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Early or late marriage: which is better than & why

Updated on February 22, 2012

What type of marriage is preferable?

Early or late?

Early marriages are preferable than late marriages if you can handle the minimum livelihood expenses though you are not rich. .

It has many advantages like.

You have a support with you permanently.

This support can help in mutual progress of two partners.

Your parents might also be satisfied that you are independent.

You can have your children at young age so that you can look after them well through their career and up growth as you have age below 50 by the time of their marriage and settlement.

Since the chances of mishaps are many, it is better to get married quickly and have your siblings for your family sustenance.

It also gives a feeling of settled in life and plan further goals and purposes in life.

Staying together requires some good level of adjustment at mental, physical and social planes so early marriage can provide more time for couple to understand each other and once done can help you enjoy family life even better for long.

You can also have sufficient sexual satisfaction from your partner and you may not need to go for adultery and also keep away from sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Requirements for early marriage:

Get into some earning mode at an early age preferably by 22yrs.

Have sufficient level of social relations and friends. Because this helps you manage family and career related issues and take proper decisions.

Attain proper maturity by formal and informal education. It gains you respect from people around .

Have pleasant physical build up by regular exercises and proper diet regulation.

Your preferance

What is your idea? Early or late marriage

See results

Late marriages!

Some of them feel late marriage is better in order to complete higher education as they believe that marriage creates disturbances.

Some delay marriage as they wait for their elder brothers or sisters to get married.

Some of them don’t think of marriage as they feel it is the responsibility of their parents.

Even some feel marriage is not prerequisite for better life. So they might not think of it.

Very few delay it due to their aversion for opposite sex :-).

Advantages :

You maintain your freedom of life without compromise to your spouse.

Your expenses are kept at minimum and can take more time for settlement.

The chances of becoming addict to something like drinks or frustration are rare (as you can see in cases where couple has no options to divorce and so are resort to addictions etc :-)).


You may need to compromise your sexual life and may resort to masturbation or adultery etc. This poses chances of STD, improper health (as sex is believed to contribute to health).

You may lose valuable age suitable to conceive, carry and beget children. Health experts believe that age of below 30 years and above 18 years is the best suitable for the purpose of conception, pregnancy and delivery.

Chances of mishaps are frequent these days so it’s advisable not to delay marriage so as to avoid chances familial lineage discontinuance.

These are just the thoughts and not intended to impose anyone else.



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    • profile image

      scm7377 17 months ago

      Majority of the people are saying getting married at a later age than getting married at an early age. Later age people has more of a maturity and understanding. Again I believe in astrology matching in marriage a top priority. That's where the nature of the understanding and agreement between the husband and wife come from. But the down side of this is when the husband or the wife begins to have an affair with someone else, and that just flushed the successful marriage down the drain. The important thing is, when the husband and wife is getting along great, then why devalue the marriage by having an affair or doing something else that would ruin it down the road. In our East Indian culture the divorce rate is through the roof. When are we going to get out from the fantasy world and get back to reality? In the olden days our East Indian people had followed the traditional astrological way. and back in the good old days marriages last forever. Back then, parents, the guy or the lady accepted the way you are, wether you were disabled or not, fair skin, light skin, big or small, skinny, fit or plump. Dam, where the hell did those days went where people cared as much. Back then there was a thing call, "True Love, and Unconditional Love."

    • profile image

      RA 3 years ago

      bheem: today girls want to early and boye want to late bcz he want to stand on him foot.

    • bheem profile image

      bheem 3 years ago

      V! Boys and girls have different opinion on this issue. It seems boys want early marriage while girls want late.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      well,i think early marriage is better according to what i have red

    • profile image

      saeed 4 years ago

      we should do late marriage beacouse you arerih and you can have good life with your husbend

    • profile image

      SCM7377 4 years ago

      One other thing I would like to express about Astrology matching: is that when your getting along with that person, and the understand level is perfect, then that mean the relationship is in a comfort level, to where having an affair with some else is a waste on time. My brothers and sisters, by having an affair with some else also brings that other anger out in to your "main" relationship that your with. So in my personal opinion why brother with an extra marital affair, or if some of you people have boyfriend and girlfriend, just be faithful to that person. And build up the love, emotion and trust with that person. Sadly today not to many people follows the astrology way. Astrology signs shows us how we are different from each other. From what we have in common to how we can get along and move up to he next step in life. I hope and pray, that break up and divorce rates will go down some day. Good Luck & God Bless you folks around the whole wide world.

    • bheem profile image

      bheem 5 years ago

      Hello! scm7377,

      thanks for putting up your opinion.

    • profile image

      scm7377 5 years ago


      Well, I believe that what ever in life is suppose to happen will happen, in the subject of marriage. For me, I've been studying astrology and looking at some married couples that have been married for a while. Some of the couple who had married a partner the opposite of the horoscope sign, tend to be with that person forever, it also depends on the religious and race of those couple. Astrology signs that are compatible with the couple, the marriage should last forever. This subject matter also depends on the couple, are they getting along with each other perfectly, in which the don't need another person to have each other needs met, or are they agreeing with each other enough that they don't need the opinion of others. I personally would like to see the divorce, and break up rate go down. And I would like to see people loving each other forever, being faithful to on another, and mot importantly being with the same person in sunny and rainy days. I strongly believe that an astrology matched couple will take their relationship higher to the next level up. Astrology signs doesn't only tells us who are we compatible with, but it tells us how the relationship will be. I am East Pacific Island Indian, and this is how we arrange marriages in our culture. Originally it's done in this way, but our today's culture and young generation now doesn't follow that way. Ever since the 90s divorce rate is sadly high, because nobody cares of doing things the traditional ways. Yet, even sadly some not all perfect arrange marriage doesn't last forever, because of negative influence from outside. Or some perfect Astro match doesn't know what they have is very, special, rare, and genuine. And that's how my brothers and sisters, is the the foundation of a well balance marriage lies in astrology. I strongly encourage couple who's astrology matching perfectly or some what matching to give them another chance and work things out, before its to late.... I hope by posting this message, I had made a difference in someone's life or even by someone reading this will save someone' relationship or marriage. May God Bless you all, and Good Luck to you all.


    • profile image

      Kushal 5 years ago

      We should do early marriage

    • bheem profile image

      bheem 5 years ago

      HI Omolade! good opinion by you. To add further I wish to mention that it gives more time for couple to understand and learn to adjust better staying together.........

    • profile image

      Omolade 5 years ago

      Early marriage is more better than late marriage because there is an adage which says:-make hay while d sun shines