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Does This Guy Really Like You? The Signs To Watch

Updated on December 28, 2016

Does he like you or not?

Are you confused as to whether a guy that you have your eye on likes you or not? He might treat you well, but is this any indication that he is actually romantically interested in you or does he just see you as a good friend?

Well, the truth is that there are several notable differences that you can observe when a guy likes you as a friend or likes you as a prospective romantic partner. For the ladies out there, it’s a good idea to be aware of these differences so that you don’t wind up making a fool of yourself by hastily confessing to a guy who never saw you as anything more than a friend.

Signs That He Likes You

Here are some signs that you should watch out for:

  • Constantly being around you: If he really likes you, then you will find that he is constantly about and around you almost all the time. In fact, he will often try to find an excuse to be around you and even have a seemingly casual conversation with you when he really does not have to.
  • Finding commonalities: Another strong sign that a guy likes you is if he tries to find something that you have in common with each other. For example, even during a normal conversation, you might find him saying “me too” a lot whenever you share your opinion about something. You might also find him trying to get you to agree with him on certain subjects that he feels strongly about. Basically, what is happening is that he is subconsciously trying to relate with you and find a common ground for the two of you.
  • Body language signals: Touching an eyebrow on his finger unconsciously or mimicking your actions are just some of many indications of body language signals that show that he likes you.
  • Trying to find out more about you: If he has been constantly asking your friends about you and trying to get to know you better by taking up your hobbies and interests, this is a very strong sign that he is really interested in you.
  • Meaningful eye contact: Watch his eyes when he is talking to you. The eyes have a language of their own. Watch out for his expression and see if it actually fits with whatever he is talking about. If he is into you, then he will most likely have an elated expression, especially on his eyes even when you are talking about mundane topics.
  • Afterglow: After talking to a woman that they really like, guys often feel elated and you can notice this easily while he is walking away from you. Try to see if he seems to be particularly happy after your conversation as indicated by his body language.
  • Being shy or nervous: This one is really a no-brainer. The reason that he might be shy or nervous around you is because his subconscious is telling him to try and make a good impression on you; therefore, he is afraid to make a mistake and displease you – and this can make anyone nervous.

If you spot at least 3 or more of these signs in the guy you have your eye on, then you can more or less be confident that he probably sees you as a romantic interest and you can then take some positive steps to try and make this guy really fall in love with you.


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