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Do Not Rush into Marriage

Updated on February 16, 2015

People in their mid to late 20s feel that they have to rush into marriage. They get questioned by family members and older people why they still are not hitched or why they still are single. As people get older there is a lot of pressure to be in a relationship and get married.

Do not rush into marriage. Relationships and marriage could be great but you need to be with the right person. You could be out with a guy on a fancy date but deep in your heart you could know that he is not the one. You will feel stressed and feel as if you are living some sort of fantasy. Just going through the motions but knowing that it will eventually end. Then you could be just as Starbucks with someone and you could have the time of your life.

Do not marry because of age. There is no time limit so do not start acting as if there is. Do not stress yourself out and start feeling bad about yourself. You will get married when the time is right. If you rush into marriage before you are ready you will be sent in for a dissapointment.

So many people rush into marriage because they are ready. They do it for age and some even do it for sex. They just want to enjoy their life and have fun but there is so much pressure to get married so they decide to go ahead with it. Then they get married and fights start and they start to stray. Resentment can soon occur and sometimes it leads to divorce. If the couple did it because they loved each other and waited until both of them were ready then they might have had a better choice with marriage.

Do not marry for money. Some people end up marrying someone with money because they think that that person could support them. They think that that person will be able to take care of them. Sure it is nice to have nice things in life but money does not buy happiness. Just because someone has money does not mean they will treat you right. Someone could have money and they could be cheating on you and abusing you. That is why even when you are married you should be able to be finacial indpenedent.

Families will want you to marry someone who has a good job. As long as the guy is a hard worker that is all that matters. In this economy it is hard to have a good job. Kids are getting out of college with trouble having a job. Some people are getting laid off by big companies. It does not matter if you marry a lawyer or a pizza delivery guy. As long as the guy has a job and treats you right, that is all that matters.

Do not find a guy and expect him to be the one you are going to marry. If you think that the next guy you date you will end up marrying you will be dissapointed. No one knows what the future holds. You could end up meeting someone else or he could. You could find someone to date and end up seeing that your values do not add up. Just go with the flow and know that at the time is right you will get married. Do not put pressure on him either because there are some guys who are scared of commitment. So just enjoy each day and see where life takes you. He could be the one you marry or you could end up with someone who is even better and that guy could be your happily ever after.

If you focus so much on marriage and that you do not have it you will miss out on so many other amazing things in life. Each day is a gift from God and that is why it is important to make each day count. There is a perfect person for everybody but not everyone meets that special person at the same time. You cannnot hurry love. You just have to have faith and let everything fall into place.

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