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Does Size Make The Man?

Updated on September 29, 2011

There are many guys who suffer from what I call “inadequate-size syndrome”. This is the type of problem many guys have- which causes them to be discouraged, have low-self-esteem, and may give bad performances because of it when they’re in the bedroom.

So what is the average size for men? Well studies show that somewhere between the ranges of 5-6 inches is known as average. But is it a decent size for women? Well that’s debatable. But here’s what you can do if you’re suffering from this issue….

1. Realize it’s more so about performance… than size. I’ve heard numerous times from people who gave the quote “it’s not about the size of the boat; it’s the motion in the ocean”. And to some degree that’s actually true. There have been some women that I’ve spoken to about this topic, and they said that they would be satisfied with an average-sized guy, if he knew how to really work with what he had. And being bigger doesn’t really mean much if a guy doesn’t know how to use it properly. So focus more on HOW you perform.

2. Do manual stretches/exercises. There are many articles/videos on the net on how to safely and naturally grow your penis in length and girth without taking pills. And I know firsthand the effectiveness of doing these exercises. But every guy is different, so your body may react differently (in terms of gaining time) to the stretches than the next person. But if done correctly and consistently, you may potentially be able to gain.

3. Focus more on pleasing your partner. Communicate with her in bed, find out what she likes, what turns her on, and implement more foreplay into your sex life. If you do these things, you may end up with a more satisfied partner.

So don’t let your average (or below average) penis size continue to get you down. There are things that you can do!

And remember to think big, great, and progressive. If you change your mentality, even slightly to thinking more positive- and focus more on creating a more intimate, loving experience in the bedroom, you’ll get much better results…and a happier partner.


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    • loveguru23 profile image

      Daniel Amis 6 years ago from Queens, NY

      Hi Dee! Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you said- as many women do care more about what a guy does for them in the bedroom, than their actual size. Which is why I stress to focus on performance, attentiveness, and actively communicating to find out what their partner likes.

      Thanks again for commenting. :^)

    • SEXYLADYDEE profile image

      SEXYLADYDEE 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Being positive in any situation always makes things better. Size is a preference issue. When I counsel women most of them don't care. They are more concerned with him paying attention to their needs and not assuming what they are. Being proactive, concerned, attentive and generous of spirit seems to rank higher on most womens list of positive attributes.