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Don't Cross Someone Off Your List Because You Are Not Dating

Updated on January 20, 2014

Many people have a time limit. They feel that if something happened by a certain time that's it. Meaning if a guy you like did not ask you out yet, to forget about him totally. Whoever told you that is very closed minded.

When it comes to love and life there is no time limit. Most importantly don't cross someone off your list because he has not asked you out after a certain time or he has a girlfriend. Some relationships start off as friends and down the line they progress into something more.

Just because someone is not your type romantically does not mean that you cannot be friends. Some guys make better friends than they do a boyfriend. Plus it never hurts to have more friends.

So if you meet a guy you like and he has a girlfriend or nothing happened yet, don't worry. Don't wait around forever or chase him. Get to know him and in the meantime be friends. You never know what will happen down the line and maybe he is a great friend. So give everyone who comes in your life a chance and be open to all possibilities.


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