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EHarmony Launches Gay “Compatible Partners” Dating Site

Updated on April 3, 2009


In response to a discrimination suit, the once we don’t want gays dating site, EHarmony launches gay “Compatible Partners” dating site – Don’t Get Me Started!

Okay so I don’t get the whole online dating thing to begin with. Don’t get me wrong gays, I get the whole trolling for sex online thing but dating? Not so much. (Unless you’re calling sex with a stranger you’ve had two IMs and one text from and are meeting behind a 7/11 at three am a date) I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with the same man for over twenty years so I haven’t ever “hooked up” online (or otherwise frankly) because when I was not in a relationship there was no online to hook up upon. But I get that both men and women do it and if it’s between two consensual adults it’s none of my business.

While I understand why the gays were upset that EHarmony was rejecting them faster than their Born Again Christian parents, I don’t get what’s to be gained by forcing EHarmony to create a gay division. In my humble opinion why would us gays actually want to end up giving this asshole, founder Neil Clark Warren money in his pocket when what we should be doing is not forcing him to create a gay division nor should we want him too. He admits he knows nothing about fixing gays up although he’s supposedly fixed up straightees for over forty years. So why would you want to go to him for advice or help? I don’t get it. He doesn’t get the whole some gays are attracted to other gays who look just like themselves in an effort to share clothes and have people think they’re one of the Doublemint Twins from the seventies. He won’t know that some want the hairy and others want nothing to do with the hairy. The list goes on and on. I’m sorry to say that in this case I think that the gay dating sites know more about what they’re doing and Mr. I’m Hate-The-Gays-And-Their-Lawsuit-So-I’ll-Show-Them-By-Taking-Their-Money-Warren shouldn’t even bother with this site.

And what the fuck is that name, “Compatible Partners?” It sounds like something the Politically Correct movement in America made up. Do you really think I think that I’m just a “compatible partner” to the man I’ve been in love with and who has loved me for all these years? Why don’t you treat us even more homogenized and call it, “Friends” in quotes with a woman who looks like a Jewish mother winking at the camera? The whole thing is so insulting that my anger is too much to even write about (but I’ll try).

Groucho Marx is credited for saying “I would never want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member.” But in the case of “Compatible Partners” I think it should be, “I would never want to be a member of a club that has no idea why I should be a member.” Do I think creating a dating site is the same as keeping African Americans out of pools in the 1950’s? No. And do you know why? Because those were public pools, not private enterprises in business to make money. Look, we Jews were kept out of hotels, country clubs, etc. and eventually we made our own and put the money in our own pockets. The same can be said of dating sites, the gays created their own, they’re making a (you’ll excuse the expression) crapload of money off of them and to me it seems as though that’s the way it should be. Just like the Internet didn’t exist when I could have been an online whore, these other websites for gay dating didn’t exist when EHarmony and others like it started up.

Some will say that I’m wrong, that we need to “force” our way into these straight only sites to gain acceptance but they’re the ones that are wrong. Do you really think by forcing Warren to create this site that he’s going to suddenly vote for gay marriage? Do you really think anyone who uses his site all the while knowing it’s been demeaning and demoralizing to gays are true friends to us gays? They’re not. Because just like a store that follows Black people around because they have some sick stereotype in their head that because of the color of someone’s skin they’re more likely to steal, some people are simply never going to accept us gays. I don’t need acceptance from these losers, they mean nothing to me. What I need are laws saying that they can’t use their prejudice and stupidity to keep me from being in a committed relationship (with all the tax breaks and hospital visitation rights, etc.) not their dating sites. EHarmony launches gay “Compatible Partners” dating site – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      gd luck 5 years ago

      eharmony is a bad company, especially its PR and PM team. It is a worst company to work for

    • profile image

      withtime 6 years ago

      Wow. You need some English lessons--badly.

    • profile image

      Not Gay 7 years ago

      THank goodness someone did the right research and is providing gays some solid compatibility information!

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 8 years ago from West Coast

      Scott, I have to agree with you on this. Instead of letting Clark reap the benefits someone should have created their own site using the same premise. Although I see the other sides point I think you are correct here. Clark admitted he had no idea what he is doing and therefore someone should step who actually does know. Seems simple enough to me. Thanks for sharing!!