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Don't Hook Up With an Ex

Updated on June 30, 2014

Some people after they break up decide to be friends. Others decide to be friends with benefits. The second one doesn't always work.

Hooking up with an ex is not a good idea, especially if you broke up over two months ago. Feelings may still be lingering and you won't know where you stand. Are you more than friends? One person will get their hopes up of getting back together when they other person just sees it as a fun time.

it hurts when you see your ex taking other girls out. You are the one he is sleeping with. You might even wish that you were that girl.

if you have any hopes up of getting back together with your ex don't hook up with him. It will only leave you feeling confused and in the dark. Hang out with each other, talk to each other and take it from there. Sometimes it is all about timing and what is meant to be will happen. Don't push anything.

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