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Dressing for a date

Updated on July 24, 2016

Dressing for a Date

Recycling clothing... is disgusting. Don't do it. Especially do not wear recycled clothes on a date. They should be totally clean for your date. If you have worn your clothes all day to work, you need to come home and shower, and put on freshly washed clothes. (recycled clothing is something you have worn before, but that you /think/ is clean enough to wear again before washing). Never recycle underwear, no matter how clean you think it is. It is just disgusting. One needs to remember that ones own scent is nearly impossible to smell, so by the time something smells bad to you, it has been smelling bad to everyone else for awhile. Don't ever set clean clothes onto your dirty clothes pile, as then they will smell dirty whether they are or not. Always wear clean socks and underwear. If for some reason you are unable to bathe for your date at least change your socks and underwear, and wash your crotch and armpits, but don't expect the date to turn out well if you weren't truly clean. Scent matters /immensely/ for sex-appeal... and simply adding cologne or more of another scent to the mix will /never/ help the situation.

If your clothes are torn, have holes, etc, then throw them away. Never wear torn or stained underwear on a date, and never wear socks with holes in them. (If your toenails are tearing holes in your socks then you need to read more on the hygiene section) To keep yourself from mindlessly wear torn socks/underwear just get rid of them. If you throw away these problem items then you will slowly force yourself to buy new ones. You will never be tempted to wear them because you simply won't have them to wear. Even if that means you need to save up for them. If it isn't repairable, then it is trash.Here is a quick story... one day I was at a friends house around 8pm in the evening and I was sitting on the floor, perhaps watching a movie, or a game that was going on, and he was sitting behind me on the couch. He took off his shoes and stuck his foot on my leg. I asked him to remove it, stating it was disgusting and he sincerely asked 'Why? These socks are clean. They have only been inside of my shoes since I went to work this morning." Gross. Your feet have been inside of your hot sweaty shoes all day long (which you have worn day in and day out for how long?), and you think your socks are still clean? After 5 minutes of being in your shoes your socks have absorbed the smell inside of your shoes. If it stinks, it isn't clean. Would you willing use a dish that smelled like mold? No. Because if it smells, then it isn't clean. He also, did not think that his foot smelled, and it smelled intensely bad. This is another example of how one can often not smell their own stench. Just assume that if it has been more than 8 hours since you bathed that you likely smell... more than 12 and you surely smell (at least some parts of you!).Ok... back to how to dress for a date. How would you want your date to dress? Where are you going? Are you taking them someplace or are they taking you? If you are taking them, then be sure to tell them what is appropriate to wear. If you are going somewhere nice for dinner, tell them to dress up a bit, and you must do the same. If they are taking YOU, then you need to ask them what would be appropriate for you to wear. It is a completely normal and reasonable question to ask "How should I dress?" So don't be surprised if they ask you that, and you need to be willing to ask too. (note to people outside of California... lots of people here in California feel that it is completely appropriate and acceptable to wear shorts and a tshirt anywhere and everywhere.... so if that isn't you, then please don't worry about this next bit:) ) You need to think about where you are going, and what kind of mood/ambience you want to set up between you and your date. Do you want them to fall for you? Do you want them to fall for you all over again like they did the first time? Are you simply trying to get them into bed? Understand your motives, and join that with what would be the appropriate range of clothing for the place you want to take them. If you are going to the movies, that is a very different 'dress code' than for a fine dining establishment, or a romantic dinner. Although you may view a date as a time to relax, or a means to an end, by comparison lots of other people see it as a time to escape from their day to day life. You will not create this atmosphere if you simply wear the same clothes you wore to work (well, unless you dress in a suit every day, but then again you wouldn't be reading this if that were the case!). You need to set the date apart from the rest of your life. You want to show that you are willing to contribute to a state of being that is outside of the work and stress of day to day life. Lots of people understand that you might find this tedious, but it is really important for winning our love and admiration.

To sum up.... bathe immediately before your date if humanly possible; put on fresh clothes that are not what you would wear to work; do not wear clothes that are torn or have holes; ask for them to tell you what to wear if you are not sure what is appropriate; try to dress at least slightly nicer than you think you need to; remember that you are trying to create a feeling of separation between your date and day-to-day... and lastly as a side note.... do not talk about work, or gripe about stuff while on a date. Remember that this is the time to leave that all out:)

Please let me know if you found this helpful, and if you have specific questions. I left this fairly general because I am not sure exactly which parts might be tripping people up.


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