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Dog a Man's Best Friend

Updated on November 22, 2017

Dog a Man's Best Friend

Dogs can come in limitless varieties and they can also have limitless personalities. Which in turn can make them either a man or woman's best friend.

Everyone has heard the expression a dog is a man’s best friend, but what is the actual reality of that? is it just an expression? Sure some dogs might be a man’s best friend, but what about the women in the dog’s life? Who are they? Has anyone ever thought of them? Sure it’s always been a dog is a man’s best friend but dogs can be women’s best friends too. It all depends on who is around the most. Most dogs like to be around people all day no matter if you are a woman or a man, as long as you are the dog’s owner.

A dog is a great companion for anyone if you live alone or you have a family. A dog just adds to the family and keeps them on their toes. What if you live alone and have a dog? Most of the time the dog is there to keep you company. You can talk to your dog, even though they can’t talk back, that’s okay you at least have something to vent too if that is what you need to do. Dogs will play with you, they will keep you warm when your cold and fetch the ball that you throw their way. Dogs, keep you limitlessly on your toes, having you go back and forth to the door to let them out or taking them out if they can't go out on their own.

Have you ever heard that dogs can tell when you are in pain or sick? dogs have a limitless amount of knowledge that we don't even know they have. As a person who has had dogs all her life, I can attest to the fact that dogs can tell when you’re mad, sick, sad, scared or hurt. I have seen it all, I’ve had three dogs in my lifetime and they have all protected me in ways you would think only humans could protect other humans. I have an example when I was sick once, my dog Keisha who passed away two years ago this August, my dog climbed up on my couch moved my arm with her nose and fell asleep close to me, and that same day she did the same thing at my feet. She could tell I wasn’t feeling well, and she wanted to make me feel better. Another example of my dog Keisha now this wasn’t with me, it was with my sister she fell down the steps and before she hit the bottom step my dog Keisha jumped over her and caught her before she hit the wall. what dogs can do come in limitless amounts depending on the dog?

Another example, I have is my new dog peach, I have a shoulder issue and sometimes in bad weather, it hurts really bad. One day a few months ago, when it was storming pretty bad, and I was in a lot of pain she got as close to the side of me that was really sore and nuzzled up against, me to make me feel better.

Dog a Man's Best Friend

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Dogs can be a person's friend

So who says dogs aren’t a man or woman's best friend or that they can’t feel when you’re sad, hurt or scared if people say that about their animal they don’t know them very well. So yes a dog is a man or a women’s best friend, they always listen to you when you talk and there always there when you need them. So always remember if you have a dog treat them like a friend or family and they will be there for you in all the ways that friends and family are because a dog is a man and women’s best friend so treat them as such.

Dogs have feelings just like us humans do, they know when we aren't acting like ourselves they know when we are sick. They have a six sense about those things, or at least that is what I like to call it. Depending on the breed of dog, sometimes they act more human-like than dog-like. What I mean by that, is when they want to be touched they act the way a human would act when they want a hug, clingy like someone who wants a hug from you might act. At least that is how my dog acts, sometimes and it is funny. She is a greyhound border collie and the sounds she makes when she wants something is more border -collie and it sounds as though she is trying to talk to you like a human would.

My dog wants the attention like a human would, and if you don't give it to her she will follow you around until you do what she wants. Which is funny. An example of this is, when we got her she didn't like men, so it took her months to warm up to my dad but now since we have a farm too and my dad takes her to the farm when he comes home from work on weekends she follows him around until he brings her, and if he comes home from work and forgets her, she holds a grudge because she likes going to run around and she knows when he forgets her. Which I find funny but bored collies are very smart dogs so of course, they would know when they are being forgotten. It's like she is my dad's shadow or best friend because he takes her to have fun we call her more of his shadow then a friend though which is just a joke, but it is true.

She follows him around like a shadow so it's like they are best friends and when you forget about your best friend what happens? they get mad well the same goes with dogs especially more border collies or my dog at least. So I guess yes dogs can be a man's best friend or a women's depending on who they are around more, they become attached to that person and never want to go anywhere without them. Just like a person would, that is how we are similar to animals I guess you could say.

My Dog Peach Who is My Best Bud and My Dad's Shadow
My Dog Peach Who is My Best Bud and My Dad's Shadow

Men, Women and Dogs

Dogs are great companions for people. They bring limitless joy to everyone around them if the people around them like dogs that is, dogs are man's and women's best friends depending on who the dog gravitates towards when they are bought or born or brought to a house to live for the rest of their lives. Dogs can be limitlessly friendly to either men or women it just depends on who they like the most. Dogs can be anyone's friends.

Can a dog be a man's best friend? Let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 3 years ago from Ontario

      i have had dogs all my life and I don't know what I would do without them. They are a part of the family like another sibling.

    • Sunder1 profile image

      rahul 3 years ago from India

      it is true that dog is faithful its owner and its true friend