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Does Spirituality Play A Role For Successful Courtship

Updated on February 8, 2010

Happiness can be achieved in many ways and many believe spirituality is one of them. Spirituality, as they say, is not to be found in the outside world but lies within each of us. It is about knowing your horizons, knowing that you are not just a human being, but a part of something bigger. It is about having a faith in God. People may view spiritualty in different ways but the focus here is in recognising a loving a God wanting what is best for those who have put their trust in Him to lead, guide and help them to find His perfect will for their lives.

With this as a focus and a driving force, dating becomes less complex as you are not relying on yourself but the Holy spirit to too guide you in your decision making.  No two human beings can come close and live together for any period of time unless and until there is some divine intervention. The saying, "marriages are made in heaven, but confirmed on earth" would not have originated if there is no divine role in relationships.

Many people do not believe that there is any "God" factor in relationships. For them, the attraction between two people is pure chemistry, and they believe that two people share a relationship with each other to fulfill their biological needs. While this argument might be true to a certain extent, it fails when we consider a bigger argument. "Why do we not feel attracted to every person we meet, and why does this happen only with certain people?"

The answer of course lies in the supreme power, God. The power of the Holy Spirit and spirituality in relationships just cannot be ignored. So, when it comes to relationships, there are certain points that also cannot be ignored. These points can help you recognize the divinity in a relationship, which in turn can made it that much stronger.

1. Feel from the spirit rather than from your brain. If a person can touch your soul in the first or second meeting, there is likely a spiritual connection behind your meeting each other.

2. Let nature take its path. Trying to force a relationship or create one where there is no attraction will always result in heartbreak. Rather, let things fall into place all by themselves let God and His Spirit lead you.

3. Be ready to accept coincidences, but do not ignore them. If you are meeting the same person accidentally again and again, understand that this could be "God's" way of telling you both of you should be together.

4. Feel the comfort level rather than trying to create one. If you are not comfortable around a person, it could mean the two of you are not meant to be in a relationship.

5. Do not rush into relationships. There might be attraction and everything might seem to be perfect. But liking a person does not always mean you are supposed to share a relationship. It might be God wants to use that person to introduce you to your actual life partner. So, never be in a haste to enter into any relationships, but at the same time, do not be so laid back that opportunity passes you by.

Any successful relationship has to be the right mix of understanding your partner as a person and accepting that there is divine intervention in the two of you meeting. If you do, you will always feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and whether you stand still or start walking, you will definitely end up in a relationship with the partner that has been selected for you as the Lord always orders the steps of the righteous.


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    • Singlesstreetlife profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I am glad to have given some insight. May you continue to be guided into what is God's best for your life.

    • nadiaazhar profile image


      8 years ago from kuwait

      thanks for the reply,i totally agree that the people who are destinated togather meet and get along well,no matter what happens.i am a spirtual person and try to look for the spiritual connections.thats is so true that everything in life depends on our percpectives and how we take things.Thanks again.

      Best Regards,Nadia

    • Singlesstreetlife profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      This sometimes happen, one person recieves in their heart what they believe God is saying this is the one whilst the other person has not received anything at all. Some things need to be taken into consideration in explaining why this may be the case. They are as follows:

      1. What is the spiritual maturity of the person who believes they have received. Sometimes the feelings can be wrongly interpreted if a person is new to understanding spiritual things. Obsession is what they may feel or their own desires rather than what God truly wants for them.

      2. Each person has their person will. God may speak to someone but it has to be by their own choice that they listen or agree to what God is saying.

      3. Even if you really have heard God and the other person has not you cannot force the other person to believe God wants you to be together.

      In summary there is nothing wrong with the inner feelings if the feelings are truly from God . The issues lie more with people's interpretation of the feelings.

      I hope this helps to bring a little more clarity.

    • nadiaazhar profile image


      8 years ago from kuwait

      i like reading this hub.but i got a question,what if one person feels that divine connection with some one and that person couldnt feel it? what would you say about this inner feeling?


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