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Does He Like You?

Updated on May 1, 2012

You just met this guy out at a were both a little drunk, and he seemed really awesome! He was nice, he complimented you, you guys really hit it off and ended up hooking up! Before you leave the party you exchange numbers and you're really excited! This guy might really be into you!! The next day rolls along you text response. The next day, same thing. The next day, same thing...this goes on for a week before you start to lose hope and feel really defeated. What went wrong? Here's some tell-tale signs to let you know whether a guy likes you, a guy wants to be friends, or a guy just wants to get in your pants. Listen up ladies, coming directly from the source a guy himself.

He just wants to get in your pants if...

  1. He only texts/calls you when he is drunk
  2. When you text/call him he doesn't really respond (it seems like he talks to you when its convenient for him)
  3. He is constantly trying to make moves on you, sometimes in aggressive ways and is angered when rejected.
  4. You actually let him in your pants and he has not talked to you since. (obvious)
  5. He wants you to bring all your hot friends out too.
  6. He only wants to hangout with you at parties (times where you/him will be drunk)
  7. He's in a frat (haha kidding....sort of)
  8. He has a reputation of being a player
  9. He insults you (or compliments you) depending on what kind of girl you are, he'll figure it out. Insult you if you like to play hard to get compliment you if you're gullible.

Seriously ladies, the signs are always right there, quit being soo blind and just look for them, they're really obvious. Just because he complimented your boobs doesn't mean he's a good guy. Move on to someone who's not trying to hit it and quit it.

He just wants to be friends

  1. He's gay
  2. He has a girlfriend (unless he fits into the traits from above)
  3. He is more likely to hang out with you at a party, but will hangout in other circumstances.
  4. He doesn't really compliment you and treats you like a sister.
  5. He's joking mean to you...a lot.
  6. He gives you homework answers or help via text/email/call but won't actually come over to help.
  7. Doesn't really give you any special treatment.

Once again ladies, the signs are obvious, maybe it's just me, maybe I think most of you are blind to the facts but I don't know it's pretty easy to tell. But, if you like this guy who is a just a friend there is always a chance to move on from that. Keep at it, slow and steady and subtle and maybe things will start to click.


  1. He calls/texts you first
  2. He has full conversations through call/text
  3. He says bye
  4. He wants to hangout more likely out of party situations and only party situations in the beginning
  5. He responds when you text/call him
  6. He is always willing to see you in person
  7. He is nice/playful/and pokes fun at you
  8. He makes (subtle) moves on you
  9. He apologizes for things
  10. He gets upset if you're with other guys

ONCE AGAIN! THEY'RE ARE ALL SO OBVIOUS. It's amazing how people will pass on the third guy and look at him as a good friend and fall for the first guy! (Coming from experience, but I am happily in a relationship right now, I just see these things happen a lot) Don't be stupid girls it's right in front of you. Just use your head!

BONUS; He's a creep

  1. Pokes you on facebook
  2. Messages you on facebook
  3. Likes your pics,statuses, comments on facebook
  4. Will not talk to you outside of facebook in person
  5. Will ask for your number on facebook
  6. Will creep on your facebook
  7. If he gets your number, will text you and talk about your facebook
  8. Will hit on you on facebook
  9. Will comment on all your pics, on facebook
  10. Is always on facebook
  11. Has a moustache
  12. Is cross-eyed
  13. Is 6 years older than you
  14. Lives with mom

Hopefully you don't have troubles finding those last ones. I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed.

(If you're thinking to yourself that this was completely obvious and unhelpful than you don't need help and you realize this was posted in a sarcastic humorous manner.)


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