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Does she want my man?

Updated on August 21, 2009

Remember the beyonce song 'ring the alarm' where she addresses the question of if her man is seein someone else? Or the kelly price 'friend of mines' song where she talks of how her best friend was messing around with her husband? we call them the other woman but i just say the tramp. These are the women who are out to get your man. The women who pose as a friend and then woo your lover in your face. This is the woman who claims she wants to be a mutual friend with you and your spouse but only associate themselves with your spouse. SHE WANTS YOUR MAN!!!! if she calls to see how your man is doing and wondering when they are going to hang out but don't invite you she wants your man. if she adds him on myspace or facebook but doesn't accept your friend request or send you one she wants your man. if she's texting your man and sending him pics, she is implying that he take the time to see what he could have if he weren't with you. It's not hard to tell when she's after your man it's hard to tell if your man is accepting her many attempts to direct him from your relationship. If you happen to see her or talk to her and she has a sudden awkwardness, uncomfortable feeling, or seem to come off as jealous, she wants your man. She doesn't have to be your friend this is true. But if she only seems to care about what your spouse is doing and flirting with him knowing your together she's trying to take your man. Now some say i just may be a little paranoid but i know sneaky women. Women may seem to act stupid but most of them are pretending. It's an act to make them appear innocent or trustworthy and as soon as the chance surfaces they are the backstabber. For example, this one girl claimed she wanted to be cool with my husband first then he implied she be friends with me since she's just a friendly girl looking to meet new people. She said she would over and over. She kept saying she wanted to chill with us but never suggested it to me. She knew how to find me and she knew what i look like. She never even said hi but always found the time to say something to my husband and even had the nerve to be texting him. NEVER ME! Now i'm not stupid..she said she wanted to be OUR friend and wasn't trying to take my man but if that were true she wouldn't duck and dodge me. She wouldn't just keep in touch with him it would be me too. If she didn't want my man because she had her own she would say ALL of us should go out. She wouldn't just say let's chill to my husband without her boyfriend or without me. Whenever he said come over we just hanging out tonight she never came but i'm sure if he said i wasn't going to be there she would come. Why? because a female that wants your man in plan to do it in a sneaky way want some alone time with him. She won't attend a party if you'll be there! to further prove my point i sent her a friend request she accepted then deleted me not my husband. She also requested him saying how she thinks he's hot! So i'm not paranoid i know bullshit when i see it and hear it and though most men claim to know if a female is trying to do something like that they don't. As i stated before, females act stupid but they are just pretending. They know exactly what they are doing and the REAL meaning behind it that's why woman to woman they will never address you if they are trying to approach your man. The question: DOES SHE WANT MY MAN?? The answer: YES SHE DOES!


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    • profile image

      Pam 4 years ago

      there are women like christy bell sumrall out there, they try to wreck your marriage and tempt your husband to cheet, however as christy bell sumrall found out, not all husbands are so easy to take, because his wife is relentless in defending her family and husband. Christy bell sumrall was a step down for my husband, she is fat, ugly, looks constipated all the time. she is a piece of trash. she thinks she has got by with trying to take my husband but she is so wrong!!! it may be years. so christy bell sumrall, keep a watch over your shoulder, and don't forget you ASKED for the ass whipping that is coming to you. MF

    • profile image

      annoyed 5 years ago

      So true same prob my fella had booked a day off work im out on my lunch this girl who hardly evee speaks to me makes a b line straight for me politly enquring "oh where is he today "seriously keeping my cool at the mo but if she even breaths in the wrong way at him will defo make her regreat it . .some women just have the morals of an ally cat

    • profile image

      amy-anne 6 years ago

      well what did you guys do??? im having the same problem..i even think something happened between them but u have no proof.

    • profile image

      Cheche 7 years ago

      SO true! Im having the same problem at the moment with some younger trying tricks. She must think im a mug! Behaving all demure around my guy, staring at him when she thinks im not looking and acting like she's my friend. Whatever. Im watching her EVERY move trust me...she's playing with the wrong woman!

    • profile image

      immaculate 7 years ago

      sometimes the woman is just envious of her target... so she pursues the target's man as a way to get under her skin since she can't be her... or to get close to the man as a way of "being in her shoes." Envy and eventually jealousy will do that.

    • deestew profile image

      deestew 8 years ago from Kentucky

      Wow! Yes, you are right she wants him and women are not stupid.