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Does Too Much Pornography Ruin Relationships

Updated on May 25, 2015

Porn and Relationships

It's safe to say that we can at least all admit most of us watched porn at least once in our lifetime. Whether it was by accident, hitting play on the VHS because someone forgot to take the tape out. Snooping around in places you shouldn't be to have a peak. Or watching it at a friends house since you heard he has all the porn at his house and his family won't be home for a few hours. Typically this is the way most people who watch porn tend to start out. Now I could say it's just all men that do this but I can't speak for the women because I don't know of any females ruining a relationship with there boyfriend for watching porn excessively. You just don't hear of such things but what I can tell you is that yes porn will definitely capture the attention of a man and hook them right in. From experience the first time I watched it I couldn't take my eyes off it and was always thinking about it. It was like I was instantly hooked in, me just being a young boy not even a teenager yet. I needed to see more. Clearly it's no secret that sex sells and porn does just that, sales and does fairly well. Sex is everywhere it's in our commercials, its on the internet, clubs, and almost everywhere you walk. People who tend to watch porn start off light usually just watch it as something to generally get turned on by and turn it off afterwards. You have two type of porn watchers people who do it casually just for the purpose to be aroused and people who watch because they just have to watch it. No matter what place, or who's around there going to turn it on. For instance a casual porn watcher could be a woman as well and if two casual porn watchers are in a relationship together this can very much work out. In fact it can make things stronger for the relationship, maybe they can learn role playing and acting out what they see. Use it as a educational process for there relationship.

Unfortunately this isn't the case for the addicted porn watcher the one that has to have it. Just like any kind of drug he thinks about it constantly and free internet porn isn't enough to feed the addiction. Credit cards numbers go to websites for memberships and lets not forget about the collection that he keeps. Is he just a dirty dog or a disgusting pervert? most women may say this. This is how he was living his life single and how would you know of such things until it gets serious and you move in together. At first everything will go great, the passion is there, the love is there and the relationship is at the same bright spark as it used to be. Until you start to walk in on him watching porn on the laptop pleasuring himself. Even though you catch him he lies and says "No I wasn't watching porn it's all in your imagination honey". Lying to you so much but you love him so you want to believe what you saw wasn't true. You then forget about it and go on to bed and move on from that night. Until you begin to catch him again and again and again and all he can do is lie and even get angry with you. This will make any woman feel unattractive and start to believe that it's something that there not doing right. When this is not the case at all. As the woman you wanna do what you can to keep his eyes away from it. Dress sexier, doing things that your not used to doing sexually to please your significant other. Still he seems unsatisfied and even into you at all. No matter how pretty you are or how sexual you try to be with him it's just not enough. It's the fantasy world that he's into and none of these things you do can compete with that. All the things you want to do to make him happy just make it awkward for him. I mean for instance look what his fantasy world shows multiple sex partners, aggression, and even abuse to women on video, and complete degradation. They make it seem so believable on tape that there enjoying this but deep inside a lot of these women are crying tears of pain. Now that's exactly what you're women is doing now, crying and wondering why you're not as important to him as the women he see's on fantasy video. It's the biggest form of cheating without actually having sex with other women. The difference is that he can choose whatever fetish or star he wants to watch depending on his mood. The only way this will ever work is to completely get rid of every porn site or video he owns and seek help. You can't just throw his videos away or destroy his computer that only fuels the situation worse. Imagining throwing a drug addicts drugs all in the toilet and saying this stops today! It can't happen that way the person who's addicted has to be willing to seek help on his own. Sure as his partner you should stand by his side and give him encourage try things slow. In a perfect world you're woman would just say "that's great lets watch it together and do everything we see them do" Maybe even invite some of her friends over to make it more enjoyable for the husband or boyfriend. The reality of it is that porn addicts don't want to share that moment with you. They want to be alone and having you there with him will just make it far from enjoyable and that's the raw truth. So no it will never work out unless he seeks help.


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