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Don't Forget The Romance

Updated on August 15, 2015

Sometimes you have to make the time.

I'm sure we can all agree that as we get older it can become harder to make time to keep the spark in your relationship going. With things like work, hobbies, kids, and school it can be hard enough to find time to shower and eat let alone having to plan some big romantic gesture for your partner. It doesn't have to be a burden to plan something special for you partner. In this article I have done half the work for you by giving you a variety of romantic date night ideas. All you have to do is pick one, set it up, and enjoy each other.

Plan a Picnic.

First you have to pick a location that is special to you and your partner. This is clearly an option for the warmer months because its pretty difficult to picnic is rain or snow. When choosing a location keep in mind that its hard to enjoy a romantic evening when there are a bunch of people around so try to pick a secluded spot where you have some privacy. Keep the food simple but delicious and don't pick anything that won't travel or keep well. Pack a bottle of wine or champagne to set the mood and don't forget a blanket. There is nothing romantic about eating on a puddle of mud. Dessert is the most important part packing a treat like chocolate covered strawberries will give the perfect ending to a romantic escape. This is a great surprise date you can take your honey on. This is the perfect way to spend some one on one time with each other which can bring back the spark between the two of you.

Movie night in.

With this option you can go as big or small as you want depending on the occasion. Decorate the room with rose petals and candles setting a romantic mood in the room. Pick up some of your partners favorite movies and snacks. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy each other in the comfort of your own home. This is a great idea if you will have a period of time where your significant will be out of the house for a few hours giving you time to decorate without them getting suspicious. If you are on a budget and can't afford a fancy dinner at a five star restaurant this gives you an option without spending too much. A movie night is also a great idea for a weekend date because your partner has probably stressed themselves out at work all week and this is a relaxing activity that gives you a chance to spend time unwinding from the week together.

Sunsets and Stargazing.

If you have a truck gather a large amount of pillows and blankets and throw them in the back. Drive out to a large open area that preferably at the top of a hill or mountain to ensure the best views. Take your partner out to just watch the sunset together or take them out to go stargazing. Lay in the bed of the truck and cuddle together while you stare at the sky. You can always pack some hot chocolate in a thermos in the colder months. This is a good choice for people who reside in small towns because the larger city has more lights and it makes it difficult to see the stars in the sky. This is a great no cost romantic date for couples who want to go out together but can't afford to.

Make dinner for your partner.

You don't have to be some culinary genius to make a delicious meal for your loved one. With the growth of the internet you can't find any recipe in the world including step by step directions. Set place settings for two with candles to light the room and flowers on the table. The food can come out absolutely horrible and I don't think your partner would mind because it really is the thought that counts. Food is great way to stay connected if you eat dinner together it gives the two of you face to face time to really connect and talk. It can also be a romantic date if the two of you cook together it just depends on the relationship and what you thinkg your partner will appreciate more. Dressing up as if you were going out can add to the romantic settings. Buy her a new dress to wear or make sure you wear the cologne she likes. When it comes to creating a romantic night it is important to really plan the date according to your loved one. Obviously if they hate cooking, make their meal. If they love to cook make a plan to cook together. There is little room for mistakes with this type of date. Put on some classical or jazz music on in the background, dim the lights, and its all smooth sailing from there.

Go to the fair or carnival.

As cheesy as it may sound the little girl inside of every grown woman still thinks about sharing cotton candy and being kissed at the top of the Ferris Wheel. An activity like this can get pretty expensive if you aren't careful but it gives you a chance to reconnect and laugh with each other. No matter how long you have been together it is always important to plan things together. Have a day out where you ride all of the rides and look at all of the booths. Maybe catch a concert if the fair or carnival features one. Most carnival rides have small seating which means you will have to get close and cozy with your partner on most rides. There are always those romantic movies where a guy takes a girl to the carnival and wins her the biggest stuffed animal they have to show her he likes her. Well this is exactly like all of those movies and I think a lot of girls secretly dream about a date like this.

Dance into romance.

Dancing can be a very intimate activity depending on the style of dance. Most dances require partners to be incredibly close to one another and move as one. This kind of date can really help with any intimacy issues you and your partner may be having by making you have to work together. When two people dance together it means they have to connect physically and emotionally for the dance to work. Even if the learning process isn't the sexiest date once the two of you begin to get the hang of it you will be able to fall into the rhythm of the dance helping you flow together as one. You can usually find classes specifically designed for couples in your area. After you take lessons it can always be an option to go out dancing for a date night escape.

Plan a weekend getaway.

You don't have to book a room at a fancy hotel or travel anywhere extravagant its always nice to just get away with your significant other and spend some time together. Find a secluded bed and breakfast to stay at or rent a little cabin. Being able to get away from everything and spend time with just the two of you in the perfect way to heat things up. Make it a surprise for your partner. Tell them to pack a bag and don't ask questions. It can add some spontaneity to your relationship keeping things fun and unpredictable. Plan activities for during the road trip that both of you enjoy and can do together. Make one night special by planning a romantic dinner or date night while you are away. Even simple activities can be romantic if you go about it correctly.

See a play or show together.

There is nothing more romantic than having a partner who knows exactly what you like and don't like even if they don't feel the same. Plays or shows may not be your cup of tea but we all do crazy things for love. Sometimes the most romantic part of a romantic evening is doing something you dislike for the person you love. I don't mean only doing things your partner like and forget your interests but relationships are based on compromise which means doing things you don't always find enjoyable. Dinner is great addition to a night at the theater making it into a complete romantic date night. Always make sure to read the reviews and summary of the plays before purchasing tickets. It is really hard to try to create a romantic evening if you end up watching a three hour production that seems like it was directed by a blind mouse. Do your research and this date is sure to pay of for you.

Get physical.

Taking your date to the batting cage or to go bowling can be incredibly sweet and romantic. Just like in most movies the guy shows the girl how to swing a bat by putting his arms around her. Even if you have been together for a long period of time this is a great way to rejuvenate your relationship. This can remind you of when the two of you first started dating. This date will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with your partner. And anytime you are on a date with a lot of physical contact between you and the person you like is bound to make sparks fly.


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