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Domestic violence within family

Updated on June 23, 2015

Domestic violence in family

Today I am going to write on very sensitive topic - Domestic Violence. This the topic which people don't like to talk, discuss or share in public although they could be one of the victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence is not gender specific, relation specific or country specific. It could happens to anyone anywhere. The term Domestic violence is often understood as physical abuse but the term domestic violence means both physical as well as verbal/mental abuse.

Today I am going to show what are the forms of domestic violence, how does the abuser behave and what a victim should do in such cases. As I mentioned before domestic violence include any form of physical abuse, mental torture or harassing, or verbally abusing the person. Normally people learn those abusive behavior from their family, friends or surroundings. So first of all as parent of kid i would like to tell you the people who are reading this article, make sure that as parents it your responsibility to teach your kids how to live the life. If you abusing some as parent of kid stop doing that for the sake of the kid because they will learn what they will see. Kids never follow parents advise, they follow their example. And if you are the parent of the kid and one of the victim of domestic violence, then raise your voice and fight back instead of tolerating everything. Because you need to teach your kid to raise their voice for any bad that's happening instead doing nothing and tolerating everything.

Sometimes the things happen so quick that all this advise don't help when you are one of the victim. Even the wisest person writing this can not implement this for their own sake. Because there are so many things involved in raising the voice against the domestic violence. So many things that the person who is facing it will only understand. There could be your parents, your kids and your social network. The outcome of raising voice could also be tremendous which is hard to handle but i still say you have to take that one step. It could be very hard for taking that first step and hardest ever after taking that step but you have to be strong enough. Think of it this way since you are so strong enough till this time you need some more strength to do it. The hardest part is the person against whom you really want to do something is your own person. He could be your relative or spouse and that makes it difficult. If it was some outsider, its very easy. After getting abuse couple of times you will think in the direction of doing something. But trust me no of time is too late. And we as human have a nature of forgetting everything when things go well and we don't remember til we are impacted again by it. And our reaction would not be so dreadful when everything is going well. So sometimes taking action against it could be good and sometimes it could be bad. But this differ case by case bases. The reason why the person is abusing the other person differs case by case bases. But what i have known so far that if the same person abuse you on over different reasons every time, then for that person it's useless to waste your time feeling guilty about yourself and pondering on to the reasons and improve on it. Because next time he will for sure have another reason to abuse you. Now in that case we can't work on the reason to fix it because its of no use. Next time there will be different reason for him . Even if you asked him or some third party pressurized him not to do so in future for that reason it's of no use. He will for sure find something else. So what could be done in such cases. You can not change that person because changing him would also be next to impossible. Then should you leave that person and take him out of your life. Now that could not be the feasible solution in 90% of the cases. Because leaving that person involves so many other things. So what could be done. Do you need to bear everything in that case. No not at all that's not the right thing to do because doing so will increase his power to do that again. So what could be done. It's such a tough decision. Because some people are so short-tempered that it's hard to do anything with them. So now we are only left out leaving that person but could be a mental trauma for you and your family and in case you never wants hurt your family. Once you are trapped in such a relationship it's very very hard to get out. Now first of you need to fight back instead of silently bearing everything. But make in your fight back you do nothing that impacts you. Because this could make the case go in the favor of that person. Have guts to tell that person in his face that what he is doing is wrong every time he does it. And if the situation turns right for you ignore that person and if you can take a action then walk out of his life. And if you can make him realize his mistake that would be awesome. I don't know how many can do any of this things. But when time is right and you need to do it, just do it. Because one spoiled apple will ruin your whole life and there is no point in living with the spoiled apple because eventually that apple is not going to get any better and it will spoil other apples in your life which could be you, your kids, your life, you mental and physical health, your economy etc.


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