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Does He Really Love You?

Updated on February 11, 2011

Ok girls...Does he really love YOU?

Men...what has happened to ya?

Has any of you ever "dated" before? Where you took a woman to dinner and/or a movie and took her straight home and left with a simple kiss on the cheek and a hug and left with NO expections, pressures or motive behind it? This is called respect.

So what is this so called word respect? It is probably the best action a man can take towards a woman. And why is this so important? Because your showing her that your only motive/reason for being there isn't just sex. I mean, why would she want you around if she knew that? And if you throw it at her on the first few dates she's bound to kick your butt to the curb. Afterall, no one has the right to be picking in the pasture if they don't own the land.

A woman needs to know and feel that there's something MORE, like an interest in "her mind, her likes and dislikes, her thoughts and beliefs". If you show no interest in her then your motive is sex and nothing more and this is no way to treat a lady.

Your also showing respect for her feelings, and let me assure you, she has them. The quickest way to a womans heart is to have respect for her feelings. And how do you have respect for her feelings? By allowing her to have them and not crossing the line without her consent and approval.

A woman want's to be seen for who she is and not what she has to offer you. You men are the same if you think about it. Don't you want to be loved for who you are and not what you have? Do you want a woman to want you just for your money? Sex for you, money for her. Men get upset and blame women for taking their money when all the while they just want sex from her. So where's the difference guys? Women feel taken advantage of too. If they gotta give it up, so do you! Turn about is fair play. You guys have no right to complain.

If a man's main focus is on sex they are at risk of losing out on what may be the most important event in their lifetime. No one want's to be alone for the rest of their life. So slow down guys, don't rush it, take time and let her get to know you. Ask a woman what she needs. Afterall it should matter to you, if your truly "in love with her". Let her know that her feelings matter to you. And girls..demand respect! Your worth it! If he can't wait till your ready then he's not interested in you. Don't allow any man to pressure you, because he will if you let him. If he really loves you, he will wait. If he ignores you, he's not worth the time of day.

Why do men think they can treat women this way. Do they feel they are superior, that women are beneath them, that they have no intelligence? I am angered at the very thought. Our feelings matter, our feelings count and they shouldn't be disregarded or disrespected. Girls, don't SELL yourselves SHORT. You deserve better from someone.

And guy's, if your married and things aren't going so well in your sexlife, buy her some flowers and sit down and be a sympathetic istener without cutting in. Take her to diinner, but don't make it seem like a "you owe me" kind of outing. Give your good behavior time to be absorbed. If things are good, they will get better.

A lasting relationship has to be built on a good, strong and healthy foundation. There has to be respect. There has to be consideration, comunication and a genuine concern for eachother. There can be no selfishness. It is a two way street, not a "one way my way". If both parties are only thinking of themselves they might as well be alone in their misery and not messing someone elses life up.

We as women deserve to be respected and not overlooked. Our feelings matter, WE matter! To settle for less than that is to deny ourselves the happiness we deserve. To be excepted for who we are, what we believe and what we stand for in this human race. WE are not "just a body, we have a heart that goes with it". We count! If men deny and refuse to acknowledge our qualities, they are the one's who are "not worth the time of day". question is; Does he really love "YOU"?


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    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 

      7 years ago from India / Australia

      Very true. It's well written hub. Respect for feeling of others is most essential ingredient in any relationship.


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