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Solitude vs. Loneliness

Updated on December 20, 2014

Solitude vs. Loneliness

Enjoy your solitude, you can if you like yourself. Learning to like yourself might take some work. For so long we have been inundated with negative feedback from others about us. We've been brainwashed into thinking we are not capable of liking ourselves. With some soul searching you will cultivate self-acceptance and refine how you think about yourself and you are well on your way to liking yourself.

What's not to like about me, I have a benevolent soul. I rescue injured animals. I always give a few bucks to the panhandler. I volunteer at food kitchens. Yes, I like me and so should you. I'm a law abiding citizen and I will sign your petition to increase teachers' salaries. I will volunteer to help pass out flyers for a good cause. I will hold your hand to comfort you. I will offer you my coat if you shiver from the cold. I will offer you half of my meal to satisfy your hunger. I will tell you that I like you when you don't like yourself. I will like you because I like me.

Solitude vs. Loneliness (2)

Solitude affords me peace of mind and a drama-free household. Now that I have found that I like myself I also find it easy to like you. Note that I'm using "like" instead of "love" because I feel that liking someone means your gut is in the equation. Loving someone is a heart gesture meaning you know and love the superficial presence. Liking myself connects me to your likeness.

I like you because I like helping people and I connect with your benevolent side. I like you because of your kindness to animals and children, a gut connection. I like you because you buy extras for sharing, I'm generous just like you. Finding the real you and locating the grit you were made of calls for an ahh ahh moment.

When you like yourself you always look others in the eyes while communicating and they definitely see your sincerity. Liking yourself draws emotion from others that says "I like you too". Have you ever met someone who people rallied around and you always hear he/she is a nice person, everyone likes him/her. Well, that's because he/she likes himself/herself and projects their warmness to all around them. I like me and I like you too.

Solitude vs. Loneliness (3)

I'm at home enjoying my solitude and the stillness of the atmosphere. I get up from my chair open the drapes to connect to the laughter of children playing. My heart swells at the innocence of these little people who know only to give warm, mushy kisses with spaghetti sauce smudged faces who kisses the household pet and thanks mommy for the warm milk.

When you like yourself you feel the magic of the scenery around you. Because of your ability to like yourself gives you the ability to recognize happiness and sadness of others. Because of the kindness that connects to your inner-self you will reach out with a listening ear and understanding to those in need. The likeness of yourself affords you the pleasure of getting to know and liking the lonely.

Solitude vs. Loneliness (4)

I'm happy because I give happiness a chance to settle into my gut. I'm happy because I showed you how to like yourself. I'm happy because when you hugged me I felt your heartbeat. I'm happy because the innocence of a child knows no boundaries. I'm happy because of my blessings. I'm happy because you made me smile.

My solitude knows no loneliness because I am filled with emotions of love. It is my divine right to like me and be happy. Someone once said "negative emotions are necessary for us to flourish and positive emotions are by nature subtle and fleeting".

You have experienced how your self love has presented itself to your friends and neighbors. That same experience of your self love will someday present itself to that significant other or that soul mate. Your self love has set the stage for you to say "I'm in love". I love me so that I can love you.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you angellovie. I would love to share something with you. pls contact me at

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you so much, I'm happy you like my story. There will be part 11 coming.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have quite enjoy your positivity and your love for life. Your words of wisdom keeps me going. I now know I am responsible for my happiness. I too am rediscovering me because of your beautiful and insightful words. Thank you for opening my eyes for the first time.


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