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Do you prefer to spend most of your time alone or with friends?

Updated on February 20, 2014

I have 4 main reasons for spending most of my time with friends

The exchange of information, to have fun while spending time together, to be in a group that I can rely on and for not feeling or being alone.

The exchange of information

I admit that I like a lot to talk with my friends about many things or subjects. In my opinion the purpose of one conversation is to transmit different messages or information about many things that two individuals are trying to share with each other. It is very important for me to have a useful conversation, because mostly I want to learn something from my friends that can really help me (here are some examples: how can I find a better job, what should I do to solve a serious problem, find about things that can make my work better and easier, advices that can help me to have a good choice or decision and many other things that can change my life in a positive way). If I can have such kind of conversations with my friends then I become very enthusiastic and interested to talk again with them. Such friends are valuable to me. The fact that most of my friends know many things that makes them able to help me by just telling their advices or words of wisdom or anything useful to me is really impressing. An individual that has such friends is indeed a lucky person.

I must say that not all my friends have such quality but some of these friends know many interesting things that might not be so useful (I mean practical). This is not such a great problem because at least I can discuss with them about favored topics or subjects (that are a part from a huge culture). The point is that I like a lot to debate about general or particular subjects that I am interested or curious. These subjects can be from many domains like the following ones: life, psychology, philosophy, history, geography, biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, economy, finance, sports, religion, music, movies, astronomy and many others. Every domain from those enumerated, contain many subjects (even thousands) that can be discussed. My idea is that if I can’t find out useful (practical) information from my friends at least I want to hear something interesting like new things from one or many domains. The main purpose in this situation is to increase the volume of my general culture, learn about different things and not get bored. Such friends are definitely not boring but real sources of information and that is one way enough to make me feel delighted when have a conversation with them.

It is known that every person has some qualities and defects. Some of my friends are not so able to provide me with useful or interesting information but one thing they are doing really good: make me laugh and enjoy life as if my problems are not so serious. Such friends are unique, because they have a great sense of humor, a cheerful nature and are good comedians (they know how to tell a good joke or make people laugh even when sometimes they speak seriously). I can say that such persons are charismatic individuals from this point of view (and I mean the humor). I appreciate a lot such friends that can make me feel a little bit happier just because I can laugh when I hang out with them. The main idea is that such friends are an important part of the entire group of friends that I have.

Each one of these category (of friends) are really important because they make my life easier, interesting and enjoyable. And the most amazing thing is that one friend or maybe more can have all these three or two qualities in any order.

To have fun while spending time together

The idea is that I like to do many things and some of them I wish to do it with my friends. Here are some of those things (that I also call it my passions): talk and learn English (I mean have a conversation with a friend about a favored topic or learn together about new things that are useful, interesting or funny), sports (play football, tennis, basketball, volley, snowboarding, extreme sports, etc., or play a chess), games ( as an example: the video games that surely much pleasant when playing with a friend), to dance (on a party, in particular club that we like to go, etc.), to explore (ex: going on a trip with my friends), to work together on a project and then celebrate the success, to deal with a challenge that each of us standing united can face it, to listen and select different genres of music for a party that we want to organize, to watch a good movie (comedy, thriller, action, etc) and many others things that I like to do with my friends. I am a person who likes to interact with people around me, especially my friends or the persons that have the same passions that I have which means a lot of common points.

Because I am friendly person I have great predisposition to talk with people that are receptive to what I have to tell them or interested in finding out what I like. The idea is that I like to share information (many things that I know) but not with everyone, because some people just don’t deserve my attention (people who don’t respect me, don’t know how to appreciate my gifts, etc). There are some things that make sense or are much beautiful if it is done with friends or other people.

For example: talking with someone in English or maternal language about something, playing football with friends on a Sunday morning, having a party on Saturday night with all my friends, go swimming in the sea or the ocean, play a chess with someone that plays really good, etc. The idea is that in most cases is better to do some things with friends than alone. Friends are actually the people that you want to share your free time or even the time when you work (sometimes work can be fun). Actually there are many things that people can do together as friends.

To be in a group that I can rely on

It is very important for me to have a group of friends because otherwise when being alone and I need help (and advice, a very important information that I’m required to find, some money that I need to have to buy a product meaning that if I don’t have it, borrowing from a friend can solve the problem, relations or connections of some friend that could get me out of trouble, etc) it might be much difficult to solve my problems than the case other people could help me. So when you have friends (but valuable ones) it can much easier to solve some of your problems. For example: there was a time when I needed a sum of money to buy a personal computer and the problem was that I had just half of that sum and a few chances to find a job in time.

But two friends of mine finding out about my problem gave me a job in order to earn the sum of money that I needed. After a while I completed the necessary sum and went to buy the computer that I desired. Another example: I needed to finish writing a project on my computer and time was running out, just then a friend helped complete it in time. That meant a lot to me because I finished on time meaning that my client was served without delay (or incomplete work), got my payment and my image was saved. A friend of mine helped me have even more friends that also helped me with many things. It is said a man has friends mostly to help him in any way that is possible.I really believe that every person can do something for his/her friends if that person really cares about them.

Another advantage that I can have when spending time with my friends is that they could cheer me up and help me see the bright side of life or a certain situation which I believed in that time that all is lost or the chances are little that things will be the same (I mean the beautiful). My point is that my friends helped me when my morale was low, having then a pessimistic attitude, by speaking to me, encouraging me to go on, explaining me that life can be sometimes harsh , even so brighter days will eventually come or comeback and everything is going to be alright. I think it is very important that a person to have friends because in times like this (when that person is demoralized) he/she needs all the support of the others that really care of him/her. Many people appreciate a lot such kind of help because it counts very much to higher the morale just when is so low. I am sure that if a person is really sad and his/her morale is low he/she won’t be in the mood to do almost any thing. I was in such state. That is why the emotional state must be restored and I mean to reach again an optimistic attitude that can give me or to any person that has a low morale to continue from where he/she “fell” and rise to fulfill what ever can bring back the lost state that made him/her so happy.

For not feeling or being alone

I admit that for me loneliness is painful, like a torture. The only exceptions are when I really need some space and time just for me or most of my friends become so different from me that can’t stand them (they begin not respect me anymore, behave badly to me, annoy me all the time, bore me, offend me, etc). My point is that when my friends are beginning to ruin my life then they are no longer my friends and is better alone than to be tortured be such individuals. Fortunately, only a few persons (false friends) tried to ruin my life. Many people choose to have friends from this reason (for not feeling or being alone) and it is not a problem. I think it’s better to have a friend that we can talk than to speak with ourselves, especially on street. And again when I feel alone my morale is getting low.

My friends can make me feel that I am not alone. I enjoy life more when I can interact with people, but there is one condition: the persons that I consider my friends to be the appropriate ones (I mean individuals that have enough things in common with me or that at least respect me and have something that can make think that they are my friends). I admit that sometimes I like to be alone when I am working on something important that requires quiet atmosphere. But afterwards I am predisposed to share some things with my friends (again there are some conditions: that they really deserve and know how to appreciate what I am sharing with them and those things aren’t so secret). Usually I prefer to spend time with friends that I can have a great time together. In the remaining time I concentrate to work on my personal projects. I spent much of my childhood playing with my friends and those moments made feel that life is extraordinary.

Four reasons for spending time with friends

Which of the four reasons for spending time with friends is the best?

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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Vasiliu Cristian 

      4 years ago

      glad to know your opinion

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      4 years ago

      very interesing


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