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Domestic Abuse: Christian website advocates beating your wife

Updated on June 23, 2013

Back to the Dark Ages

This is an instrument of violence.
This is an instrument of violence. | Source
Not a laughing matter!
Not a laughing matter! | Source

Christian Domestic Discipline is Domestic Violence

So, I came across this website today that I found appalling. It’s called Christian Domestic Discipline. Its main premise is to teach men and women how to live harmoniously in a marriage, but if you can be in harmony, then the man is to discipline his wife by bending her over something and spanking her. Seriously!

The idea is that the man of the home should be the leader and therefore, he has to discipline his wife. Some key excerpts:

  • Women by their peculiar sin nature resist earthly authority and trust.
  • Women will seek earthly security at the expense of emotional and/or spiritual security.

Before you beat your wife, you must both agree on the beating and then you need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure she knows she is cherished
  • Make sure you teach her the Bible
  • Make sure that you praise her in public

When your wife sins:

  • Teach her the bible some more

If she continues to sin, you can, with God’s permission, beat her about the buttocks with your hand or a small instrument. But be sure to:

  • Do it by hand first so that you see how many lashes are needed
  • Have her lay across your lap
  • Use a strap on subsequent beatings.

A fearful woman will cry but you need to reassure her that, yes this will hurt but it is necessary. A good beating is five to 10 strokes across the rear. If you do not have a belt, a hairbrush or a paddle will do. The amount of rebuke and lash sessions may last longer at first but do not apologize because it will weaken your authority in her eyes.

This entire act, according to the site, will make your relationship stronger. It will also allow the husband to get rid of any angry feelings.

Anyone besides me see a problem with this? This is prevalent in the minds of many evangelicals, not the beating part, but the idea of the husband as the authority in a home and a woman having to submit to that authority.

Marriage is a partnership between two adults. When we get away from this idea of authority in a relationship and understand that real power lies in the partnership, we will strengthen marriages. As long as we continue to treat women as 2nd class citizens in a marriage, then there will be domestic violence. Go to the Christian Domestic Discipline website and let them know that it is not okay to hit women, EVER!!! And that any man that does is a COWARD!!!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Oh. My. Gosh.

      Nowhere does the Bible advocate beating your spouse. These people are detestable. In fact, the Bible calls any man who does not love and care for his family members worse than an infidel.


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