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Don't Love You No More

Updated on November 19, 2010


Don’t Love You No More


I’ve been your comfort and your support

Your help mate and so much more

Thoughtful of your actions and intensions

The person you disregard and never mentioned

Settling for dinners at home because you can’t afford to take me

But you frequently take yourself on shopping sprees

How long are we going to play this game

You do nothing but take, take, take

From me financially, physically, and emotionally

I’ve woken up from my spell to understand I must flee


In my eyes you no longer see that love

Worship of you like heaven and the angels above

Everything about you and your needs

You never cared or gave to me

What I give you openly with love and kindness

I will surrender no more to the blindness


I look through your body by way of your soul

Through your eyes I see no heart, you’re cold

I know I don’t love you anymore

There is nothing left for me to give to you

I no longer care about you

Now my eyes hold the same cold for different reasons

My love disappears like the seasons

To continue with you there would be no reason


Now you believe that I hate you

I simply can no longer care

To see your face, smile, or presence

No desire to occupy the same air

I don’t love you and I don’t care

A  coldness from me is what you experience

In no way am I delirious

I see who you are

Your selfishness has made me hard

One day soon you’ll find out I’m gone

Leaving you all alone

Like you deserve

Leaving you without a note or words

I don’t love you anymore

I don’t care for you anymore

I won’t speak to you anymore

I won’t touch you anymore

I won’t cheer for you anymore

I won’t comfort you anymore

I don’t love you anymore


Loving you costs too much you see

Weeping tears of pain and misery

Lost in a pattern of loving you beyond measure

Your treatment of me shows in me you have no treasure


I don’t love you anymore don’t you see

After today I am officially history


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