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Do you regret breaking up with your girlfriend

Updated on June 4, 2010

How to get her back

Many times you might regret breaking up with your girlfriend as you end up feeling lonely, but let me tell you something, loneliness is not a very good reason to get back together. If you have dumped the love of your live, the lady of your dreams, and now you think that it was the wrong decision, you need to act fast. I am going to tell you why, great partners do not grow on trees.

Have you heard of making a list about the good things and the bad things about your relationships you just had before the break up?

Writing the good things and the bad things of your life together down on a piece of paper may seem like a cold approach but it is a practical way of seeing what a great or beautiful relationship you had. You should compare the good things and the bad things of the list and decide if you did the right thing when you broke up with your woman.

To get your girlfriend back put some romance once again into her life, if she likes flowers, send her some, you do not need to send a bunch of roses but you can pick some of her favorite flowers, you can also write her a letter describing how much you love her and miss her, it would be better if it is a handwritten letter, treat her like the princess you believe she is.

If your lady has shown that she will put up with you in your entire glory think about this, how many women would be mad enough to do that?


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