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Do relationships with hardcore gamers work?

Updated on May 24, 2015

Can hardcore gamers be in strong relationships?

I like to first start this off by explaining the differences between a hardcore gamer and a casual gamer. A casual gamer may come home from a hard days work, play the game for an hour or two at most then cut the game off. He also wouldn't mind having the wife or girlfriend by his side watching and rooting him on as he plays. A hardcore gamer can be tricky, and let me explain to you why. Seeing at first glance the woman in the relationship will never know that the person she's with is completely addicted to gaming and it will take recovering and rebuilding to bring him back to normal. So it leads me to the topic at hand is it possible for this to ever work out. They can make all the fairy tale, make believe movies, they want but the truth will blind side you at first. They don't start off playing the game 24 hours a day they come off as a regular casual gamer. I mean why not, you get into a relationship with a girl you like and possible want to marry of course you want her to have all your attention. Having your face glued to the TV screen with the controller in your hand until your palms sweat profusely isn't gonna keep her around very long.

Is it because the gamer is trying to trick his woman? the answer to that is no. It's just like any other relationship. You don't know what this man hobbies are or what type of strange things your not used to before you guys settle in and move in with each other. You start to learn each other habits, you do disgusting things that you may or may not like which could all be apart of the love you two share. Say after you and your partner have been dating together a year things are serious and she's ready to move in and things are great at first. Next thing you know his two hours sitting on the couch with his girlfriend starts to turn into 10 to 12 hours a day. Then it goes from your girlfriend rooting her man on to him telling her to be quiet because he needs to concentrate. Anger that you never knew he had, all the sudden has when he can't defeat a stage or a boss and won't give up until he does. It begins to effect his personal life with work, friends and more importantly the woman that he lied too. He doesn't want to even be touched, kissed, or held anymore, he just wants complete focus into this fantasy world. Almost as if he's trying to escape the woman he loves. So does she stay? stick around maybe try to learn the games he plays, and things work out and there happy again just like before?. I can't see it happening but I would love to know feedback because I know there's women in the world everyday who deal with this and feel so left out and lonely. Just call it cheating with the Xbox or Playstation because no matter what you do to be sexy around him it's almost as if your invisible to him now.

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