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Does Marriage Counseling Work Really

Updated on September 25, 2012

For all the money that they charge, does marriage counseling work really? It's a question men almost invariably ask when their wives bring up going to a marriage counselor. It's a legitimate suspicion to entertain really. How does one set this suspicion to rest?

It's usually people who are qualified in psychiatry, psychology or mental health in some way, who are granted a license by the state, to practice marriage counseling. To be an actual licensed marriage and family therapist of the best kind, a person needs to actually gain a masters degree in one of these disciplines, pass a national licensing exam, and practice for thousands of hours under a fully licensed counseling professional.

However, this is only if this person calls himself a "therapist". That's the word that's regulated by the law. Anyone can go into business for himself offering counseling advice. He can call himself a marriage counselor or a relationship professional or anything else, and it doesn't matter to the law.

The thing is though that love and marriage are such difficult areas to help bring any resolution to that even qualifications and a license don't really help at all. Yes, you certainly do get a minimum level of service when you go with a proper licensed professional. But does marriage counseling work? There's really no way to guarantee that. There is no scientific way in which to get people to understand each other and get along. There is simply no way.

The thing to keep in mind here is that you are only guaranteed a minimum level of service when you go with a licensed therapist. Even a pastor with no qualifications whatsoever, can obtain counseling certifications that qualify him as a therapist. On the other hand, highly qualified psychologists may offer marriage counseling even when they don't have any specific training. Neither approach is really known to work.

There are just plenty of consumer complaints that the authorities receive in every state each year, that have to do with how a marriage therapist doesn't provide good service. A large number of these therapists, it comes out in the investigation later, operate on on an expired license.

Does marriage counseling work? When someone brings the whole counseling field into question, it isn't a question that is easily dismissed. It's a question that deserves a good look.


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    • rodney80 profile image

      rodney80 5 years ago

      Thanks chiradeep for adding your 2 cents.

    • chiradeep profile image

      Chiradeep Patra 5 years ago from India

      Good question put forth.

      Counselors are not magicians or doctors that they will do wonders or heal. But they help the person or persons in problem to stand and fight their problems.

      Even when a very good therapist gives his best to help the couples but they don't follow what the therapist says then it's worthless.

      In my opinion the therapist should stop helping or counseling when he feels that the couples are not ready to work on the advice or thrapy instead of taking the fees quietly.