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Do people still believe in respect?

Updated on January 10, 2012

In this day and age people have lost one of the most important things that founded everything. Respect, it is sad that it has been lost. People don't tell the truth anymore, the only person that they really care about is themselves, and with technology they leave conversations without letting the other person know that they have done so.

Why is it that hard to respect people? When we respect others, we are not respecting ourselves. It is easier to pretend like we care, but in reality we don't?

Is it that hard to tell someone the truth vs. pretending that someone or something matters to you when it really doesn't? Someone saying, "hey you mean something to me and I want to spend time with you." They lack to tell you though, that is when something that they see as more important doesn't interfere with that time. Guys and football games, forget getting time than. Giving up anything that someone who is set in their way to change anything, keep on dreaming! Women that like shopping or getting made over, sorry boys that will rank way above their time with you!! Why is it things are mattering more than people? It doesn't cost us anything to spend time with people. If your are going to say, "I want to spend time with you and mean something to you." Please show some respect and be honest by saying, well that is when I don't have something more important to do. That way people are not waisting their time on you, when they figure you care more than you do. That the words you spoke had conditions. Be honest about everything, even the conditions with that person.

Why do people only care about #1, themselves. I will help you, but I expect something in return. I need to make money, so that I can have the best things. If what you want doesn't interfere with my time, than I can hangout with you. I have been working so hard all week, yeah I know my family needs me, but I need a break. I don't have money for something nice for my kids for Christmas, but I have money to do to the bar on the weekends. I would give you a chance to date you, but you just don't make enough money.

With texting and messaging, why is it that hard to say goodbye? How hard is it to say: gtg, ttyl, bye, later, I have to go now, have a good night, have a good day, etc..... Most don't take that long to type. It makes a person wonder why they couldn't say goodbye. What is wrong you as a person, because they couldn't respect you enough to end the conversation? Do people care that little? Where has the real respect for others gone?

People we need to grow up! We need to show other people respect, so that our children learn it. Respect for others needs to come back into the picture in our lives. It really irritates me and makes me not want to talk to people, because I am sorry, but when I am done talking I say goodbye. I always put others first and that helps people walk on me. I don't play games and pretend with people. I know what I do, will not change a lot of others. If just one person looks at this and thinks, I always walk away from a conversation maybe that bothers someone and I shouldn't be so disrespectful. This will all be worth it!!!!


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