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Do you need to change the way you are in your relationship?

Updated on September 7, 2011

Do you need to change the way you are in your relationship?

There are times in every relationship where you want to go and change your partner. Maybe they are too lazy or too cold about their feelings and that hits a nerve with you. But that does not mean that you should or have the right to change the way your partner behaves. Let see what I am talking about here....

What were you raised to believe?

The way you have turned out has only come to be by the way you were brought up, the people that have been in your life, all your other intimate relationships, basically everything that happened in the past. So from this notion, your ideas of the way someone should live or the "right way" to live is actually made up from your exterior experiences.

Can you really judge your partner?

You might think something is out of the norm and even ask yourself if what your partner is doing is normal. But what is "Normal"? Is there such a thing? Everything that you deem to be of the norm may not be the way your partner sees it. For instance, you might findout that your partner is messy. You might think that is "bad" and he or she must change. But what happens if they were brought up to live that way?

Maybe the change should start with you.

You might constantly think that your partner should change. But maybe you are placing your norms on them like you have the right to. You don't. And for the effectiveness of your relationship, maybe you should try adopting the way of your partner. You can try his or her way out for a while and find out if it is a better way to live. It may be uncomfortable at the start, but things might get better. If it doesn't...find a new partner--why be unhappy?

There you have it: You have to try changing the way you are for the better of your relationship...sometimes. Try it out. It might lead to a better life and better love. BYE BYE.


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