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Do You Believe in Love Stories?

Updated on May 14, 2009

What About Romance?

I'm sitting here watching "Nights In Rodanthe" on DVD. Richard Gere (he ages very well) and Diane Lane play the lead roles in the film. The movie is based on bestselling author, Nicholas Sparks' novel. It's a movie about second chances.

I've read two books by Nicholas Sparks. His runaway bestseller, The Notebook, is one of those books. Sparks has an engaging way of drawing readers into his stories very simply. Characters in his books are so "everyday people" they remind you of a neighbor, colleague or friend. I remember when I first read the book, The Notebook. I was very surprised when I learned that a man wrote the romance novel. I guess it's proof that men can open their hearts as well as women which is a very good thing.

Sparks tugs on your heart then, just like a thick romance, he shoots you right in it. LOL! Something always happens that you'd never imagine, that you'd never want. It seems like Nicholas Sparks' goal is to bang into the heads of his readers that life doesn't come with guarantees and if you get the chance to love someone you better take it, because it might be the last chance you get.

So what is romance for? Is it so we can feel good for awhile or so we can change forever? Would you keep loving someone if you knew they might not be here tomorrow? Perhaps they'd leave on their own and start a new relationship with someone else. Maybe they'd move to another part of the earth. Or maybe they'd just decide to take a break from romantic relationships all together, catch their breath sort of.

Would you hang around or would you stop now and vow to never love again? And even then would you be safe from the arrows and the sweet pleasures that seem to aim right for the heart? Because there really are no guarantees when it comes to love on this earth. Well, there are . . . a few perhaps. Love will always be around. In different faces and places and at some of the most unexpected times . . . but around it will be.

Love never dies, not even inside a hurt and closed heart. It's always there. Just waiting to burst out and do what only it can.


Dee Hubbing It Up


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