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Does He Need to Know Everything?

Updated on January 24, 2012

We were at one of those fancy revolving restaurants in Mumbai. High up above, looking down at the queen’s necklace and the lit up Mumbai sky line. The waiter had just popped opened a champagne bottle for the two of us.

Now if you don’t know my boyfriend, you have to know that this is not something he does often. I’ve known him for about five years and we’ve been in a full-blown relationship for about three. He did surprise me on my previous birthdays as well, but this was different. I was beginning to entertain the thought that perhaps a wedding ring is lurking somewhere around the corner.    

Not in my wildest dreams was I prepared for what was about to come next.

As the night progressed, it was very apparent that there was no wedding ring. He wasn’t ready to go down on one knee just yet. But I wasn’t about to let that ruin everything.  

I was hanging in there thanks to the lovely bubbly I was getting sloshed on. Then, he simply paid the bill and said “I have a surprise for you. But not here baby.” My heart was thumping at the speed of sound and I was sure people around me could hear it. 

We went down the elevator. Where from here? I thought, and started putting together a mental map of my favorite places where we spent time together.

The confines of the elevator space called for some action. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have done anything but I don’t know why I couldn’t keep my hands off him. The door pinged open. It was the second floor and an elderly couple stood there staring at us. 

Does He Need to Know Everything
Does He Need to Know Everything | Source

With no ring on my finger to justify my current actions, I felt their gaze, judging me. I thought this was gong to be the longest elevator ride to the ground floor. Just then, my boyfriend pulled me out.

I wobbled with him through the corridor. “Ours is the third suite on the right.” This was his surprise? Any temptation to protest and scream my head off was dropped when he whisked me in his arms and took me into the five star suite. I was in the lap of luxury and the soft, cushiony master bed was inviting. I was good to go.

We slow danced to some soppy love song, and halfway into it; we were on the master bed. That’s when it all came gushing out, my boyfriend made a drunken confession about his past. About some of the girls he had dated and their crazy nights together. I was tempted to make one up of my own.

Ladies! Here’s a footnote: with all the booze in your system and every bit of impaired judgment don’t ever reveal all the secrets of your past. Trust me on this one, they will come back to bite you.

He knew I had skeletons in my closet, he had a strong hunch now and was pushing me to reveal it all. He said he loved me and used all his powers of persuasion. But he didn’t relent.

He cuddled me in his arms and asked me again. That’s when I told him about my time back in college. The days when I was bi-curious and the things I did with this girl I really began to like. It’s not something he could ever understand.  Well, that seemed like pretty harmless information. But little did I know “I had him at bi-curiosity” and his curiosity amongst other things had peaked. The night passed and we checked out.

He was dreaming about the hotel suite long after though. Then it came out of the blue. We loved each other and so he was going to bare himself and ask something of me. He finally popped the question; it was a question that would change my life forever. He asked if I was willing to do a three way with him and another girl, “a ménage tuva.” Like saying it in French was going to make it any better.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie | Source

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I dumped him that night. I’m glad; I was saved from wasting more time. The worst part is, we had a perfectly good thing going but I had to draw the line.

Sometimes, I’m forced to think, had I never told him, all would be well today. May be he just wanted to indulge in healthy experimentation.

There’s one thing I’ve learnt, for the future. In the weakest of moments don’t let it all out. Don’t tell your boyfriend everything because sometimes you have to let the past stay in the past, forever.


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    • Xinox Leugim profile image

      Xinox Leugim 6 years ago from Philippines

      That certainly true. While honesty is a virtue, we must be cautious that some truths hurt and we may not be able to recognize it at the beginning but only to realize later that it has marked a detrimental spot in the mind of your partner. So learn to discriminate and be able to discern the truths that will enhance your relationship and not destroy it.

    • Mark Ewbie profile image

      Mark Ewbie 6 years ago from UK

      "Like saying it in French would be any better" - very funny.