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Does Your Face Scare the Hell Out of Other People?

Updated on March 21, 2012

It's funny what others can assume about you just by your appearance isn't it?

I had to leave the house for a while today because my better half (that would be my wife of almost 30 years now) was cleaning our house, and that's never a good time to be around her without a swat outfit including a shield and flak jacket.

So out the door I went. I made a few stops on this extended exile from home including the post office, the local comic shop (for all of you Comics Eye followers!), the local Quick Chek for some coffee and a local RC hobby shop just to chat and kill some time.

And for whatever reason, I started to think about this as I was leaving the Quick Chek and I was getting a good look at many of the people that were either standing on line, entering the store or getting into their cars to leave and go to wherever they had to go to.

And what I noticed was the looks on the faces of many of these people, because had you seen those faces you'd have wondered who the next person was they were going to beat the hell out of.

It's very easy to make snap judgements about people from a first impression, I'm sure that's been done to me without my knowing about it plenty of times. I know for a fact (because people who I've worked with over the years have come right out and told me) that I look very scary to others who don't know me very well.

And in all fairness I get that. I'm not a person who smiles a whole lot, and so I imagine that with my 6 foot height and overall build that if you met me coming out of a local bar or other late night spot, I may seem mean or scary (as my daughter often reminds me) but isn't this a rush to judgement on another person's part?

I think all too often first impressions can be quite deceiving because all you're seeing upon a first introduction is a person you're really not familiar with. I mean I can be quite imposing, but that's just an assumption, and until you really get to know me better you really have no idea as to the sort of person I am underneath the gruff exterior.

And I think this even effects your chances of getting that job your applying for (well, let's be honest we all know that it can) and that's really not fair. I'm not sure that there's a simple answer to it just a part of our nature to do this?

And if it there a way for us to just turn it off?

Now that's not to say that this is the case for all the people you happen to come across in life. Sometimes you just meet people with bad attitudes, and when that happens it's better to give those folks a wide berth, and just let them pass you by and just thank your lucky stars that that look on their countenance isn't for you.

I think I'll end this hub with something that I think still rings true even to this day...this is something that I remember actor Tony Randall uttered on the sitcom "The Odd Couple" during a court scene (if I remember the circumstances) and the line was simply this..." Remember when you Assume, you make an Ass out of You and Me!"

No it's not worthy of the Dali Lama, but I find it none the less appropriate.


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