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E-harassment has an Anti-Male Sexist Element to It

Updated on June 20, 2010

E-harassment is Sexist/Workplace Harassment

      We live in a world "ruled by radiation".  People go about things in harmony with a binaural flow that dictates exactly what they do at all times.  This makes the Soviet Union tame when it comes to DESTROYING FREEDOM.  I have chosen NOT to walk in-step to this acoustic control.  It is my personal belief that if you let this "energy" tell you what to do, you are diminishing yourself so much that it's not worth it for you.  You aren't living at all, you are "fading" in the vernacular of the gangstalker. 

     Resistance is NECESSARY to PRESERVE your INNER-SELF.  These gangstalkers are not like you and me.  There is no concept of maleness for one thing.  They bash the male race in their depictions of men in the media, Their special "language" ( much like the doublespeak in 1984) has words for men like: Sharks, Spiders and Snakes.  So this is the voice of our TRUE SUPERIORS:  "lose the manliness and your individuality or we will make life miserable for you".  Is THIS the kind of AMERICA you want to live in?  Frankly, I wouldn't have anymore children in this country because they'll just be tortured into submission. 

    We must Boycott our society because it isn't ours anymore.  Whoever has the money has got all the power now.  We are marrionettes dancing on electric, ear-humming strings to ENTERTAIN the higher-ups.  People don't DO things anymore, they are being DONE by somebody/something else.  That, my freinds IS ITSELF a serious problem.  People are being drained of their color and life for what?  A perfectly synchronized world of a machine and a swarm-mentality.  We are evolving into insects, not gods........but someone else certainly is: whoever gets all of our hard-earned money.

     I've got to say it:  if they are torturing you so badly at work that you cannot function anymore, speak UP about it.  They torture us in the home, but CERTAINLY THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW AGAINST ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AT WORK.  Report the ringing in your ears, the "tazer", the confusion that this causes.  Eventually something will get done!  Remember my counter-tactics........then do all that you can to "resist the radiation".  The answers to freeing your mind are in my other articles.  Use these tactics.  They say that there is "no I in the word TEAM".  Ah, but there is an I in the word win!   


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