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Updated on April 27, 2012

Doodles reveal your personality

Note: Analysing Doodles is a part of the science of handwriting analysis.

Whether your doodles are round, square or angular, and whether they feature animals, flowers, faces, trains or ships, they all have something to say about you. Doodles are more than just fun drawings - they are psychological diagrams and can reveal quite a lot about your personality and how you think and feel.

If you have any tiny fears or apprehensions, they will show in your doodles; if you are happy, secure and socially minded, all these traits will come through in the way you scribble because doodles are a gateway to our unconscious mind, often releasing tensions and showing our innermost thoughts and feelings.


Where your doodle is placed on the page is important as this shows how socially minded or how introspective and shy you are. To the left lies the past and its influences, sometimes keeping you back and preventing you from mixing and making friends because you are too reserved. If your doodle is placed to the right of the page you could be rushing to the future just a little bit too fast and your impatience could actually impede your progress.

A doodle placed bang in the middle of the page shows that you enjoy being in the centre of things and have a healthy social life. But should your doodle be small and cramped it could reveal that you feel people are crowding in on you and you want to hide from them.


The most romantic doodles are self-explanatory: hearts,


flowers, circles and cuddly animals. These tend to be the doodles of a woman rather than a man and show a sentiĀ­mental, affectionate nature. Aggressive people have a habit of doodling aggressive symbols, while non-aggressive personalities give way to romantic and non-aggressive doodles, expressing their more passive or submissive nature.


Angular doodles such as arrows, whips, guns and sharp, spiky strokes indicate aggression and even hostility. These are more likely to be the doodles of a man and express the male's love of action and adventure.


People with a longing to get away and travel to far-off places often doodle ships, planes and trains, a symbolic wish fulfilment in their doodle.


Dogs, cats and furry animals are a sign of affection and warm-heartedness, and reveal a need for emotional security.


Houses and trees can be emotional signposts to the doodler's mind, showing how he or she feels about love, family and friends. Stark, bare houses show apprehension and a lack of love, while heavily decorated houses with a chimney, curtains and a door knocker, show that the doodler feels secure and happy. Large fluffy trees go with a sentimental and generous but slightly lazy nature; bare leafless trees show sarcasm and pessimism.



Little boxes can mean that you feel trapped and are seeking a way out. Mazes, puzzles and squares linked together can reveal that you aren't too happy in your relationships or work and need to express your personality more. If you doodle ladders or stars you are ambitious and have your eyes set on high goals and aims.


Faces are a sign of sociability if they are smiling, happy and drawn full-face. When they are grumpy or distorted they show that you aren't too happy with your social life.


Flowers and plants are signs of kindness, sympathy and a non-aggressive, warm hearted nature, the doodler often being wrapped up in home, family and friends rather than the world outside.


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