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Do you ever wonder how and why we dream

Updated on February 22, 2018

Dream Catcher Photo

How and Why we Dream

Dreaming can feel limitless, no matter if it is at night while your asleep or during the day when you are awake because daydreaming is a thing. It can feel limitless because it is the organization of thoughts in the order that works for you, or at least that is what I think. What is dreaming? And why do we do it?

Dreaming is limitless, it is something that everyone does. But why do we do it? According to, the internet we dream because we want to act out our thoughts and desires that we can’t act out in the real world and that is why we dream. How we do this is we think of things that we really want to do and act them out in our sleep, and it also is the reorganization of our thoughts that we had through that day. That is the whole point of dreaming and why we do it. Dreaming can be limitless, whether it is daydreaming or night dreaming depending on how your mind is functioning at the time and what you are thinking of.

When people say that they want to make their dreams a reality, sometimes that can easily happen, but other times it can’t. Let’s discuss how it can easily happen before we get into how it sometimes can't. If you are determined enough to do what you are dreaming about during the day or if it is a dream that you want to live your life by it can surely be done. You just have to push yourself, to surpass its limitations and get to where you want to be. Why do we dream? Is it because we can or is it because we are wishing for something and the only way to get what we are wishing for is to dream about it?

I say that we dream because we really want something, and if we really want something dreaming about it isn’t the only thing that we should be doing. We should be putting that dream into action there are limitless, ways to get to where you want to go, and you might fall but that doesn’t mean you stop. Limits are there to be surpassed right so why not surpass them and what better way to do that than to live out the dream that you want your life to be around.

Most of the time when you dream at night you can’t remember it in the morning, why is that you ask? Well, that is because you are acting out your hearts desires of what you did the previous day that you didn’t do when you were awake. The reason why you dream is that you can do things in your sleep that you would never be able to do when you are awake, just because it might be weird or uncommon in the real world but in your dreams anything is possible.

We dream because we really want something good to happen in our lives and if we can live out that dream all the better right. So when people say that they didn’t dream at night they did, it just wasn’t something that their brain wanted them to remember when they woke up. For example, this topic came to me in a dream and that is why I am writing about it now. We dream because we want to sort out what happened in our minds and we dream because we want to remember little bits and pieces of what our minds acted out. That is the entire reality around why we dream and how we dream.

Dreaming in Colour
Dreaming in Colour

What is dreaming about?

Dreaming is all about the organization of our thoughts. So if we have limitless thoughts throughout the day, our dreams are going to be all over the place trying to put all our thoughts in what I like to call the proper thought bank, which then turns into dreams. Our dreams are us trying to figure out what happened in the day that we couldn't understand or we are trying to figure out how to change things.

The real definition of why we dream is a way to act out unconscious desires in a safe and unreal setting presumably because to do so, in reality, would be unacceptable or even detrimental but even in the 21st century, we are still not sure why we dream. The only way to study dreams is to ask the dreamer. So even though this is the definition there is no definitive answer to why we dream.

What can a person dream about here is a list of what a person can dream about:

- There life after college

- Getting the good job and the nice house

- Travelling

These are just a few of the things that people dream about. We dream about these things because this is what we want, not that we are going to get them but we still can want something that we don't have, and that is what dreaming is all about. So we could have limitless dreams about having the perfect house on the perfect property but not go after it because it isn't realistic at the time that we dream it up, but one day it might be if we work for it.

Dreams are just limitless thoughts, that you have. It is how you act on them and decide what you want to do with your dreams, that defines where you are going to go in life in a limitless way. We dream because we want things, and what do we do when we want things? We go get them no matter what it takes if it is reasonable that is.

When you think of something long enough it becomes something that you dream about and if you want it bad enough you are going to act on it. When you act on your dream and see where it takes you, you will be amazed. Sometimes those types of dreams aren't the ones that you have at night, but sometimes they are depending on how much you want it.

We dream what we dream in limitless amounts because we are trying to figure out where we are supposed to be going and how we are going to get there.

Dreams are Limitless just take a look at the picture it looks like a brain going round and  round limitlessly
Dreams are Limitless just take a look at the picture it looks like a brain going round and round limitlessly

How Dreaming Works

Dreaming is all about thoughts and how they are organized. So if you think of something often then you are going to dream about it, until you do something about it. Isn't that the way that it works?

Do you ever wonder how and why we dream let's discuss

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