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Do We Truly Love

Updated on January 27, 2016


Love never gives up: Love is self sacrificing: Love doesn't want what it doesn't have: Love is never jealous: Love is not conceited: Love doesn't force itself on others: Love is not selfish: Love is not quick to anger: Love doesn't delight in the sins of others:Love is not a spoken word: Love pleasures in truth: Love never takes offense: Love trusts God always: Love always looks for the best in others: Love is eternal:Love is patient and kind: Love is never resentful: Love is not an emotion: Love respects privacy: Love honors freewill, God's love is based on his virtues, always wanting the best for us, always giving us what we need, would never give us something that would harm or destroy those who love him, expecting us to love one another as he loves us, Love is what we do for others based on their needs, defined by our virtues. You can tell if someone loves you by what they do for you, without being asked, and not expecting anything in return. Do we truly love?


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