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Dreams, Soul Twins and Light

Updated on September 8, 2016


Sometimes if ya dream a little dream, it becomes real. It's part of your life and it's in your face whether you shut your eyes tight or you open them wide. Sometimes if ya dream a little dream, it's wonderful and everything you ever wanted. Sometimes it's ugly, it's dark, and it's cruel and you really just want it to go away.
Sometimes if ya dream a little dream, you like it and you love it but no matter what; you're never really gonna have it.

Soul Twins.
Sometimes there are people who feel like they're part of your soul, like you've known them your whole life. They're your other half. They speak your thoughts and they finish your sentences. Sometimes know them so well, you can swear you knew them even before you were they carried over with you from another lifetime. The bond is so strong that you laugh when they laugh, you hurt when they hurt, and you feel peace when they're at peace. Sometimes they're friends, sometimes they're lovers, and sometimes they're family. Regardless; sometimes they stick around forever and sometimes they just go away.

Sometimes you can be the biggest, brightest and most beautiful shining light to ever bless the life of someone else...but sometimes, not matter how big or bright or beautiful; their darkness is just too much so it's better to go and shine someplace else.


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