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School Men: Do women want sex as much as men?

Updated on August 8, 2011

It is all about the delievery of the message.

Speaking as a heterosexual female growing up and going through high school, yes there was quite a few of us who were just a curious about sex as the young men; if fact I think we were probably a lot worse than the young men. Most of the girls I grew up with were sexually active by the ages of 13.

Listen guys in high school we are very much interested in sex is just that we expect to get what we see in the movies, soap operas, and our dreams also unfortunately high school guys usually do not have a clue about sex and learn what little bit they do know comes from friends who know much less than they do and from bad pornographic videos. Secondly high school boys are childish and very immature. They talk and gossip more than the females. This is a quality that is not appreciated by the young ladies, they expect privacy and if you are going to tell your friends about your sexual experiences you will not get any.

So the high school girls usually get their sexual experiences from guys that live in other areas and goes to a different school. That way they are not looking in the face of their Friday night practice partner. For young ladies we really do not know exactly what to do during sex either at first but if we openly slept with lots of guys like the males we would not be called studs. So we have to be creative and secretive about our practice rounds.

By the time the young ladies reach college they are now on the level of long term mates, not to say that they all are ready to be married but they still have to maintain a level of decorum about themselves or they could end up the ass of a bad frat joke. The young college guys have manly bodies but are still not gentlemen yet. This is what causes young college women to fall in love with older men which are either married, their college professors or both.

Any sexual position that a woman finds herself in she is open and vulnerable, she has to either lie down and spread her legs or bend over and still spread eagle, while men only need to unzip. This is what makes us want to know, and trust our mates there is so much left out in the open with women when it comes to sex; if we express ourselves and show the freak within and we are labeled and looked at differently by the very man that has just received her special gift.

Even in marriage women still do not feel the intimacy enough to give themselves to their husbands more than every once in a while. Now this occurs for any different reasons in marriage but I use to work with women who thought it was unnatural for me to want sex from my husband every night. They treated me like I was addicted to sex instead of attracted and submissive to my husband. One of the ladies told me I should watch the movie Black Snake Moan. I didn't care about their comments because I am attracted to my husband and the only thing I intended to save when I got married was money.

If your wife act as if she is not interested in sex it is much more to the story, she probably no longer enjoys or gets anything out of your love making and she might just be laying there during sex and you have not noticed. Trust me if your wife is attracted to you and you make her eyes roll back in her head, her toes curl up, she is grasping at the sheets and you hit a home run every time you two have sex she will be ready willing and able every time you step up to the plate with your bat.

Thanks for Listening,


What do You Dream Of?

I Dream Of

I dream of a man that comes to me in time,

He lifts me up when he grabs me from behind.

He holds me passionately close and spins me in his arms

Eye to eye we stare locked in the lovers charm

I feel his manhood grow larger and larger with every

Spine tingling kiss

I close my eyes and enjoy in bliss.

I dream of his hands caressing my body as I shake and shiver

That is the first orgasm he delivered

He continues on as he licks my breast, I’m rubbing my hand across his hairy chest.

I dream of his manhood long and thick I began to beg for just one lick

The words I spoke excited his lust and he pushed inside with a hard thrust

He rubbed my nipples between his fore fingers and thumbs

I became flushed with warm waves of passion, I knew then what was about to happen

My body began to shake and shiver

There was the second orgasm he delivered

I dream of a man with such great stamina never did I know he’d be quite an animal

His performance is deep, long, hard, and strong now I know he’s really turned on

I lean up to whisper in his ear telling him things he wants to hear

He palms my ass and grinds me deep, then rubs my leg down to my feet

Our bodies began to shake and shiver

There was the third orgasm he delivered

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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Welcome to HUB writing. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and Useful.” I'm now your fan! RJ

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