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Does He Truly Love You?

Updated on August 6, 2012

The words "I love you" can be used so loosely sometimes that we forget what it truly means to love and be loved. Everyone has their own way of showing or expressing their love. Sometimes love can be confused with feelings of lust and the excitement of romance. What is love? Does he really love you?

He Wants To Know Who You Are

He asks you questions about your past, your family and friends. You find yourself talking about your childhood. He listens to you with an open heart. He asks you about your future and your goals and gives you his opinion about your ideas and encourages you to fulfill your dreams.

He Respects Your Time

He would never stand you up or leave you waiting for him. If he tells you he is going to call, he does. He doesn't make you feel guilty when you have something to do or you are busy. He appreciates spending time with you and he thanks you for being in his life.

He Respects Himself

A man that walks tall and proud next to his woman is a man in love. He will dress like a man, act like a gentleman and walk with confidence. This shows that not only does he respect himself and the beautiful woman that he is with, but he demands that his woman be respected by others as well.

He Makes Love To You

There is a huge difference between having sex and making love. When a man makes love to you, you will know. It is the most beautiful experience to know that a man loves and respects your body. He wants to explore every inch of you, and know you on the most intimate level. He pays attention to you when you make love, looking for signs that he is pleasing you, and he will go above and beyond to make sure that he is responsible for you feeling like his queen.

He Would Never Hurt You

Let's face it, some relationships don't work. But he will approach it with respect, attempt to make it work and if not, he end it in a respectful way. Yes, it may hurt, but it is done with respect. Cheating, lying and disappearing are by no means a sign of love. A man that loves and respects you will never hurt you.

He Speaks The Truth

My Grandmother use to tell me, "The Truth Rings a Bell", and in some ways she was right. When a man speaks to you, no matter what the situation, he should be sincere. Even if the truth hurts, its far better than being lied to. A man that loves you works for your respect.

You Feel His Presence When He Is Gone

A man that loves you will hold a piece of your heart. No matter how far apart you are, in life and in death, you will always feel his love.


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    • profile image

      anna 3 years ago

      i'm in same situation,i'm married for 21 years and he is married for 25 or 30 years and we are 13 years together but we bot still married and sometimes we tray to stop but after 1 or 2 days we start calling or texting and he told me ''honey you no that we can't stop this ''and when we making love he tray to make me to fill like i'm his queen ,he pays attention to me when we make love he kiss and he wants to explore every inch of me he hold himself till i finish first and he start all over he is pleasing me ,and he well go above and beyond to make sure that he is responsible for my feeling like his queen.And i have support him financially when he need ,but i thing for men it's hart to help financially cz of wife you no how woman counting money in hazband packet or valet when ther slip.But for your illness faibromyalgia you can aplay for SSDI. And i wish you a best cz me and you we have verry good hart and we born that way to help people and gad gonna help me and you.GOOD LACK TO YOU AND THINK ONLY POSITIVE...

    • profile image

      Renate 3 years ago

      I have been seeing a married man whom i love deeply for the past twelve years he has always been honest with me he is not in good health i have supported him financially for years due to ill health i was dismissed from work four years ago i have lupus fibromyalgia also a few more conditions i recieve no benefits my two children help me as much as they can i am in the process of trying once again for financial help which people with my conditions have great difficulty obtaining even my consultants have told me this even so i am still asked for financial assistance i just want to say it was me who started offering money i was never asked once can anyone give me some advice much appreciated