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Do You Never Want To Get Laid? Do These 8 Things

Updated on June 8, 2015

Dress Like a Slob

Your high school football shirt is good to wear when you’re at the gym or sitting around the house, but your wearing it to meet a lady, your advances will get interception. A women wants you look like you actually put in some effort on your appearance. It shows that you care about making an impression.

Being Too Scared To Approach a Woman

This still boggles my mind more than how Nickelback still gets to make music.

I’ve seen guys get every sign she’s into him, but never build the confidence to pull the trigger. That would be like having the greatest deal on a Ferrari right in front of you, but you’re too scared to even sit in the driver’s seat.

A man’s pride prevents him from going after the girl. They’re afraid of rejection. What’s better for your pride: a girl saying no or having a beautiful girl around you arm?

Unless she gets up on a loudspeaker or organizes a parade to deny your advances, a rejection is something easy to shake off.

In case you want to know if you have any shot at her before you approach, look for these signs:

  1. She’s making elongated eye contact with you. Enough time for you to know she is looking at you.
  2. Whether sitting or standing, she’s pointing her body towards you.
  3. She finds way to stay in your peripheral vision.

Having Juvenile Hobbies

Playing Call of Duty was fine when you were in college, but now it just looks like you have no real interests (Don’t say that you only use your PS4 as a blu-ray player, no girl will believe you bought a $400 blu-ray player.).

Avoid any sort of hobbies that your teenage brother can relate to. Collecting is fine. Some collections actually can be interesting and make you look more cultured. Sports cards and comic books aren’t one of them. I did that when I was 10 and I thought girls have cooties. If you think girls are icky and have cooties, by all means, enjoy comi-con.

Solely Judging Women Based On Looks.

If you’re only going after women based on if they good in a tight dress then you’ve already lost. Most women can easily tell that you’re just in it for vanity sake.

The Patrick Bateman Effect

Basically you’re only obsessed with material possessions.

You not only own a BMW, but you make sure everyone knows it. Naming dropping your suit designer is basically saying that you bring nothing to the table and cry of internal insecurities hidden behind exterior lavishness.

Thinking That Every Woman Wants You

You may think that you are God’s gift to women, but sorry to tell you, some women will want a gift receipt with that.

There is a different between arrogance and confidence and most women can see it. Confidence is walking into a room with your head held high, a graceful walk and everyone feeling like you’re interesting, arrogance is a smug look, high than thou approach and everyone feeling you think you are too good.

Taking Yourself Too Serious

I love the guys that go to a club/bar and stand against the wall, sipping their drink, thinking they’re way too cool for everyone. Those are the guys that magically expect a woman will walk up to them and beg to sleep with them. Sorry, Wallflowers never bloom in the bedroom.

If they’re playing music, there’s nothing wrong with dancing, no matter how good or bad you are at it. Women love a guy that doesn't take himself too serious. She loves to know when she goes out with him it’ll be a good time every time.

Only Talking/Bragging About Yourself

You’re a partner at your law firm? You once met a president? Those are all great stories but not right now.

Guys always say they never know what to say to girl, they don't realize that its not the saying, but the listening that gets the girl. All you have to do is listening and ask questions, that's all.

I will bet you can take a women home saying less than 75 words. Introduce yourself, and ask her about herself, keep asking till its time to leave, you’re golden.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Lol, i never understood men until i read this hub