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Does He Love Me?

Updated on August 12, 2012

50 Signs that your boyfriend is in love with you.

  1. He treats you like his best friend
  2. You talk about everything
  3. You are a priority
  4. He calls you
  5. He talks about the future with you included
  6. He always looks in your eyes
  7. He makes you feel special
  8. He wants to do things with you
  9. He makes plans with you
  10. He asks you to come see him
  11. He brags about you
  12. He introduces you to his friends
  13. He is romantic
  14. He does things to make you feel special
  15. He treats you like a lady
  16. He shows you off to everyone
  17. He has/wants to introduce you to his mother or family
  18. He wants to be friends with your friends
  19. He wants to meet your family
  20. He listens to you
  21. He considers your feelings
  22. He doesn't look at other girls when he is with you
  23. He tells people he is with you on the phone
  24. He doesn't like to be interrupted when he is with you
  25. He respects your time
  26. His mind doesn't wander when you are together
  27. He talks about marriage
  28. He talks about kids
  29. He wants your opinion
  30. He stares at you with love in his eyes
  31. It isn't always about sex
  32. He can talk to you on the phone for hours
  33. He tells you about his past
  34. He trusts you with his feelings
  35. He never forgets important dates
  36. He wants to know what is important to you
  37. He needs you in his life
  38. He tells you how much he misses you
  39. He chooses you over his friends
  40. He protects you
  41. He doesn't lie to you
  42. He keeps his word
  43. He is there for you in times of need
  44. He respects your thoughts
  45. He gives you time with your friends
  46. He does not alienate you from others
  47. He tells you he loves you
  48. He would do anything for you
  49. He treats you like gold
  50. He never takes you for granted


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    • profile image

      HeatherDRoberts 5 years ago

      I like your list!