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Easy Hand Made Flower's Arrangement.

Updated on October 19, 2015
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This group of hubs are about art and craft. Also, an easy way to clean and to keep your house smelling good.How to keep flowers fresh.

The Basic.

What You Need To Create The Basket With Fresh Flowers.

It is easy and convenient to any special occasion. Gather all the things you need including the flowers and leaves.

1. You will need a 1/2 dozen of fresh roses. It is preferable in the bud stage.

2 one wooden basket.

3 a pair of scissors.

4. A few pages of the newspaper.

5 cold water.

6 two small containers to keep the flowers and leaves fresh.

7 tape measurements.

8 a clear plastic container that bends to insert in the basket.

To the busy women who are getting ready to celebrate a special occasion.

How To Begin The Arrangement.

The basket needs to have the measurements of 9 by 5 inches. The flower's arrangement needs to be 11 inches tall. The small clear dish needs to be 5 by 4 inches big. The vase with cold water is the same vase where the roses stand. Before starting the work. You need to cover the working table to prevent a mess. You need to use a few pages of the newspaper. So when you are done with all the work. The remains of the stems and leaves are easier to carry to the trash 's container without making a mess or getting hurt with the splinters.

Working Table Area.

How To Cut And Prepare The Flowers And The Leaves.

With a sharp 8 inches scissors, you need to cut the stem of each rose. Then, you need to remove the leaves to protect the life of the roses. You need to cut the steam to the desired 11 inches tall. The foliages need to have a clean steam to prevent bad odor in the water. The steam of the foliages needs to be cut 7 1/2 inches tall. The overall arrangement needs to have a perfect balance. It needs to be done in equal proportions.

Flower's Arrangement Finished.

The fresh flowers have to be at the beginning stage. The bud will continue growing until the perfect day of growing to show it to the guest. The flowers need to be at a cold temperature to keep them fresh.

Party Lovers.

If you are going to celebrate an occassion. Are you going to make the flower's arrangement.?

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