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Do You Believe Love is Blind?

Updated on January 10, 2010

The ever common question "Do you believe love is blind?" got me thinking... "Well, do I believe?" and the answer is... NO. Of course I don't. I think love can squint, but love is most certainly not blind. Think about it, would you marry a talking monkey who had everything in common with you? I would... but that's besides the point. (Instead of questioning my low standards and desperateness, let's move on.)

I believe most first impressions are based solely on the persons' appearance before any conversation is initiated... unless of course the person emits a horrid odor (It's gross... but there are such people).

We're supposed to except everybody and we're spoon fed garbage about how "Love is blind", when most people have a rough draft of their soul mate in their heads long before they even begin the search... of course most things are interchangeable... it's almost like a Christmas wish list... "If they're all out of brunettes, I'll take a blonde... I just don't want a red!"... while those with a larger budget (the more beautiful, and wealthier) will have a merrier Christmas, down to the the very last implant or botox. (Botox, by the way, is poison, and poison should not be injected into your face, so don't do it!)

Now for the disclaimer. In no way am I saying that personality isn't taken into account, personality should be 85% of why you like a person (10% looks, 5% possessions * if my girlfriend has a pool, you bet I'm gonna be there!*) Of course when drugs and STDs come into the mix, it throws everything way off...

In reality, a person's appearance contributes to about 50% of why you might like a person... you incredibly shallow jerk! I think creativity, poeticness, and sense of humor are very important in a person (Not just because I'm oozing with those attributes, but because those are things I look for). DON'T YOU DARE BLAME THE MEDIA! Yes they cast 6'0'', buff teenage guys, and 5'7'', athletic busty girls, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S WHAT AMERICA WANTS TO SEE! It's not thrown at us, with us having no choice but to take it, it's what we basically ask for!

Luckily there are great average looking (sometimes even ugly) actors and actresses who earn themselves quite some screen time... my favorite being Paul Giamatti.

In closing, Watch Paul Giamatti films... Love is not blind... and I'm the greatest philosopher of 2010.


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