adolescent games then you will be left in the dust.

Faithful Men are Real Men!

The Faithful

Men that don't cheat and yes, there is your answer! Not all men cheat!

These men are out there and they do exist! They are the confident, respectful and well raised guys who have the strength and willpower to walk away from a bad situation.

They will love you and adore you....only you and will make you feel loved. The faithful man is one that will tell you when there is something wrong, he will communicate how he feels and what he wants, even if it hurts, take it in and work on it together.

Faithful guys do get tempted but they know that they are in a serious relationship with the woman that they love and will never cheat on you, no matter what is thrown their way.

Most of these guys will choose to spend their time with you, rather than go out for a boys night out, they will choose you as their friend and confidant rather than have a girlfriend that they can speak to and you will never find him texting or calling other girls behind your back. He will also never look at girls with ogling eyes and if he does find another woman attractive, the chances are that he will let you know that he is looking and appreciates the beauty.

If you are lucky to have one of these guys then you need to love, adore and cherish him because a good, faithful guy is hard to find and once you have him, take good care of him, as he is taking care of you.

Your love will be everlasting and you can be sure that he is trustworthy, honest and always proud to be with you.

How to Detect a Cheater


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 3 years ago from South Africa

      Hopefully locked and loaded to be a faithful and loyal partner! Good luck to you

    • profile image

      Blessing 3 years ago

      I had no idea how to approach this be-rnefoow I'm locked and loaded.

    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 4 years ago from South Africa

      Yes, I agree it is a character flaw and most cases, cheating is normal and they just don't know any better. It would be easier if someone wanted to cheat, to just end the relationship rather than hurt the people that love them

    • realtalk247 profile image

      realtalk247 4 years ago

      Great article. I do not believe that all men cheat. Cheating, committed by either a man or woman, is a sign of lack of character. It is an internal flaw.

      Why cheat? If you aren't happy then end the relationship if it's not what you want.


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